Glories UnSpoken

Glories UnSpoken

A Song to my King

In the beginning the Eternal created
And all that is came to be
The heavens proclaim the glorious Name
And Creation sings unto Thee!

You are God
 And we are Your Children
Called to come forth by Your Grace
We walk this earth in sorrows un-broken
For us You’ve saved a place!

The stars testify in the midnight sky
The rocks in the fields clap their hands
The cattle low in the moonlit glow
All Creation sings Your Name!

For You are God
 And we are Your Children
Accepted by Your Grace
We walk this earth

In faith un-broken
For we shall see Your face!

For You and Your Glory
 The flowers sing
And their fragrance they give forth
Humming birds hum and the lions roar
For You their Lord and King!

The Eagle that flies
The great whales of the sea
The snail and the butterfly
Mighty and humble
They testify
The Glories of our King!

For You are God
And we are Your children
Made righteous by Your Grace
We walk this earth through battles un-broken
With joy we seek Your Face!

And all that I know in the midst of it all
Is a yearning deep inside
And I stand amazed that Your deepest desire
Is for Me
 Your Beloved Child!

Now my heart travails for something beyond
 As though for Royal birth
All creation groans and heaven awaits
As Your Sons of God come forth!

For You are My Father
And I am Your Child
Adapted by Your Grace
I run to You
Your arms opened wide
Your Radiance on my face!

Now I walk this earth
In Glories Unspoken
My eyes upon Your face!

And I rest in You
For Your Love has spoken
And called me to my place!