Little Weed

“Into the sidewalk world I was born, with a longing in my heart… for what, I knew not.  To return…I knew not where…”

Thus begins the journey of Little Weed into the discovery of who she really is, and the truth that has been hidden from us all!  Little Weed is a parable for all people, all ages, and all times.  It unveils a universal truth that has been lost in this sidewalk world we are all born into. Little Weed is a story of hope, with the assurance of ultimate victory!

Little Weed is now available on Amazon, and is in bookstores.  It is now available for download on Kindle.

"Victoria Ann has given us a drama of creation, fallenness and renewal. The Little Weed bears the stamp of God's creativity, and our God-given desire to make something significant with what we've been given. The story makes it personal as it takes us down a challenging path of discovery and revelation. Where do I belong? What am I made for? Will I survive today? There's insight and hope for your journey inside these pages."
Randy Brock
Lead Care Pastor, Victory Church - A/G, Lakeland, Florida
"I recently met Victoria Bjerke and read some of her material, including her first book, Little Weed.  What an insightful and inspiring writer!  This book will be a blessing to those who are sensitive to God’s love, grace, and sovereignty.  It is alive with hope."
Dr. Jimmy E. Jackson
Sr. Pastor, Whitesburg Baptist Church, Huntsville, Alabama
"Little Weed speaks to the simple and the profound within each of us. By humbly revealing her soul, Little Weed revealed mine, gently awakening my own pain, then healing it from a wound common to mankind. This Divinely inspired story is everyone’s story!"
Dawn Lindsay
Women's Ministry Leader, Author, Speaker
"We've probably all felt like a little weed at one time or another, desperately longing for something more. There is hope and encouragement to be found in the story of Little Weed, a simple yet profound parable that will open your eyes to the truth of God's love in a way that is deep and lasting. Even if we can't always see it clearly, our Lord is trustworthy and His care is everlasting."
Lisa Jisa
Spiritual Side columnist for Ahwatukee Foothills News since 2004