Do Not Oppose Those On The Other Side: Love Them!

Do Not Oppose Those On The Other Side: Love Them!

I had a night vision I need to record. Holy Father, Please help me to understand this mystery.  Give me wisdom and understanding into this vision.

I had an awareness all night, even as I was sleeping that there was a difference being made in the outcome of a certain situation/event.  This event was not named; the matter still up for grabs was the focus of the “dream” all night.  It was like being in the very vortex where the outcome is being determined and yet the odds kept changing. There were two factors influencing the decision.  One is far more powerful than the other.  With a shortage of the more powerful factor, the weaker one will prevail.  It was so difficult to determine which way the contest would go.  It was a struggle; a very difficult on-going and non-stop struggle. I do not know what to call the stronger and much more complex determinate.  The weaker one is the increasing and vast numbers of people and their beliefs.

 I kept thinking that the balance was so lopsided… there was no way that the right side would win, but somehow it was like a see- saw.  On the left, the sheer numbers were daunting.  On the right, there was a small amount, and yet somehow it was enough that the scale had not gone entirely to the left.  I think that I spent most of the time trying to understand how the weight on the right side was determined.  I kept thinking that ” It was lost!  There was no way that the right side could come up with more to offset the left!”  But even though more numbers were not added to the right side, I saw that which existed there consolidate itself and become stronger and more unified, and this would tip the balance to them.  The right seemed about 30%  of those on the left side, and yet their strength and weight on the scale would increase by fractional amounts without the addition of another person… I understood that as soon as the faith of one would waver, the balance would adjust to the favor of the opposing side with their vast numbers of people. There was something at work on the right side, “something extra” that went beyond numbers, and I was encouraged over and over that “It was not over! It was not impossible.”  

I cannot help but think that this is about the war of the “kingdoms of this earth.”  The numbers are in the enemy’s camp.  Through sheer numbers, it has come to power in the lives of so many, but not their minds.  Their minds are not entirely engaged.  In the dream, those on the left side are not fully aware of their position in one camp or the other.  Those in the camp of the Lord are there because they are fully aware of where they stand and what they stand for.

I feel the Holy Spirit impressing these words to my spirit…

“They cannot stand against the others on the other side.
That does nothing to strengthen them.
It is no different than the other side being against the right side.  

Those in the Kingdom of God cannot be opposed to those not yet standing with them.
The one thing that gives them power and strength, is the Love that they develop for those on the other side.  

When those on the right fall into doubt, they are weakened:
when they fall into anger, or fear, they are also weakened. 

 They must fight their own internal battles with the enemy and overcome their fears and doubts.
 They must allow the Spirit of the Kingdom of God to renew their being,
 so that they project Love, and not animosity towards the other side.
They must conquer their own flesh before they can hope to rescue one person from the other side
who does not see a difference in the two of you.

If you are bitter and full of anger and fear,
 what difference is there between those who claim a place on the right… or those on the left?  

… But of those who claim to belong to the King of Glory, and walk in that Glory and Grace;
 it is impossible to mistake one of the King’s servants for a captive on the other side!

 The captive will see the Light and the joy, and desire it for himself.
This is how the flesh will actually desire good things for itself…
The one that is lacking in the joy and peace, understands it’s value,
and will yearn for that which it does not have. 
This child of God wants to come home!

When the soul of a man realizes that their worldly goods have no value…
 When they lack peace, when they lack security and joy, they will lay down their burdens:
That which they sought in the world, and enter into the Kingdom of joy and peace.
 They will count it all joy, for the gift of their Heavenly Father’s Love.   

They too must then learn to not judge those on the other side.
You must learn that their deception is caused by the world in which they live.
 No argument will convince them that they are wrong and you are right!
 –You will only be making them believe you are judging them in your own self righteousness

 ~And that is correct.  You may not judge them.
They shall be judged by the only One who is able to judge according the Truth!
  You too, were once as they are. 

 It is Love that saves, and it is Love that seeks the lost for the Kingdom.
 They are worthy to be saved!
They are worthy to be loved just as you are.
They are waiting for the Truth and the Light of the World to rescue them.
 They are looking for Goodness…
And they will latch onto that which seems to offer them hope and peace.


 That is the cry of the human heart.  The heart desires these things.
 ~It is deceived into believing those things come from the world by their own efforts
 or by the promises of a man, or world government to take care of them.
This is the Great Deception!
Man will give up his freedom in hopes of living without fear. live in security and the promise of a future.
Even if the promises are empty, a man will sell himself to be safe.

In the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven, a man is set free of fear.
He is free of the bondages that held him as a slave to the world and to other men.
In the Kingdom of God, peace reigns: because of the King of Peace:
His Name is Jesus.
He is on the throne, and the glory is all around Him.

Those in His Kingdom drink of the Living Waters,
and are refreshed by the Bread which comes down from Heaven.
They are eager to share this wealth with the world that is yet in bondage.”

Father, how is this done?

“First, do not fear: that will set you apart from the world.
Do not worry about tomorrow or any tomorrows.
 Do not look down on those who do not have.
They shall drink as freely as you do, once their eyes are opened to the Living Streams…
Do not argue.  Do not promise that which you do not have yourself.”

Father! I repent of my attitude of resistance!  Please forgive me!  They are no different than I was. We are brothers and sisters.
I desire to offer truth and love! Help me Father. Help me Lord Jesus, to be like You.  You never once condemned a person who was not self-righteous and filled with pride in themselves.

 There are those that will not receive the good news, they are fulfilled where they are, but there are so many more that are just looking for a safe harbor.  They are searching for the truth.  They want and need to follow something…someone… they are tossed about and beat up… some are strong and some are weak. They all want the same thing: truth, peace, love, belonging, acceptance, security… 

Yes Father.  Yes Lord.  Yes!  I must be changedI must be touched by Your Lightening bolt of Love!  

[Originally composed: Tuesday, November 11th 2008]


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