Love: The Greatest Power in the Universe

Love: The Greatest Power in the Universe

Love: The Greatest Power in the Universe 

I woke up this morning knowing that I had been dreaming for the 3rd night in a row about the limitless power of the Holy Spirit.  In my dreams it seemed as though I was not only being taught that, but the Lord was also impressing on me that He is instilling a great(er) amount of that same power which is Love into me.  I “see” the power of Love poured into me…And I can “see” and “hear” myself proclaiming the eternal and absolute power of the Holy Spirit.  I am teaching that there is no greater power in Creation.  I am teaching the Father’s message, “Do not despair, because the greatest power in the Universe, in all of Creation, is also above Creation because it holds the Creation and Universe together.  It is the power of LOVE!  It is the power of the Holy Spirit of God who is LOVE!”

The Power of the Holy Spirit is without limit because it is the power of Love.
Love is the distilled force / power that created all things by the Word of His mouth.
God is Love. 
 It is that same power of Love that holds all things together and gives them their life.
Love is the power of life!

There is nothing greater, because there is no power greater than that which creates.
There is no darkness that can overcome it, because darkness and evil cannot create anything.
Darkness and evil destroy life, but cannot create anything.
They can only act upon something that has already been created.
But even the destruction is not permanent.  For the Love of God renews all things!
The Creation is groaning for their renewal!
At that time, death, destruction, and evil will be cast into the lake of fire and will be destroyed.
Love is the Power that does that!

I know that the Holy Spirit confirms the Word of God, with mighty signs!  The time is coming when the Holy Spirit will once again work mighty signs on the earth to usher in a great harvest of precious children into the Kingdom of God.

Holy Father, please search me!  Search my interior and drive out anything and everything that would grasp.  Anything that is greedy.  All that is vain or self-ish.  Burn off all pride. You do not offer greatness!!  You use Your servants in mighty ways to show forth Your Greatness!  To You be all honor and Glory forever!

Originally recorded Tuesday, May 10, 2005


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