“If You Can Dream It, I Can Do It!”

“If You Can Dream It, I Can Do It!”

I dreamt about acting on need. As I sat before the Lord He spoke…

“If you can Dream it, I can Do it!

I can turn your prayer of Faith and trust into whatever you ask Me for!

 “Need” spurs to action and eliminates complacency.

When there is genuine need, there is a genuine call to prayer.

Come to Me!  I would that you came to Me often for all things.

Bring your doubts~

If you can’t bring them, I can’t change them.

I know them, and will delight in proving Myself Faithful to every Word that proceedeth out of My mouth!

—It will perform that for which I sent it forth!

You can rest in My Word and My promises to you.

They cannot fail or be broken.  For I am not as a man.

My Words have Life in them~ like the Life I put in every seed to create itself.

Only My Seed, My Word, cannot be stopped: It will do exactly as I have determined.”

–Holy God the Father


Now, a song is flowing through my spirit…“Come Holy Spirit!  We are your people!  Lord we have come here to worship!  We are Your temple, Rain down Your Spirit!   Lord we have come here to Worship You!

I remember now, that I kept dreaming about a man whose doubts kept him from receiving what he needed.
Again, the Lord’s Spirit answered my silent questions…

“You Must come and ask without doubting!

Your doubt will delay your answer to prayer.

—Until you can pray without doubt, or need finally forces you to earnest prayer,

 and doubt is pushed aside because of need.

Your prayers are a Bridge!

The prayer of Faith builds the bridge to access what I have laid up for you!

You are to take it!

Come and take your healing; take comfort, and monetary deliverance!

Take what is good!

Your own doubt will try to rob you. 

You must determine to obtain all you need.”


Received Sunday April 30, 2006

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