I Will Not Leave My Children Without A Shepherd! 

I Will Not Leave My Children Without A Shepherd! 

Today I was led to this journal / prayer entry from over 6 years ago.  As pertinent as it was then, it seems all the more relevant today, and I feel the Lord would have this Word released now.

In 2012, I sat before the Lord and poured out my heart.  I was discouraged.  I was disheartened at all that I saw around me. On all sides I saw corruption, division and despair.  I saw the suffering of children, the pollution of our earth, seas, skies, and the minds of people.  I saw the polarization of political camps and the rise of anarchy across the nation and the world. I travailed unto the Lord about what is happening to our world, to our nation and my brothers and sisters across the globe.  I had a sense of urgency.  I began to feel then, what I feel more intensely today, a feeling of something on the verge of happening… I think there is a feeling there is something coming…an un-named fear in the world…

Oh how much like sheep we really are!  How we get skittish and look for a Shepherd to take care of us.–A Shepherd who will assure us that all is well, and we have nothing to worry about… for “he is able to fight the bad guys for us!”  We are at a time, globally, where I think we will embrace and bestow all our rights upon such a person.

We just want to feel safe… and we want to eat and have a place to live, and we don’t seem to care much about freedom or liberty anymore. Not if that means we are in any kind of peril, or if it costs us too much in time or treasure or inconvenience.  We want it easy.  We want our entertainments and our social media fronts.  Reality is getting hard to deal with! 

At the same time, there is so much desperate hope; and  people want to “do something”  to be an activist and protest and march for this or that, actually adding to the cacophony and chaos. But, I know at this time the only thing that can be done that matters, that really matters and will make a difference, is to fall to our knees before the Lord God, and plead for forgiveness for ourselves and our nations!  And to seek His favor and secure our place in His coming Kingdom.  For the enemy is overthrowing this one…

And the Lord spoke in response to my intercession and prayer…  

“It is a kingdom of man, and it cannot stand under the weight of the blood and corruption;
nder the rule of the rulers of this dark present age.
These are the final days of the light!
The beacon that once gave the hope of liberty and freedom to the rest of the world is soon to be dimmed. 

It shall never be as it once was again.

I have been trying to speak to you for days!
In your spirit you knew this, and you do not want to hear what I will say.
–You know in your spirit, the Truth that I am about to speak to you.

I am going to extinguish your hope in man and his systems.
For as long as this false beacon of hope stands, man will look to the counterfeit for his safety and miss the truth that I Am.  — 
I will not leave My Children without a Shepherd!
As you awoke this morning, you affirmed the truth that you already knew…
The people of the entire world are as a flock of sheep, forlorn of a Shepherd.
They are surrounded on all sides!
On one side disaster, and fear on another, and war on the opposing sides.

They run from one place to another; from one solution to another,
 and ultimately will be herded into the sheep-hold of the false “savior” of this world.
They will run to him willingly! 

The world-stage is being set for this impostor; this Anti-christ.
For he will come to conquer, and bring forth a kingdom upon the earth that he will force the people into believing is one of “peace and rest and security.”
The security that he will offer will be one of “safety”: IF you will only give him your loyalty.

Should you not give your loyalty, you will be a “threat to the security” of the rest of those desperate for peace.
Your extermination will be seen as a necessary action for the security and prosperity of the kingdom as a whole.
The extermination of those who oppose the savior” will be seen
 as an act of great loyalty; rewarded by the ruling elite and applauded by the duped sheep.  

These are indeed times of great despair and darkness; for it is advancing at great speed.
Behold, the plans have been set from the beginning of the age, for the end of the age!
You marvel at the patience of those who have worked for this kingdom in years past, knowing that they would not see it’s fulfillment in their life-times.
But, they knew that their posterity would someday enjoy the fruits of their labor.
It has taken thousands of years, but it shall be realized.
In the same way, the Kingdom of Heaven was conceived before the foundations of the stars.
Before the Universe was created I planned for My Kingdom, and knew the name of all who would become a citizen of My Blessed Kingdom.
I designed the plan for the filling of My Kingdom.

I designed the paths for each to come.  

This is My Will: That all who enter should be purified and made strong in faith, and culled from those that will not come.
Those that cling to the systems and structures of this present material-world, will perish with that which is corruptible.
Those that let go of what is corruptible and look to the in-corruptible, shall enter into the glory and peace of My Land:
 The Land of Promise, from the foundations of the Universe!
There is a promised rest that is coming to those who look to Me!

Look to Me then!  Look to Me and turn your gaze from the falling structures of the earth!
You cannot save it!  You cannot prevent it!
What you can do, is be a part of the reaping of those who will let go,
 and come unto Me to be saved!
Yes, this is difficult! This is much sooner and much different than you envisioned.
Let go of all your dependency upon the kingdom of man!” 

Originally written Friday, May 18th 2012

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    Money and freedom is the best way to change, may you be rich and continue to help other people.

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