Time Is Coming To A Close

Time Is Coming To A Close


I woke up having had a very consistent dream/understanding throughout the night.  There was an instruction given “to us” by a woman who’s name means “Wise one”. As I pondered this instruction I could see so much Wisdom in it that was “hidden” and yet so very beneficial.  And to those who looked into it, it was almost obvious. 

I prayed: “Holy Father, please draw near to me; I have pondered Your amazing Love and Grace throughout the night, along with this instruction given by Your messenger.   Please remind me of all that You were showing me.  Bring to my spirit again the wisdom that I was resting in during the night.  

Holy Heavenly Father answered my prayers for understanding and spoke to my spirit:

The remaining days on the earth are drawing to a close.
Time is drawing to an end; and the Time itself is speeding up.
For indeed, the earth cannot bear much more.  

There will be a great violence that will cause the earth to stagger to her knees,
and mankind to theirs.  

Some will look to the heavens and shake their fists. Others will bury their faces in their earth-encrusted hands, begging for mercy from those that will not grant it.  

There will be some however, who will forfeit their lives at that time, in order to gain the Eternal Life that I am still offering until the end of Time, to those who will repent and seek Me as their LORD, as their Savior, and their Redeemer.
Those who will finally have their eyes opened to their true condition will realize the true horror of their condition, and realize that I Am their only way to Peace.
I Am the only Source of Love on the Earth.

Yes, I will be found even in the darkest of days.
I will not leave, and I will not desert those who call upon My Name in their darkest hours! 
I will carry them through to the end. 

They shall stand before Me robed in sparkling white!
 —For they have proven their resolve to hold fast to the Truth they have finally found!

  They shall know true joy as few will ever know, as they, in the pit of darkness and despair;
The fury of wrath having taken hold of the earth, finally behold My Glory, and grab hold of My hand, extended in Mercy and Kindness and Love towards them!

They will know what it is to be snatched from the fiery flames!
Oh!! the Love I have for My children! 
I don’t want any of them to have to endure what they will!  I would that all would receive My Love: NOW! 
That I may save them from the wrath to come!

 I take no pleasure in their pain. 
I take no joy in the fear and torment that they will endure!
But, in order to bring in the full measure of My Children into My House, they too must endure this: That they may be separated from those that have set their faces to destruction.  

I will be especially tender towards My babies, as they come to Me through fire.  Oh!!  ~ That they had come sooner! 
But they will know My help as few others upon the earth have ever known! 

Oh my Father!  I understand the meaning of Your Wisdom in saying “The last shall be first and the first shall be last!”  ~Matthew 19&20 And Luke 13:24-29

Surely those who enter into the Kingdom’s fields to work in the last hours will be persecuted as none others have ever known.
They will know the cost of their new life: It will be their physical lives.

They will lose their life in order to gain it eternally.  

Those that will hold on to their flesh-life will surely die in a second death;
Yet those that are willing to forfeit their flesh, they will not be affected by the second death,
 for they have inherited eternal life through the resurrection of their spirit unto Christ!

My precious brothers and sisters in Christ! I know this is a very difficult Word from the Lord! He gave it to me in September of 2012! He has been prompting me to bring forth these difficult Words for the purpose of sounding the alarm. If things were difficult seven years ago with persecution and the promotion of upside-down spirit of the world then… Look how much persecution world wide has increased. Our Lord is gentle and kind and merciful and not willing that any, ANY should suffer or perish! This is a plea from the heart of a Father who is more kind and merciful and long-suffering than we could ever imagine. His heart hurts for each and every single one of us for the things we go through… and He will search the ends of the earth for a single lost Lamb of His. Please, hear His heart in this message. Please come to Him now. Lay aside your burdens, your fears, all your questions do have answers, if you will ask Him. He will answer you. He will teach you and minister to you.

His love is everlasting and it is for you!

3 thoughts on “Time Is Coming To A Close

    1. Dear Tamera
      I am so blessed and happy that you found your way to this Garden of spiritual Words and refreshment. I am so happy this Word spoke to you! I hope that you will come back again for more, and tell your friends and family about this site!
      Blessings to you Tamera!
      Victoria Ann

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