The Fullness of TIME

The Fullness of TIME

I “happened” upon this prayer /Journal entry from January 4, 2011. I am always amazed at the timing of the Lord! I have found that truly He goes before us, and provides for our needs before the need arises. That means that when we are struggling with questions or feelings of frustration, anxieties… whatever our needs are, He has already gone before us! He already knows our needs and He knows that we will ask this question or need reassurance or comfort before we do. And He is already there. On Time! All we need, is already laid up for us. It is like you are on a journey, and on this journey when your water runs out, you look up and there is a fountain; You are lost and hungry and at the end of your rope, and behold, there is a map and a meal set before you, just waiting for you to sit and dine… And it fresh and hot! Many times this food and drink, or spiritual council, understanding, comfort, teaching, or clarity comes from suddenly “remembering” a scripture story or passage, or “randomly” opening to a scripture that reads like never before, and sometimes, it is a person who just says or does something that is the answer to your question. For me and I know for many others, there are the times, when the Lord will lead me to a teaching He gave me years before. So, this is what my wonderful Father led me to today.

It began with a confession of truth: “There is nothing that I can do that will last unless it is done according to Your Perfect Will and in Your Perfect Timing. Holy Father, I must learn to wait upon You not only for the task but for the timing in which it will be accomplished.”

Then, the Lord spoke by His Spirit to mine…

“It takes the “Fullness of Time” before a thing is to be set in motion or against it, or it cannot succeed. 
 Many times a Servant is given a vision or a Word for an event or a task of the Lord Yahweh and the servant runs off to do it without waiting for the timing of the Lord…
Thus, the servant has not been prepared spiritually, and in the Faith required by the waiting on the Lord to accomplish this task.
The servant cannot succeed without the preparation, and does not understand why. 
He does not understand that he did not fail to “hear” correctly, but he only failed to wait until he was equipped for the task, and the fullness of time had expired to create the environment and circumstances when all the locks and the chains on the task have been removed.

 If the Warrior is told that he will take a city, and does not wait for the city to be readied by the Lord of Hosts for the taking…
Then the Warrior will not succeed, and will come back in confusion and his faith will be shaken.

It is the timing of all things that is as important as the understanding of the task.

Wait for the disclosure of the plans of the Lord and the setting of the stage for the Will of the Lord to be accomplished, and there will always be success.
Do not worry about the timing; That is in My hands.
 And you will find yourself in the right place at the right time; And you will not realize all that has been accomplished by the faithful waiting upon My timing.

It is I that will take the cities, and it is I that rescue the captives.
It is by My Might and by My Wisdom that all is accomplished in its perfect season.

I require vigilant servants.
—Those that are indeed My children will wait for the Lord of Hosts to lead them into the Victories.
The Child must never come out from under the protection of the Father, and the Warrior must not go ahead of the Captain of the Hosts.
That is where the enemy will surround and beat back My Warriors and Children, and the result is the loss of faith in their own hearing of My Words to them.
—They will doubt; they will weaken in their faith.

There is a necessary preparation for all things.
It is in the waiting that the Child and the Warrior are to push into the deeper strategies of the Lord.
It is in this time that the complexities of the campaign are being readied…
The Child and the Warrior must understand the timing and their part in the plan.
They cannot do it alone, and it is folly that must be recognized and restrained with the discipline of waiting in watchful prayer.
Be ready and alert for the call into action may come at any time, and I must have My servants prepared for the call, and for the Victory that is surely to come.

What a wonderful encouragement this is to those who need to remember that the Victory belongs to the LORD! He is the Captain of the Host of heaven. He is the One who goes before us! He knows the times and seasons and strategies of the enemy. He is our guide and council. He has already gone before us and all we need to do is follow Him! The battle is the Lords! The battle for our family and loved ones, the spiritual battles we are to fight are won by His leading and our following; and in His timing, the battle is won. What a wonderful, wonderful promise of victory in Jesus we are given. What have we to ever fear? We cannot fail because HE cannot fail! All we must do is look to Him and place all of our trust in Him… and HE will lead us to Victory!

I needed to hear this and I hope that this word of Fatherly council and direction is an encouragement and blessing to you as well!

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