When You Reach Nothingness, You Find Me

When You Reach Nothingness, You Find Me

“Infinity is within you.
My kingdom is infinite.
When you look to infinity you are drawn to nothingness.
God created all things out of nothing.

When you reach nothingness— You find Him”

This is the Word of the Lord to me in my time with Him on October 12th 2002.  I wrote this in my journal and forgot about it until I “stumbled” across it 13 years later.  It was the year 2015, and from all that I saw in the news and observed around me, we were at a scary point in time!  The world was in a time of turbulence, terror, unrest, panic, fires and drought.  I was disillusioned and anxious about the future.  There was a reason I was drawn to this very brief Word from 13 years prior…I was intrigued.  What did this mean?  Why, when those things were running through my head, my heart was heavy and anxious, was I led to this strange Word?

What does it mean, I asked in prayer,  “When you reach nothingness, you find Him?”  And my loving and faithful Father spoke by His Spirit into my own…

“When you no longer regard your self;
When you look not to your self or what you can do;  
When you understand that you are a soul and a spirit occupying a corruptible body that is merely temporary, and you have ultimately no control over what you consider the material world in which you live, you will begin to appreciate that it is the Spirit that gives life.
It is the Spirit of Life that animates all life.
It is Mine to give and Mine to take.
I Am the Giver of Life.
You live and breathe by grace.

It is grace that you are drawn to Me to find Me, to explore Me and learn of Me and My love for you.
I Am Spirit and I Am infinite.
You will never come to the end of Me.
 But, you can’t come to the Beginning, until you come to the end of your self!
For the flesh cannot inherit the Kingdom of God the Eternal.
The flesh cannot enter that which is not flesh.
For the flesh is of this temporal age, and yet, it is the clothing of the eternal:  It is merely a tent.
It is that which clothes that which is real.
The clothing you chose is the manifestation of what is within.

If your choose My life within, you will be clothed with eternal robes of righteousness, fit for My Eternal Kingdom.
If you choose to seek after the things of this material and temporal age;  All of which grows old and returns to the earth and dust, that is what you will be clothed in: Corruption.
Seek to be clothed in the Light as I Am the Light, and all those who are of Me are My glory.
For the children of a man are his glory.
My children chose Me as I have chosen them.
I do not force a child to love Me or to chose Me.
I desire the pure offering of your love for Me.
That is My food.
You cannot seek yourself if you seek to abide in Me.
If you seek to abide with Me, you will forget your self and find true life eternal.”  

Here it is another 5 years, and again the Lord led me back to find this Word and the understanding He gave me in 2015.  Maybe today there is more for me to glean from it.  I look out on the vista of riots and violence; a global pandemic of disease, drought, strange happenings in the earth, sky and weather, governmental betrayal of the governed, racial unrest and push-back against injustice of all forms.  I see the nearness of the Lord’s return for His Bride.  I see on the near horizon the Seven years of Tribulation coming into view.  I see Holy Father, that today You would have me finally finish this post and publish it.  What is Your Word for me?  What is Your Wisdom that I could not fully comprehend even Five years ago… and 18 years since You first spoke so clearly, “When you reach nothingness, you find Him.” 

Again, I read this amazing Word, and it confirms the pull I have been feeling as such a discomfort…Now, His Spirit speaks…

“It must be as the earthborn caterpillar is transforming in the darkness of the cocoon into the winged beauty of the butterfly;
No longer confined to the earth.
The creature must submit to the transformation.  It is compelled by the instinct to do what it must;
To spin its own shroud…
It is a kind of death for the creature, for it is hidden for a time from sight.  

This is a picture of the death into life experience of all who are drawn to be My own Children.  
There must be the submission of the earth life of the creature into the rebirthing and transformational process into the new creation that is now fitted for My heavenly Kingdom.  
No longer are you crawling, belly in the dust…
But you are born upon the winds of the Holy Spirit, and you are transformed into  an unmistakable new form…
One that cannot be confused with the old.  

If there is no striking transformation between your old life and the new life in Me;
If it is not obvious you bear the image of the Heavenly Father, you have not left your old self behind.  
Let it go!
Submit to the transformation, that is the peeling away of the old constructs of the Earth, and being reborn into My image and likeness;
That you may soar on the winds of the Holy Spirit and be in tune with My voice and My heart and used for My Glory… 

Come away with Me, My Beloved!
Come away!”

Amen!  Thank You Father!  

6 thoughts on “When You Reach Nothingness, You Find Me

    1. Thank you Tami!
      I can only share what the Lord has given me to share and at the time He releases me to share it. I find this one is a particularly provocative Word, in that it comes amid the chaos and anxiety fo the world.
      Thank you so much for your message!
      I pray you have an amazingly blessed day today!

  1. What a beautiful reminder of what we can experience in life with Christ versus a life of self. Beautiful word Vicki.

    1. Thank you Beth!
      You’re right! It is our choice, not only what we wear on a daily basis, but also what we shall be clothed in for eternity; Light or corruption. Our life in Christ is a transformation from our self into His likeness. Life in the world makes us like the world! They are two distinct choices that we must navigate every day. The turbulence we feel in the world is the corruption, and will only increase. Our choice is to become conformed to the chaos, or answer the call to Come unto Him… allow Him to transform us in the secret place, so that when we emerge, we are like Him who calls us to heavenly realms.

      Thank you for your comments Beth!

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything so deeply beautiful!
    Like capturing a fragrant breeze in a bottle, you brought untouchable holiness into this earthly realm gracing us all with a word portrait of Union with our Heavenly Father. Even the great authors of antiquity, like Madame Jeanne Guyon, did not paint so lovely a picture!

    Our Father chose you to slather us with accuracy on a topic rarely exposed in writing.

    Thank-you, my dear friend, for so elegantly portraying that holy state of union! I will revisit this writing again and again!

    1. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much Dawn! I know you know that the best writing does not come from us, but from simple surrender and waiting on our Holy Father’s Spirit to minister through His child. As a wonderful writer and teacher before the Lord yourself, your words literally brought me to tears…as I did not really realize, until you said it, what this was a description of: Union with Heavenly Father. Thank you for your words! Love you!

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