Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

In dreams throughout the night, I saw some kind of adhesive sealant being applied to what looks like grout, sealing something line by line, to make it water-proof. This shadow-dream repeated over and over. I saw fingers carefully pressing the sealant into all the cracks and lines, like sealing a reservoir or something that holds water, or something that will enter into water. I did not see what was being sealed, only the careful process of it being sealed. Unsealed, when exposed to the elements, I realize it will leak through, compromising the purpose for which the vessel was made.

Jesus said, “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its savor, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.” (Matthew 5:13). But in order for the salt to be effective, it must make contact with the thing that it is to preserve.  If it stays in the container, it keeps its saltiness, but it is not being used for its purpose! The salt, must make contact with the flesh it is to preserve, and yet retain its saltiness.

 In the same way, those that are in the world must be sealed in order to accomplish the mission of being salt and light in the world, and yet not become a part of the world. If we do not go out into all the world, how can we do the work of the Father? We are for the preservation of the corruption of the world until the time He removes us. But we too must be preserved in the world.

Holy Father… I have asked You to seal me in this world! Seal up every gate in which the enemy may try to come in!
— I am now reminded of dream visions You gave me where I am diving and swimming deliberately through polluted and corrupted waters. I enter the waters again and again, and each time I get out the waters are cleaner. You gave me children in the dream who are also helping to clean the sea. You are reminding me of visions of people floundering in the black turbulent waters, their skin is turned black and being completely burned and destroyed by its acid and corruption.

Now the Lord broke in and spoke to my spirit…

“You must be sealed and covered, and made impermeable to the corrosion, pollution and corruption that would enter in and corrupt you from the outside inward, entering in through unsealed gates.  
You must be sealed.

That is the meaning of the seals that I put upon the 144000 witnesses! 
They are sealed, stamped and  able to pass through the waters of the polluted seas without being destroyed by them.  

You must also be sealed from the inside out.
There must be an outward barrier and also an inward barrier to keep the pollution out.  

Yet you must enter into the sea to rescue those in the sea. 
You cannot stay on the shores.
 Jesus, did not stay on the shores or the mountain when His friends and disciples were in danger in the sea;
He went to them through and on top of the sea.
 The sea had no power over Him.
The sea will have no power over those who are sealed
by My Holy Spirit.

What does that mean?  

When you are sealed by My Holy Spirit,
you can effectively minister to those in the sea without picking up the distress and darkness of those that are surrounded by the crushing waves of despair and darkness. 
You are made water-light!  

You are not a leaky vessel.
 You must be careful to remain clothed and sealed in the cloak of protection that is My Holy Spirit. 

You must follow My lead.
But you shall be able to walk upon the waters, the distressed waters in order to go to those who are calling for help.
You will not be stranded upon the shores,

unable to help those who call to Me.   

I really thought that I was supposed to stay away from looking at and engaging in all the social … 

For the same reason you did not put water into your pool:
It was too permeable!
You are passionate and also very often lead by your emotions. 
Emotions are so easily manipulated and they are false indicators of what is Truth. 
You must walk by faith.  Faith is a powerful sealant! 
Faith keeps your soul safe,

and allows you to go forth into the hostile environments that are dangerous for those who are moved by emotions. 
Emotions are like the wind, and will blow you off course. 
You must walk by Faith and not by sight. (2Corinthians 5:7)
Faith will lead you through the darkness as a lamp unto your feet,
 and a light to your path, for it is My Word. (Psalm 119:105)

To have faith in My Word and My promises alone…
To know within all your being that I Am true, and you are safe in and with Me, is to be sealed! 

You must be sealed within, so that when you enter into the places of darkness and despair,
your Faith does not leave you as it did Peter
when he looked upon the howling wind and crashing waves. (Matthew 14:30)
And you must be sealed without, so that the corruption will not enter into your inmost being.
(Genesis 6:14)
I Am He who resides there!  That is My temple! 
I Am making you water-tight! 
Until you are water-tight, you will be tempted to fear;

You will be tempted to anger;
 You will be tempted to doubt and despair!

These are dark times and I must have My witnesses sealed within and without so that they can go where I sent them, and their armor holds strong! (Ephesians 6: 10-18,)
 I Am your strong tower!  I am your fortress! 

Whom shall you fear? (Psalm 27:1)
You must let go of the thought,

‘What will happen to me if I do or say this? 
What will people think?”
 (John 15:19)
How can you be My servant with My words on your lips if you are afraid to speak for fear of the repercussions? 

My words break down the strongholds that will resist you,
because you will not mix your fear of man with My words.
(2Corinthians 10:3)
That is caused by not being properly sealed.
 Water leaks in and mixes within the vessel. 

Stand, and be of good courage and do not fear!
For behold!  I Am with you! (Deuteronomy 31:6)
I will carry you through all the place that you will go. (Isaiah 43:2)
I have told you these things before, but you could not understand what it meant, and what it actually would require of you. 
(John 16:33)

It does not happen overnight. 
There is an increasingly difficult ladder of commitment you had to scale, allowing the ladder to drop off beneath you so there is no turning back. 
I will not force any to come to Me. (Matthew 11:28)
It is an invitation, and it is your choice to come or not to come,
 and to stop when you want to stop. 

I will not impose intimacy upon one who does not desire a closer intimacy, or a dangerous commitment.
 Actually, the closer you come to Me, the more dangerous you become to the enemy:

 and he is out to stop you at every step! (1 Peter 5:8,9)
For I Am dangerous, and My words are dangerous;
And intimacy with Me is dangerous to the world.
I told Pilot that My kingdom was not of this world… for if it were,
I would have been a great danger to the empire he was a representative of.  (John 18:36)
I came to pierce the darkness, to open the veil between the realm under Satan’s rule, and the Kingdom of Heaven.
(Matthew 27:51)

I operate through man; As earth is his natural realm,
and it was first given unto him to rule.  Genesis 1:28-31)
With the empowering of the King of glory,

the Kinsman Redeemer who has received all authority in heaven and on earth by His victorious blood-saturated cross,
the opening between the Kingdom of heaven and realm of Satan grows wider and wider;
 And a new opening is made whenever a newborn child of the Kingdom,

 presses into the presence of the Father. (Matthew 28:18)
These are the streaks of light that you saw in the vision that you found last night.
**[ I found an journal entry about a vision of seeing sudden brilliant laser-like lights across the heavens)
They are indeed portals through which the child of the Kingdom can access help from the Father. 
Real power and authority is conveyed through prayer and intercession, and is accessed by faith.
Immediate help is given upon the initial intention of the heart. 

(Daniel 9:23)
That is why the enemies of the Kingdom are working so feverishly to distract and deceive the prayer warriors. 

They are indeed bringing forth answers to prayers through these portals that are opened by their faith in the heavenlies.
Indeed, these warriors do shine like stars, for they are points of light in a growing blackness shrouding the earth;

They pierce the darkness with their prayer and intercession!
— For each place of their appeal to heaven allows a bright light of heaven to shine through. 

The lines appeared suddenly, for when you appeal to the One who sits on the Throne of Heaven, the answer is instant.
It is not a progressive trail, it is suddenly and instantly answered. 
It is by Faith that the answer is received. 

You may not realize that the prayer and request is answered;
 For as soon as a portal of faith is opened the enemy will seek to close it and disguise it. 

He is a master deceiver. 
There is nothing he will not do to blind and deceive My children,
 or keep them from receiving their provisions.

He will tell them that there is something that they have done wrong,
 or that they must wait to receive, or take them down the path of legalism to inflict them with guilt and condemnation which will lead to despair; And finally to the point of fear and doubt.

When they come into fear, they are no longer in peace,
their shield is down, and they can no longer withstand the onslaught of the enemies arrows.
They must stay in the stronghold of faith in Me!
 I Am the stronghold and My hands cover My child! 
I do not withdraw My hand from My child,

(Exodus 33:21, Psalms 91)
but My children often are lured into the wilderness to wander by the deceptions of the enemy.

You must be sealed!  
Every line, every gate must be made sound and covered by the blood of the Lamb. (Exodus 12:7-)
The door of the house was SEALED by the blood. 
The door is a gate;

It is an entry, and that is why it was covered/sealed by the blood! 
The blood of the sacrifice was poured upon the cover,
the Mercy seat of the Ark,
 sealing again the covenant between My children and Myself. 

The blood is a seal and a covering, and a sign of My commitment and promise to never leave you or forsake you. 
I laid down My very life to prove My intentions to keep all My promises, and to show My Faith in My words. 
I sealed My words with My life-blood. 

What more can prove the truthfulness of My words that I ask you to have faith in? (John 15:13)
There is nothing stronger than that seal, and I seal you in the blood of the Lamb. (Revelation 12:11)
You are covered in the blood as you are born into the Kingdom of God!  (1John 5:7)
As a baby is covered in the birth blood as it is born into this world, so also you are sealed and covered in the blood of the Lamb when you enter into the kingdom of heaven.  
(Matthew 22:12)
Remember you are clothed in righteousness.
 You are naked, wearing not the clothes of this material world but the clothing that is designed for the kingdom of heaven
Your garment is the blood that I have provided;
The robe of MY Righteousness that nothing can penetrate! 

(Romans 3:22, Romans 13:14)
The lies and deceptions and arrows of the enemy cannot penetrate the blood, the seal that I place on My children. 

Just because he speaks the lies, they do not make them true.
 Whether or not the child is deceived, the truth is still that the child is covered in the righteous blood of the Lamb,
and nothing can reverse that! 
That is the Truth! (Romans 8:31-39)
Remember that by which you are sealed.  
Why do you think the world system has hidden the blood? 
Why is the blood an offense to the liberalized churches of today? 
Indeed, because it is not understood by the Sheep,

but is understood by the Wolves!
It has been covered up by those under the influence of the Wolves!”
(Acts 20:28-31)

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