On March 4, 2006, in a vision of the night I dreamed of two people I knew.

I was with them both as a guide and they either acknowledged and accepted my guidance, or did not. The man in the vision was more open to any council or friendship I offered than the woman. I saw this woman riding upon a very beautiful and very tall horse. Because of the great height of the horse, she looked down upon the people she was among. She could not see their faces unless they looked up to her. And, because of the great height of the horse she could see farther ahead than most people and could very quickly run to their aid to help them, which she did, because she had a tender heart for the people. But, eventually she fell off her beautiful high horse!

I asked the Lord why she fell off of her horse, and I asked him about the very sweet man I saw in the dream….

This is what Holy Spirit imparted…

“Stiff back, Stiff neck; Rigid and prideful. 
The discipline of the Lord WILL make her supple to His touch. 
She will lose the air-the spirit of intimidation which keeps her above the people she loves to help,

so that she will walk among those the Lord sends her to. 
They will welcome her help because despite her great giftings from the Lord,

her heart has been made humble,
for she is but a Mighty handmaiden of a Loving King! 

He will cover strong armor with a simple robe of humility and meekness-
lest she also become blinded by the brilliance of the Son reflecting off her armor! 
Yes, He has clothed her with His armor- With Himself! 
And it is NOT the shiny plates of silver that are her protection-
It is the Simple Robe of Humility which Jesus also wore that will become her greatest protection.
 For then she will be clothed with the LORD!”  

And the gentle man?

“He is MINE!  He has a heart like a child-
Therefore he carries a Power of simplicity and trust and humility the Proud cannot imagine! 
And because of his meekness of spirit- Neither does he! 
That is why he can be entrusted with great treasure and power.
 He who sees no greatness in themselves, who see nothing that man should desire, no great beauty…

To THOSE I set great authority and honor in My Kingdom.
They are those who can un-harness the greatest destruction to the Powers of the Kingdom of darkness;

Because they have made no room in their hearts for pride or self; 
(and) Therefore are not destroyed by the Power and Authority I channel through them.
  A clean vessel cannot be corrupted.

 —For there is great danger in Pride.
There is a terrible price for “self- esteem!”  Esteem yourself NOT! 
Do not look back to see what has been accomplished.  That is a temptation.

 If you could see it, you would soon be of no further use,-for Pride would be given a foothold. 

The pride would be very destructive to you and to MY People—
Oh the great destruction unleashed! That is the “terrible Price” I spoke of. 

But the other danger is Discouragement.  Don’t look for visible and immediate results.
—Those are not for you to consider.
 By not “seeing” the effect of your prayer and intercession, you will, because of your nature,
tell yourself “nothing happened” or that “you are weak “and desire that you may

become as one you judge as “mighty.” 
—You will become discouraged. 

Don’t you remember? 
I Am with the humble, and My Kingdom is comprised of those

who are as little trusting and unassuming children? 
Follow MY leading and trust the results to Me! 
One day, all that is hidden shall be exposed—
On that day, you shall see and understand.

Do not compare yourself to anyone.  Seek to know only ME! 
Seek Me in quiet lonely times and places and I will teach you.
Yes!  You will recognize ME. 
Did I not promise to make Myself “found” by you?  

Come to Me!   Come often!  We have much work to do.

3 thoughts on “The DANGER of PRIDE, And The POWER Of HUMILITY

  1. Thank you very much Mom for this post. It corrects us where we have been falling when we see our selves above some people.

    1. You are so welcome Joel! I love that you were ministered to by the Lord in this Manna!

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