Keep Watching, My Beloved!

Keep Watching, My Beloved!

That which the world believes is far from what the truth is!
The words of Truth do not resonate with their hearts;
 For there is no Holy Spirit in them to bear witness to the words of Truth.
I will not reveal My plans to the wicked!
I will not reveal My Truths to those that would use them to trample

and destroy My children!
I protect My children by concealing My truth from the world,
and revealing it to those who love Me!
I have revealed the seasons to the world that they would know My times.
But I have kept the days and the hours to Myself.
Indeed, would the Master tell the wicked servants the day and hour He would return to settle accounts?  NO!

It is a delight to find the faithful servants serving righteously and according to the wishes of the Master, and the wicked will be caught in their wickedness.
Those who are not sincere in their hearts will be found out.
Those who are only “sign followers” will fall away.
This is a time of culling. 
The true believers will continue to follow as it comes darker.
As Peter answered and said, “Master,

where would we go?  You have the words of life!”
As I entered Jerusalem as a King of Peace there were multitudes who embraced Me because of the signs that I performed.
They were looking for a king, but they did not know Me

and they did not believe in Me.
There were many who joined themselves to Me and My disciples because they desired a place in My kingdom, but they did not love Me.
Behold, how many fell away when I did not come forth as they hoped I would.
Their shouts of “Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord!” and “Hosannah!” were turned to “Crucify Him!  Give us Barabbas!”

the murderer, in only a few short days,
when they saw their expectations of Me going unfulfilled!

Should I not test the hearts of those who would stand before Me

in My Eternal Kingdom?
How many will not go back to their old ways?
How many will embrace the new season of blood-shed, violence, strife, greed, evil doings and turn into mockers of My Bride; Who is still looking up to Me with unabashed love and adoration and trust in Me?
 As they mocked Me, they will mock her.
As they hated Me, they will not tolerate her.
As they embraced murder instead of the way of peace, they will run after their robberies and allow themselves to be consumed by the spirit of the darkness of this present age.
Those left, that very small remnant who are still trusting Me,
and awaiting My coming for My Precious Bride will be made clear.

I will have no others before Me!
I will take for Myself a Bride who has made herself spotless

and stands ready for Me.
I will take My Bride who has no other!
I will come for My Beloved who has not turned away,

who has not ceased her vigil,
 Who has not fallen into despair, who knows and trusts in My unbreakable
promise that I will come for her!

Yes, there will be a great falling away before I come, just as there was a great falling away before I was left with a very few out of a great multitude

who used to eat My bread.
Keep watching, My Beloved!  I would never put you to shame!
 I took that shame upon Myself for your sake, that there should be no spot

or stain upon you.
I Am coming for you My Precious, at a time the world will not expect Me.
I Am coming at a day and hour when the world has returned to her filth;
But My Bride will be ready, because she IS ready and will not lose faith!” 

This Word was given to me on Friday September 25, 2015

28 thoughts on “Keep Watching, My Beloved!

  1. Beautiful and encouraging word! This fills me with joy knowing our Bridegroom IS coming for us and it will be soon. Thank you for sharing this timely word.

    1. Dear Beth
      You are so right! It is so easy to look at the world today and be discouraged at all that is going on… But evil is being exposed and it makes it all the more clear that not one Word He has spoken can fall to the ground; It IS exactly as He told us it would be. And since we can see with our eyes the fulfillment of how He said it would be at this time, we can also be encouraged that His promise to never leave us or forsake us ALSO stands throughout all Eternity! He is here, guiding and protecting His own. We are drawing closer and closer to the Kingdom of our inheritance in Christ. It is very encouraging indeed!

      Hidden in Him,
      Victoria Ann

  2. You made some good points there. I looked on the internet for the subject matter and found most people will approve with your blog. Sibilla Rutter Quitt

    1. Thank you Davis, my desire is simply to freely share what the Lord has so freely shared with me. The whole purpose of this website is for the Lord to minister to His own. It is called Words from the Garden, because He is the Word made flesh, and His Word is Life itself! This Garden is the Garden of Life, and He is the Giver of Life and if you will receive it… He is the Tree of Life that was in the Garden of God in the beginning.
      Blessings to you in 2021!

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