I Go Before My Mighty Ones to Destroy the Beast!

I Go Before My Mighty Ones to Destroy the Beast!

The Lord brought this Journal to my remembrance this morning. This has been an incredible and unusual year. The evil in the world is growing bolder… and I know there is much fear and anxiety about what the next day or week or month or year will bring. There are many who are still waiting to see who will indeed become the next President of the United States… even now weeks after the election, as there are lawsuits that are being presented and ruled on… This is a night vision the Lord gave me Wednesday September 30th 2015, and His comforting and encouraging Words that seem so much more encouraging and needed today! I hope that you are encouraged and strengthened by His Words today as I am this day after Thanksgiving of the year 2020. I hope and pray you stay strong in the Lord and the Power of HIS might; Remembering above all things, HE is in control of ALL things and HE is able to keep in perfect peace ALL who keep their eyes fixed upon HIM.

I dreamed about the Roman city, the “government”of Rome. It seemed like something that not only was, but now is again; a reality, a working living, breathing thing. I remember being at once astonished and realizing This is something I cannot verbalize, but it is real, and completely unexpected. I need help in writing anything about it… Holy Father!! I am so thankful for the encouragement from You that I am getting about these times. —It feels like we are on a kayak headed to a known fall off, like the world is going towards the cliff… and like I am just sitting here and waiting… watching… listening…It feels like the  countdown is happening and I should be doing something rather than waiting for the final buzzer… but what?

“Watch, pray! 
The Beast that did not die is the Roman empire.
It assumed yet another identity for a season as it slept

and waited for its time to come.
Again, this is a Beast with sights on world domination.
The empire received a “head wound” in that for a time,

it was without an emperor…
 But it is the “Whore-church”;  The Whore that was moved from Babylon to Rome taking with her the atrocities and blasphemies inside. 
It did not die.
The empire of the Beast is preserved in the structure

and the long reaching tentacles of the “body” that calls itself “the church”…
Pushing aside and persecuting all who would follow after the Lamb:
The true Head of the Church.

This monstrosity will arise yet again, and indeed it is now coming out from under the rock where it has been sleeping and pretending to be a “force for good” for hundreds of years.
Yet the serpent never slept; it only re-allocated it’s energies into more unseen areas and realms.
This is not an entity that flesh and blood, either, or both, could resist;
 For it feeds on both.
To resist it, is to feed it:  It is drunken on the blood of the righteous!
This Beast is fought by My Spirit!
I Am the Captain of the hosts of heaven.

I Am the Head of My Church, and the husband over My Bride.

This dragon will make itself known.
Many eyes will be opened in shock by this, and they will run to Me.
Others will say, “Who can resist the Beast?”

and will fall into the trap of fear and despair
where they will be food for the beast.

Do not allow fear to enter into your heart or your actions!
Remember that I Am with you

and I will not ever leave or forsake you, My Bride!
I intend to destroy once and for all,

the power and dominion of the Beast,
and all its works and demonic enchantments.
It is intertwined in all your entertainments, your literature and the world-view of many people even in the church.
The head of this Beast will gradually abandon the mask of “righteousness”:
Those things that seem to stand against the culture it created, and will eventually reinforce them openly!
But those who understand who their enemy is will not be deceived!
I Am about to do great things in and through My people.
Surrender all your anxiety, and let the exhilaration of the power of
the Holy Spirit flow through your blood and your soul and spirit and walk with Me!

Know that you are hid, HID, HIDDEN in Me,
and I will not expose My Bride to shame.
The gates of hell cannot prevail against My Church,
 and I will do wondrous things that have not yet been seen on the earth, through My elect, My true Church!

The wave is about to be released in answer to the growing darkness!
Many, many will be washed and caught up in this wave;
Indeed it is a battle wave, and will carry My Anointed
 to the end in victory!
As the horses of war stomp their hooves,

as their nostrils flare, and their hearts pound,
 the senses become keen,
before they are released onto the field of battle!-
So also are My Saints, sensing that the battle is just ahead.
I hold the reins! I command the field of battle. 
It is not the enemy who is directing this showdown! 
I Am bringing those forces of evil out of hiding
and bringing them together to destroy them.

I Am not afraid! 
How can the Potter be afraid of that which He holds in his hand?
How can the Giver and Sustainer of all life,

fear that which He has the power to annihilate?
How can the Author of the story,

fear the characters in the story He writes,
and holds the very pen to write their end? 
I Am the Author of the story of this earth!

This is MY STORY.
This is about My Kingdom! 
This is about My servants who are learning the work of the kingdom they are to inherit as brothers and sisters:

Children adapted by My blood, as His own dear children?
I wrote the story before earth was born!
I wrote every movement and character.
I know the ending, and I have told it from the beginning,
 that you would not fear the finale at the end.

You are living at this time because you are a warrior.
I Am a Warrior King, and you are the Bride of a Warrior King!
You have the blood of an overcomer coursing through your veins,
and you have desired this from the time you were a child.
All who will take the field of battle with Me,
 have been born for such a time as this,

and it has been their hearts desire, as they will discover.

This is a glorious Day! 
Just as those who will return with Me for the final battle

need not fear the battle;
 And just as the children of Israel did not need to fear the battle,
but needed only to trust Me to go before them,
I ask only that you go forth into this land of promise! 
Go forth to destroy the giants that inhabit the land,

that have taken the mountains and dug deep into the roots of the earth, even the roots of the mountains. 
I go before you!
I took down the giant that stood before David
with blasphemy on his lips!
How can a thousand flee at the advance of one of Mine,

if I did not go before them?
How can one set a thousand warriors to flight,
if I did not desert them for their desertion of Me?

None can stand before those who are clothed in Me!
None can get past Me when they follow in the train of My glory!
None shall fall under My command as the Captain of the Hosts of heaven, and none shall go before Me to protect Me! 

I Am your Shepherd! 
Do you not see that still?
The sheep does not go before the Shepherd to find rest for the Shepherd and itself!

The sheep follow the Shepherd, and the Shepherd destroys the predators and drives away all danger from the sheep. 
He does not lead the sheep to danger,

He leads the sheep THROUGH danger!
He encloses the sheep pen with His own body at the gate to keep the sheep safe;

Not one will be found stolen, killed or missing on My watch! 
I fight for My Bride, My Church, My people. 

Suit up and put on your armor and come onto the field.
Take your orders from Me,
and be My witnesses to the world that in Me,

you are invincible! 
Your weapons are supernatural and not of this world.
They are designed for the pulling down of strongholds that have been
propped up by lies, deceptions and fear for the ages.

At a single word they will collapse before My mighty ones:
Those who put their trust in Me are My mighty ones! 
I Am their strength, their shield, their sword,  their rear guard.
None shall stand before My mighty ones,

for I Am their Strength;
My eyes are ever upon each and every one of them.
They will walk in astonishment as strongholds of darkness collapse

as they draw near.
A single mighty one in the enemy camp will do great harm to the gates of hell that hold the prisoners in fear and darkness! 

Never underestimate the power of submission! 
Have I not taught you that wonderful lesson? 
In submission, you join the flow of command above you,

and you become one with the One who is issuing the orders;
and you carry His authority!
It is the One who issues the orders and the commands that is responsible for enforcing the commands…

I will have My victories! 
I will have a Bride like unto Myself! 

Those things I have shown you are true. 
I gave them to you, so that when the time came,

you would know that I have shown these things to you
I have promised you these things. 
You shall do them.

You will not fall short of the story I wrote concerning you! 
Have no fear My mighty one!” 

My Holy Father answered my prayer for understanding and encouragement and explanation in my spirit He spoke…

Hallelujah!!  Thank You Holy Father! As I am posting this on Friday the day after Thanksgiving in 2020, I marvel at how in just the past 5 years so much more of this Word from You is being made manifest. Today more than ever before we need this Word of encouragement that YOU are on the Throne and whatever happens, it is BECAUSE YOU wrote the book before time began and YOU tell us these things so that when we catch up to the things You told us would happen… We can ALSO be more encouraged that it is all according to Your plans and YOU have us covered and protected in Your hands and Nothing You ever speak can ever fall to the ground, but must become manifest exactly as You have spoken! What a wonderful encouragement for us today!
I must confess I have no memory of this vision or dream I had… and I had no memory of this Word You gave me at the time… all I know is that TODAY was the day You determined that I should “find” it and share it! Today is the day You would have these words ingrained into our being! Your Words must be taken into our hearts to become a part of who we are as they work within us to change us more progressively into Your own Image and Likeness so that when the Day comes that We behold You… When we see You, we will be like You!

Thank You Holy Father!

17 thoughts on “I Go Before My Mighty Ones to Destroy the Beast!

  1. I Thank the Lord for this journal too. Mom this was not only yours this is for the all world. It has encouraged me so so much. I feel power power in me to run 100 miles of Life ahead of me.
    Thank you Mom.

    1. Dear Jeramie…
      It is essential right now that we understand the times we are living in… I believe this is a time where you can easily succumb to the fear and chaos and deception… or you can pick up your Sheild and sword and learn how to excel on the field of battle and fight the spiritual battle that is all around you. Please read the post How To Fight in the Battles of the LORD for far better understanding and encouragement. We are here at this time and in this season for a purpose. Jeramie.. you have a reason for being here! You are not on this website by chance… you are here by design!! Do not allow discouragement to enter your heart! The most important thing right now is to understand the invisible reality that we are living in and choose to be victorious in this life, thus, allowing the Lord to use us and prepare for us riches for our eternal life and home! It will not be much longer my friend! — Victory in Christ forever!

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