The Awesome Suffering Love Of The Father

The Awesome Suffering Love Of The Father

The Power of the Father’s Love! 

I can’t remember any dream, but I know that I woke up a few times and just knew that I was sleeping in the Presence of my Lord and King!  To think that You watch over me as I sleep!  To think that You know my dreams!  That thought, now that I can actually accept it, makes me feel so precious!

Now, my Holy Father spoke to my spirit…

“You are indeed, a carefully and lovingly guarded treasure!
My eyes have never forsaken you and looked to another.  I have never left you un-watched and un-guarded.
Even when you felt that no one cared, I was watching and reaching out to you with My Love.

I know that you did not think that you were loved.  You did not understand what it was.

 But even at that time, My Love kept you safe and guarded your heart for Myself and for My purposes.

I have watched over you even during the times  you hoped that I would not see you;

 Yet knew in your heart that I could still see you…

This caused you shame, which the enemy used to induce fear of Me into your heart,

deepening your misunderstanding of the nature of My Love for you!

I do not bring shame!  I bring Love and forgiveness to cover your stains.

The stain is caused by a mis-understanding of Me, and the recognition of your stains before My eyes.

Those who feel shame are aware of their stains;  They are acutely felt in My presence:

 But the enemy has distorted their perception of the Love of a Father.

 I do not come to shame you!

 I come to remove your stain and to cover you with My Love.  I cover your nakedness with My love.

The enemy un-covers, and makes you feel the shame of nakedness.

 I cover.  I forgive, and I bring the warmth of My Love to cover you as with a soft downy blanket.

I will sing you to sleep as a precious baby; holding you gently in My arms of Love, as a mother does her own precious child.

 I ask nothing of My babies.

Just as a mother asks nothing of her babies, I too, ask nothing of My wounded and shivering babies.

  Like a Mother, I bring comfort.

I bring compassion for your wounding, and I desire to hold you and make you well.

 I desire that you live forever in My Presence and know My eternal and perfect peace.

My pleasure is in the peace and healing of My children, as they cleave to My breast as a hungry child;

 drawing out the food and nourishment from Me that will bring their healing;

 and bring them strength to stand before the lies and the deceptions of the prince of this world-system.

 The forces of this world in which you are residing, are allied to bring separation and distrust towards Me;

And to draw My children from My side; which I pierced for their transgressions.

The subtle lies of this world, out of the mouth of agents of the enemy, plant seeds of distrust and rejection, and pain.

 Out of that pain and distrust, My children fall into rebellion, with the acute pain in their hearts of feeling un-loved by Me.

Even as My arms are outstretched, they cry out in the pain of their heart.

For no human heart can be torn from the umbilical cord of Love, and not feel pain and rejection!

There is pain in the separation from the Giver of Life!

As the child is torn away by the cutting of the cord, the enemy instructs the child that the pain he feels,

 is a result of My not loving them!

Now the child acts in rebellion to fill the void left after the inflow of Life and Love into the child is dis-connected.

All of this, I watch and see.  All of this breaks My heart in compassion for My child.

For I see how they suffer from lack of Love.

I see how the devil tempts My children with short-term diversions

that the child embraces to cover the deficient of Love in their souls.

 I know, how for a short time, the child feels something akin to fulfillment, and mistakes that for “good”…

 and yet, it is death for the child.

 After a time, the child does not even remember how it felt to be in My arms…

 The child forgets why he is angry and becomes numb to the pain and seeks only ways to “feel”…

All of which separates him further and further!

The enemy fills all his hours with distractions; so that My child cannot hear My voice in the silence,

 calling him by the name I have given to him.

This is what My Son expressed as He cried out of the pain and sorrow of His heart over Jerusalem…

 His great desire was to gather all of His children into His arms as a mother hen would gather her chicks.

~For well He knew, even then, what would befall them due to their deception.

He knew the pain they would feel, the betrayal and mis-understanding of the causes that make for death…

 And their ignorance of those things that bring Life!

 “But they would not.”

 And as My Son lamented, He also felt their pain in His heart as I felt it in Mine.

My Love has no time-limits… but time does have it’s limits.
I have appointed a time and a season for all things.


 I will have MY children!

 I will not forsake the purposes of My heart in creating My children in My own image and likeness.

 I Am patient, and I Am long suffering.  I have suffered with My children since I first formed them.

I knew the cost; and I counted it before I began the ultimate work of Love and sacrifice.

 For it is with sacrificial Love that I made them; knowing that the life’s blood that I caused to course through their veins

was what I Myself had provided by the sacrifice of My own blood: The blood I caused to flow from My Son.

Yes! I knew the cost to making My children!

 My Love had to be tested, just as I test all things.

My Love is tested, and My Love is indeed tried, and it stands Eternal through all the ages as unconquerable!

My Love is the strongest power in the universe.

 My Love and sacrifice go together.

And by them: the union of Love and sacrifice, My children are born again unto Me, and into an eternal Kingdom.

 Yes, I Am long suffering! —And I shall have My own reward.

 My reward is to receive unto Myself My children; and to grant unto them an inheritance that has been laid up for them before the foundations of the world.

 It has been in My keeping, and I shall share it with My children.

 Oh, how I long for the time when I can, and will distribute this great abundant treasure to

My Beloved, to My Bride, to My children!

 I will no longer call them “servants,” those who serve Me… I call them what they have become: My sons and My daughters!

And indeed, through the courses of suffering and Love, in the crucible, they have been transformed into children of Light

 and into the image and likeness of Myself as unto My Beloved Son!”


Oh Father!  It never really struck me before how much You have suffered with us for our sins.  I know that we suffer on behalf of our sins, but I never realized the pain our sins caused Your own heart.

Oh how I love You my Father!  What a wonderful Love You have for us!  Thank You for sharing Your heart with me.  What a precious love…. I need new words to describe this.

During the times that I woke up I was aware of a song going through my soul… and it was good.  I remember one time I seemed to have an instant lesson on Love. 

I understood that Love is better than money for security!  I don’t know all that was suddenly in my understanding about it and why it was there… but I realized that so many people are running to money for safety and security at this time in the course of the world.  But while money can buy you a house, a jet, medical care and even an army to protect yourself, the LOVE of My Father protects me when the city and even the nations are being shaken with earth-quakes and tsunamis!  My LORD hides me in the cup of His hand when my enemy looks for me!  My Lord feeds me with Manna from Heaven when I am hungry!  My Father will keep me in perfect peace when the nations are raging and people are running to and fro looking for safety and security.  My Heavenly Father will protect me from fear that seeks to consume the world.  The Love of My Father is greater, vaster, richer and more powerful than any force of man on this earth or any force from the Universe which He created and is subject to Him.  I know that my Father desires me to stretch my faith in His Love: To see all that it can provide for me.  To know and understand that it, His Love, is an ark of protection.  He calls me to come into Jesus, into the protection of the mercy seat… for refuge and provision of every kind. 

 It is His LOVE that will ultimately destroy the works of the Devil!   For nothing can compete with it!  His LOVE is a power to dissolve all that is held together with fear and deception.   It exposes the lies, the deceit and the hardness of the heart, due to the love-deficit in those who are in the bondage of the Evil one.  As the Love-Void is filled, the chains fall off, the yoke is destroyed, the allegiance to the darkness is broken and dissolved and the former slave to sin and the devil is what he was created to be: a Child of the Living Loving Father God; filled with unspeakable joy and  transformed by Love.  There is nothing more beautiful or powerful.


[Originally composed: 3-13-2011]

4 thoughts on “The Awesome Suffering Love Of The Father

  1. His words through your mouth are so beautiful, uplifting and affirming! Thank-you for lifting my spirit today

      1. My dear friend!
        We share that together! Thank you for the encouragement of your comment and I look forward to seeing more of your comments. You have so much to share as well, it would be fruitful for you to freely share what the Lord shows you as you read these.
        In Christ
        Victoria Ann

    1. Awwwww!! Thank you Dawn!
      You are so welcome! Thank you for coming and partaking of this abundant food the Father has given to us to come and partake of!
      Love you
      Victoria Ann

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