Two Words: Justice and Mercy

Two Words: Justice and Mercy

In a night vision there was a song running through my subconscious, repeating over and over.  I clearly heard the words:

“God of my hope, God of my need

God of my pain that no one else will ever see

God of my healing, God of my strength

God who has always and will forever reign

God of my everything

In all creation You call my name…” — By Bebo Norman

And I saw before me, suspended in air, something like an invisible Scrabble board.  There was already a word on the board, and I was given two specific words to play.  The second word I was given to play  intersected with the first word and created a second word that was of three-fold value.  I was repeatedly shown the words, and there was a great emphasis on the three-fold value of the combined words, because the second word connected both words and magnified them together.  There was never any attention given to the point-value of the words, only to the three-fold impact of the two words that were given to me;  the first being the word that I would play off of, and the other being the word I would connect with it. Playing the second word transformed the first word into something else that was worth far more than before, because of the “value” of the word I was connecting it with.

I remember waking up and pondering this dream and the words.  I was not playing a “game”, I was given two words X 3 !   During the long night, I confess I was tired of the dream.  I wanted to leave it and move on.  I should have been intensely interested in knowing what the words were in the dream.  That is why they were shown to me over and over, again and again.  Eventually I picked up the tiles to see what was underneath of them, and saw that it was a triple value to each of the words.  It is important to understand that I was not given the tiles to play as I would, I was given the WORDS as a whole to play; to see and to understand.

By the time I got up and tried to record the vision, I could not remember the words.  I could not make the connection between the song and the words, and even though it repeated over and over, I knew it was a difficult concept that my mind could not grasp; and that is why I could not grasp the words, even though they were shown repeatedly.

I prayed “Father, I thank You for the blessing that You showed me!  I did not understand. Once again, I was not attuned to the things of Your Spirit and to You.  I was not understanding that You were showing me something of value and worth.  You were telling me something about the great value You placed on these two words!  Holy Father, You are the Giver and the Revealer of dreams.  Please show me or tell me again the words that You gave to me!  Let me receive them with a grateful and worshipful heart!  For I know they are good!  I know they are gifts that You gave to me. Thank You, Father!  Thank You for Your long-suffering patience with me!” 

I had to let it go.  He did not speak to me again about the vision.  So, it was recorded but not understood, and I forgot about it.

Almost a year later on July 18, 2012, after a day spent in fasting and prayer, I was led back to this vision.  Now, I was intensely interested in understanding the two words that were given to me, and again, I earnestly prayed. “Father, there is no reason I should not believe that even now, You would reveal what those words that You offered to me were.  Please forgive me.  I have been slow to understand, slow to learn, slow to respond. But I thank You for bestowing this priceless treasure upon me.  Holy Father, these words that You gave me to be played upon this spiritual board, that increased their value three-fold, what were they?  What does that mean?  Father, I know it is not too late. You are the Giver and the Revealer of Dreams!  You gave this to me once, and I could not grasp it, but now Father, please teach me what this was about!”

Now, He opened my understanding and showed me again the vision and gave me understanding about their meaning!

In the vision, suspended in the air before me, there was an invisible board like a crossword puzzle  There were dark spaces where words had not yet been played and were un-connected to others.  Your hand presented me with two words.  They were to be played, every single letter, exactly as You gave it to me, in the place You assigned for it.  The place it was to be played was significant, for it would connect other words and increase the power of the other words that were connected with it by three-fold!   The authority of the words on this calendar were certain.  That is the meaning of the three-fold value of the words.  One word is to be played first, then immediately after, the other word shall be played.  I can’t escape the two words that came to me: Justice and Mercy.  One immediately after the other!

I now realize that because of the blocks and numbers on “board” I thought it was like a scrabble or crossword game, but it was a Calendar; because there is a time for every event and every action to be made manifest!  I wonder how that ties into the song, “God Of My Hope?”

“Is not the Hope of the World, of My redeemed, to find Justice? 
Do they not cry out to Me, “When shall our Redeemer come? 
When shall Justice finally rule over the Earth as it does in Heaven?”  

Behold! My Justice is coming!
 I Am coming soon, and I am bringing My Justice with Me; to judge the earth and it’s citizens for their works.  Immediately, I show My Mercy!
For it is Justice to show Mercy to those that are looking to Me for their redemption and their deliverance.
Therefore, I come with Justice and with Mercy. 

Neither of these two attributes can be altered, or delayed any further.
My Justice demands My Mercy, and My Mercy demands that I bring forth Justice!  

For how can I leave My Beloved upon this earth, while My Justice brings forth Justice on the earth?
 Yet even then, it is in My Justice and Judgement that My Mercy will be found for those who yet remain.  

In My Mercy, My Justice will judge their works, and they will see their ways and come to Me to be saved! 
Yes, they shall come to Me for Eternal Life, even as they lose their flesh in the judgement.
For those that do not come to Me, there is only Justice: I will give to each as their works demand.
My Mercy has held back Judgement, but now, Mercy has finally given way to Justice.
I will have My Bride.  I will recompense her for her suffering,
 and I will reward her for her faithfulness to My Name!


I Am the God of Hope, I Am the God of healing. 
I Am the God of Justice, and I Am the God of Mercy!  

That is why you could not understand what you were being shown.
You could not relate Justice to Mercy.
You see them as two opposite things, but they come from the same Source: Me! 

I Am not opposites, I Am One! 
I do not have opposing Natures, and I do not have opposing Attributes!
 I Am Love. 
A God of Love does not allow the guilty to go un-punished.
He does not allow His Beloved to be tormented forever by the crimes she witnesses upon this earth.
For behold! She is pure, and has made herself holy, as I Am Holy;
 She has partaken of My Nature, and it is a torment to her nature to look upon the evil of this world,
 even as it grieves My own heart.  

I will bring forth Justice, for it is indeed Mercy. 
I Am a God of Love, and nothing in My Nature is outside of Love.  It is Love to exercise Justice. 
It is Love to punish the Evil for what they have done: For the children they have slaughtered,
 for the lies and deceit they have practiced, for the blasphemy they have shouted in My ears,
for the defilement they have poured out upon this earth, for the persecution of My Own Bride!
Yes, My Justice is indeed My Mercy, and both are of My Nature of absolute and perfect Love.  

Love is not soft!  Love is Powerful!
Love covers all, Love redeems all and is the most powerful force in all Creation: for I Am Love!
 I Am the embodiment of Love!

There is no Love outside of Me: It emanates from Me, for that is what I Am.
I Am the most powerful force, the only creative force in all the Universes and times!
There is nothing that exists outside of Me, therefore nothing exists outside of Love.
Love covers and protects.

 Love is Jealous for the well-being and goodness of those that are Loved.
I do not suffer My Beloved to be persecuted forever.
My Bride shall see her deliverance.
She shall behold My Justice, even as she beholds My Mercy.  
For I Am Love!” 

Justice and judgment are the habitation of thy throne: mercy and truth shall go before thy face.

Psalm 89:14 (KJV)


[Originally composed: August 20, 2011]

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