Know and Understand Your Enemy

Know and Understand Your Enemy

I had a series of dreams about danger:

Things that are taken for “myths” and “fables” are very often the residue of that which is true!  Do not be too quick to dismiss that which is handed down in the ancient stories as being tales; This world is far more complex and mysterious than the sterilized environment that has been spoon fed to you.  Everything that is of the super-natural or spiritual or fantastic, or would suggest the reality of a spirit-realm, or an all powerful and Eternal Creator, has been stripped out of the narrative.  Anything that suggests God or Creation or the stories of the Bible, are covered up.  Anything that does not fit into the narrative, that might awaken the sheep from their lie-induced deception and non-questioning sleep, to reality is squashed.  Disguising danger, disguising evil as harmless or worse: nonexistent, is even more evil.  It is the snake convincing the victim to believe it’s lies.

I dreamed / pondered about the reality that is covered by the mask.  The other side of the mask that is worn in public.  There are those who do know, and they are increasingly silenced by the fear of those who seem to have grown in power and influence in the darkness.

And Holy Father spoke through my spirit…

“Fear feeds the darkness.
The more people who are seduced by the spirit of fear, the stronger it grows.
For the vibrations of fear feed the spirit of fear, and fear is a necessary covering
for the dark deeds of the evil empire to spread and multiply over the earth.

Evil has no love.  It knows no loyalty.  It has no grace.
It is ruthless, it is harsh and unloving, filled with hatred for all that is good,
and those that are good in the eyes of their Lord and Savior.

It hates all that is of the light;
 For the light has the power to vanquish the darkness of the corrupt.  

The dwellers of dark understand what many of those who walk in light do not understand…
The power of light is vastly more powerful than the dark, and there are far more angels of light than dark: But there are both!
There are angels of darkness, and there are demons that work on a different hierarchy. 

 If you are to battle the forces of the darkness or any opposing army,
you must know and understand your enemy.
You cannot fight an invisible, undetectable enemy without a face or marker.
You must know who your enemy is,
and you must know what their defensive weaknesses are!

This is how you effectively use the weapons of your warfare.
For too long My people have taken the armor that I gave to them and set it aside and gone forth armed only with head-knowledge of the words,
but no knowledge and no experience,
 and not even the curiosity
in how to appropriate the weapons that I gave them.

In Samuel, you see that David would not wear the weapons of the earthly king Saul; 
for they have not been tried.
He went forth armed and clothed in the mighty weapons of his faith and his understanding of My faithfulness to those who love My Name,
and are willing to go before Me as My servants;
And know that I am their Champion. 

 Just as the young armor bearer went before Goliath, so David went before Me!
 I am the Champion, and I am the One who directed the flight of the stone in the sling.
I trained his hands for battle and his fingers for  warfare. —Yes, his fingers!
For his fingers attended to the lyre and harp, and as he sang of My promises to Saul,
he was building up his faith, and his spiritual armor
as he rested and sang to Me,
  and lifted My Name up before the earthly king. 

 He knew that the power was in the lifting up!
He knew and understood that the music he played,
and the worship he offered to Me was the power to drive out the evil spirits;
For they could not remain in the presence of worship.  

This is why David assigned singers and musicians for the temple of My presence.
 For I am lifted up in the praises and worship of My children.
When I am exulted, the enemy shrinks in fear and madness!
Worship causes chaos to break out in the enemy camp.
For the binding structure of darkness is dissolved
by the light that is brought forth with worship!

Worship is far more powerful than so many of My children realize.
My servant David sang to Me and played songs for the glory of My Name.
He understood that I hear him, knew him and loved him.
He knew I attended to him and watched over My Name.

Those who will go forth in the battles of this last day must understand
the power that is in My Name!
 Not in their prayers.
Not in their knowledge or understanding of earthly things.
Their faith must rest entirely on Me, and their trust must be entirely on Me.
This is My battle!  

This is the dividing of the light from the dark.
 In the beginning, I said, “let there be light!”
And the light was taken from the darkness,
 and the darkness cannot comprehend the light, and it flees from it.

My light is My Love.
For I so loved the world that I sent The Light of the World, into the world,
clothed in flesh that you may be clothed in His Light!
His Light is His love.

In Me there is no darkness or shadow: I Am constant.
I do not turn away from you when you have gone astray!
I am still here, watching and loving you.

I know you will return to Me and you will have learned a bit more
of the subtle tactics of the enemy.
Yes he knows you too.
He knows his enemies, as you should know yours!
 He knows what your weaknesses are;
And I tell you, you must allow Me to come into all your weaknesses.
Submit them to Me, and they shall be mightily fortified.
It is doubt, more than anything, that weakens your defenses.
For when you doubt, know that you are actively listening and considering
his narrative in opposition to Mine!  

When you doubt, your sword is down, your shield is down,
and you have loosed all your armor.
You are not protected when you doubt!
You must know what you know, and not doubt it!
You must go forth in the knowledge of Me and My nature!
Go forth with singing: for the battle is Mine!

I will not lose!  I cannot lose!
I go forth on your behalf; not tentatively, but with great valor and power!
All that I do is to the utmost!  

When I fed the 5,000 it was not to just give all a portion of bread!
It was to fill and satisfy to overflowing.
 When I gave the wine at the wedding, it was not common wine!
-It was superb wine, and there was no lack.
When I filled the vessels of the widow, it was for the filling of every vessel
the widow could find
before the oil stopped flowing.
When I give manna it is for the satisfying of the hunger of all.
When I fought for My children in Israel, for Abraham, for Gideon,
for Moses and Joshua,
 and for all who go forth in My Name,
I save to the uttermost.

I require My servants to take to the battle field,
but it is I who fights for My children!

For these enemies are Mine!
They hate you because they hate Me.
I will defeat them in My power, for yours cannot prevail against them.
For they are also supernaturally aided by the cloud of darkness
that preceded their attack.  

They weaken the area with propaganda designed to bring fear.
Then, they terrorize with small skirmishes.
 Then, they will tell (unleash)  a covering of lies
designed to make the servants wearing the mask look as though
they are their champions against the very darkness they are servants of!
They wear a mask designed to give people, the frightened sheep,
a feeling that “All will be well” if they will invest their energy…
whatever it is that the mask-wearer wants.

More power then is taken from the people!

But the mask-wearer is a wolf, and will turn and devour the sheep
who have surrendered their power of defense to the wolf.    

When Light enters, the darkness is broken down!
The mask is transparent for those that are awakened by the Light of day! 

The enemy that you fight is not flesh and blood.
Far too many times, people will direct their attacks against the people who are being used as shields and decoys by the agents of darkness.
Do not aim your arrows at the people:
Aim your arrows behind the decoys, and at the true enemy.
Do not add more bondage to the poor slaves of the darkness by condemning them!

Remember, you are not fighting flesh and blood!  Why do you attack them?
They are poor frightened, deluded and ignorant sheep.!
As I prayed to My Father,
“Forgive them!  They do not know what they are doing!” 

Yes, they may do terrible things, but they are under the control
of the kingdom of darkness.

They are slaves!  They must obey their master!
Until they are set free from their chains they cannot do anything
but what their masters demand.

They are poor sheep; driven into madness by the forces of darkness
and evil upon the earth.

Pray for the dispersion of darkness.
Pray for the light to disperse the dark.
Pray for the bondages to be dissolved.
Pray the truth over them.
Pray for the freedom of the prisoners, conscripted to march
in the army of the enemy; their master!

There are even many who call themselves “Christians” who have found themselves
in the territories of the enemy and used by him.
Just as many of the Israelites in the army of Saul fled from him
and some deserted to the Philistine camp.
Others hid in caves and ditches and in the surrounding towns.

  So are many in the world who call themselves “Christians”
They have taken the talking points of the enemy in order to appease the enemy,
and what they see as an impossibly powerful enemy!
And they desire peace with this insatiable enemy.
They sometimes join the other side “in order to  bring peace from the inside.”
And others are simply hiding out in fear of the vastness of the enemy camp.
Yes, it covers the earth!  

Am I afraid of this enemy?  Have I not said it should be this way?
Am I not gathering all the droves of darkness together in order to judge them
 and pour out My wrath upon them?

Yet, there are those with them that are not with them.
I must separate out those that I have called to be with Me from the enemy camp,
before they perish in the camp of the wicked.
I know those that belong to Me, and I shall not lose a single one!
I shall rescue all that belong to Me, and none shall be found missing
when all stand before Me in the end.  

I have said, “Perilous times shall come!”
But be watching and be vigilant, for I Am coming soon!
When the Light comes, all the darkness will be destroyed;
And you shall see and understand all things as they have not been seen and understood since the beginning of time!
For the darkness immediately began it’s work in covering up the truth and counterfeiting the light for its own “enlightenment” that was simply
indoctrination into the halls of darkness! 

For I have said that Lucifer himself can disguise himself as an angel of light!
This is not truth, it is a deception, and therefore I have said you must “test the spirits”
to see of they be of the Truth or of the darkness and a lie.
 For all who cannot proclaim Christ as My Son, born of the Spirit into flesh
and sacrificed to bring life to all; then they are not of the light.

They are simply wearing a mask.
I tell you there are many masks around you.
I told you how to detect them…
Test them and see if they are of Me by requiring them to proclaim
Christ as Messiah and My Son.
You shall pray for all; knowing that I know who is Mine and who is not.  

I will protect you.
This is another area that you must trust Me for.
I Am your Protector.
I will cover and protect you.
I know how to protect that which belongs to Me.”


Originally written Tuesday August 2nd 2016

Released Thursday March 22 2018

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