The Deceiver and the Truth

The Deceiver and the Truth

I had this thought before I opened my eyes this morning.  It just flashed through my mind, that there is a “driver” or watcher” that sees through our eyes and operates within us… observing our thoughts and feelings and compelling us to act certain ways.  I was amazed when I first came to recognize this truth as I was watching a documentary called “What the &%#@?!  (Bleep) Do we Know?  And they showed how the sub-conscious works.  So, before I got out of bed this morning I was thinking about all of this.  It only took a second for so many thoughts to rush through my understanding and I prayed that if indeed it has been the enemy in the guise of my own “self” that tries to lead me into decisions… Then I could choose to listen instead to the voice of Truth, the voice of my Father, to guide, direct my paths and lead my life!  All I am doing is choosing which voice I will listen to;  The enemy that has called himself “my-self” or My Father, who gives me freedom and life and joy and calls me His own!

Now, the still quiet voice of my Heavenly Father spoke to my spirit…

“It is true there is an internal “seer” or instigator of our thoughts moods and actions.
—This is the “self.”  The self came into power when man first sinned.
Before that time, man was “Adonai-aware” and his actions were directed towards and by the worship
and fellowship of his King and Maker; the Beloved of his soul.
Sin entered in and became the trespasser into the hearts and souls of man so that they could not
fellowship with his Lord and creator as he did before the fall.

Instead of the Holy Spirit, the breath of life, and the Creator in the holy of Holies, it was now
the serpent in the disguise of “self “that ruled the thoughts, and drove the emotions of the man.
All the thoughts and actions that had once been driven by love of the Creator,
 and brought forth the fruit of life and joy and liberty,
were now directed towards separating the Father from His child,
and the children of Adonai from their Creator;
Denying the authority of the Creator
 and the holiness of the union.

The lie was put into power, that the “man could direct his own path;” which is, “to become as a god.”
But the real deception is, and was, that the child was not in control!
The one that had usurped the control of the heart, mind and soul of the man was the enemy: Satan.
He is in the disguise of the “self”!

It is his voice that directs man away from the ways of Life, and occupies his head and thoughts and

actions and days with diversions and deceptions that keep the Holy Spirit of the Father at bay.
So (that) the man is tossed upon the seas of capriciousness, and is lost within himself and his deception.

He does not know who he is!

He thinks that he is independent,
when in fact he is but a slave to the evil one who implanted himself into the holy of Holies:
The place of intimacy between man and God.

— He disguised himself as the thoughts of the man;
Yet the thoughts come from an alien source that is not of the man’s original design.
 (For the Serpent was given to eat the dust of man as his food!)

Man was designed for the fellowship with Hashem Adonai, Yahveh!
The voice of self, is the enemy who usurped the authority in the very minds of Man-kind.

It is only those that recognize this, and are re-born into a new life, and given a new heart, mind
and eternal soul that can see that what was once in them was not them!
They were ruled by that which was not actually them!
They were slaves.

“Addiction” is another word for slave!

Whatever man becomes addicted to, it is that which has enslaved him.
And it is the “self” that is the evil one, the Deceiver who disguises himself as the voice of the man,
which drives man into destruction!”

–Holy God the Father

I choose to listen to my Holy Father’s voice!  Self! you are not me!!  I reject your deception, and renounce your voice!!  I leave you behind, and choose instead, that my LORD, Adonai and my King, Jesus be my guide! I choose that Wisdom be the voice I listen to, and the director of my life’s path!
Thank you Father!  Amen!

Originally recorded Friday, May 13, 2011                             (765 words)

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