Overcoming The Spirit of Un-Belief

Overcoming The Spirit of Un-Belief

At the beginning of the year 2015, I got up early in the morning to sit before the Lord.  I was not sure of what He was showing me in my dreams of the night.  I had no words to fit the images into, and I could find no words to capture anything that I knew I had been dreaming all night.  After a time of prayer and waiting before my Heavenly Father, He opened up the understanding of what He had been showing me by His Spirit… It was an important lesson about Unbelief.  I came across this today and I need to share it now…

He spoke by His Spirit…

“The spirit of unbelief is not just simply, not believing.
It is a spirit that keeps you blind to the truth, that you may believe.
How can you believe something that you do not know?
The truth may be on the page before your eyes, and the truth spoken over and over again in your ears,
but if the spirit of unbelief is at work, the truth is never seen or heard.
—It is never noticed or understood, so that the eyes may see, and the ears will hear;
that the heart may understand the truth.

Thus, you must confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord!
If He is Lord of all, He is also King.
If He is King and you are in Him and you are a new creation, you must now enter into His kingdom.
Indeed the Kingdom of God was with Jesus…
for where the King is, He operates according to His kingdom, even in a foreign land.

This is true of your ambassadors.
They do not operate according to the lands that they are diplomats in…
They are immune to the laws of the land in many instances,
as they represent the land and the kingdom from which they came, in the distant land in which they live.

If you are therefore a new creation, living in Christ, and believe this to be true,
then as you go forth in this distant land, you must operate according to the laws of the Kingdom
which you are now a representative.

You are called to (be) kings and priests unto the people of the world.
Represent your King by doing the works of the King,
demonstrating that the Kingdom of this King of Kings is present in this world, operating through His servants,
who are ambassadors of the Kingdom of God to the Earth.

Too many people claim to be “born again,” and show no evidence of this new birth.
They still go forth in their old ways in accordance to the laws of the fallen world-system.

If all the systems of the earth are to fall, and only that which is real and true will remain standing,
and I am the King of all that is real and true…
then all that is of My Kingdom will stand!

Walk therefore in the power of His might!
This is to say that you are to walk in the authority of My kingdom.
For you are a citizen of the reality, of the Kingdom of heaven.
You are a new creation.
For it is My blood that now flows forth through your blood,
giving you a new life and a new future and a new reality.

Forgetting that which is behind, press forward to the reality of the high calling in Christ Jesus.

If where I am is Holy ground, and I am in you and you are in Me,
then where you stand is a place of My kingdom on this earth; for it is where I stand.

Take authority over the lies that you have believed.
Take authority over the spirit of un-belief, so that you may see and hear and understand the truth.
For you are a citizen of the greater Kingdom, and it shall come in all its fullness to this earth.

But how shall the people of this earth be judged for rejecting My kingdom when they have not witnessed it?
Show the works of the Kingdom of heaven,
and be a witness to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

There is no power on this earth that can stand before the Name of the Lord God Almighty
made manifest in Jesus, His Son!

And in that Name which is above all Names, you shall overcome!”

–Holy God the Father


Originally received Thursday, January 15, 2015


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