I found this journal entry from about a year ago.  It was early in the morning when I wrote this prayer.  I was struggling, as I still do, and I always have, to “stay on course”.  I struggle against procrastination.  I struggle against distractions.  YouTube and Facebook could entrap me for hours and hours, leaving me feeling defeated and dazed.  All that I had planned on doing for the day is forgotten.  It is a constant battle for me to do the things that I am called to do.  Funny how the worthless things always seemed to crowd out the things of eternal value…prayer, studying His Word and just spending time with the One my soul longs for.  Yet, it would sometimes be hard to know that if you looked at how my day ended up being!  So, early in the morning I got up and I was praying once again that this new day would find me submitted to His Will and not blown off course again!  I prayed, “Holy Father, I ask Your Presence and Your Spirit to lead me and guide me all this day and into Your Eternity… To keep me stayed in Your Will.  Father!!  Circumcise my heart to You!  Cut away the part that is attracted to the world leaving only the part that is Yours.  Holy Father You are the One that I praise and You are the One I adore! Father…”

Then, as Holy Father often does, His Spirit spoke to my spirit.  He always addresses my needs and prayers at the level of perfect understanding, beyond what I could even think to ask.  He knows what I need far above and beyond what I comprehend about myself.  I thought I was asking Him to help me to stay the course for that day… He wanted to impart far more than that to me.  This is His teaching…

“It IS a sacrifice to Obey!  It is not easy.
It is not easier for one person than for another.
All have the enemy setting up ambushes against their obedience;
It is a 24-hour task to remember Me.
That is why I placed the golden plates on the heads of My priests, to remember Me and My statutes; That I would not be forgotten.
The cords and tassels were to remind My children of Me.

All around you, you have reminders of Me, but you also have the full onslaught of the world trying to pull you away from My Presence!
It is a tug of war between the spirit of the world and Me and My children.

How easily I am forgotten when you look away for even a moment!
Keep your eyes fixed on Me!

Let Me be your eyes, and I will lead you through the hordes of biting
and stinging and poisonous things.
I will lead you through the mazes to My Presence.
That is why I will not force anyone to love Me.

I desire, more than all the burnt offerings, for your heart to be circumcised unto Me,
and your love to be for Me, and your works to be according to your obedience to My voice.
I do not want empty words and gifts and works that speak My Name in vain!
Do not call upon Me and not expect Me to be there!
Do not use My Name as just another word.

There is weight and power in My Name!
It is the Name that is above all Names!
It holds the creation together and it is the Authority under which all things “Are.”

 Seek to know and understand My Name,
and the power and the heaviness of My Name now.
It is My Name that I watch over, to bring glory and all honor unto My throne.
Be called according to My Name.

To be called according to My Name, you must understand what that means.  

I Am Faithful, I Am Truth, I Am Love, I Am Righteous, I Am Holy!
I Am full of Compassion, I Am the One!
—The GOD of gods who Creates all things, who Heals you, who Died for you!
Who Calls you to Myself, who Loves you, Feeds you, Clothes you, Watches over you, Protects you, Fights for you, Encourages you, Strengthens you, Teaches you, Disciplines you like My child.
Who Caresses you as a Father would His child, who Longs for your fellowship,
who Delights in you, who Sees you, who Formed you,
who Knows you fully even a million years from now.
All of this is My Name.
I Am Wonderful and I Am Merciful and I Am Savior,
I Am Redeemer and I Am Friend.  

How easily I am forgotten even for a moment, and the enemy rushes in like a flood.
Hours later, I am remembered.” 

-Holy Father

As I said, I found this Word again, a year after it was written.  I think that this happens so often because He stores up what I need for a day, long before I come to the place of understanding or asking for that provision.  I needed this provision on the day I re-discovered it.  On the day I found this I had just prayed for the understanding of much of what was answered in this Word and stored up… a year before I asked for that understanding.  I literally got up from my prayer, came down to my laptop and opened to this dated but un-labeled journal entry.  There before me was His answers.  How awesome and wonderful is our Heavenly Father!

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