We all know the scripture “He whom the Son sets free, is free indeed!”  But, what does that really mean?  Why are so many of my brothers and sisters in Christ so obviously not “free indeed?”  Why are so many hurting and lonely and struggling with the same issues after they accepted Christ, as before?

Some years ago, I was praying and interceding for a precious daughter of the Lord, crying out on behalf of the pain and heartbreak of rejection that I knew she struggled with all her life.  This was a woman who, on the outside seemed to be filled with self-confidence and  boldness and appeared to have many friends.  She was intelligent, witty, compassionate, resourceful and one that all would attest, would give you the shirt off her back with joy if she thought you might need it.  She easily put her own needs behind those in her family, and even people she barely knew.  She loved with great fierceness, and when she lost a friend it devastated her.  She had flashes of great wisdom in dealing with others, but she couldn’t see  herself.  She was a servant in heart, humble and meek and yet deeply embittered, angry and lonely.

As I interceded for this precious sister in Christ, I realized that she is like so many of us!  We DON’T know how precious we are, and we do not know how to be free!  My heart was broken on behalf of so much pain, and I asked “HOLY Father, what is the remedy? Why is so much of Your Bride still in bondage?”  And our gracious and loving Lord imparted this understanding to my spirit…

“She has not learned that she is precious!  
This is the first truth that she must believe.
The voices that have kept her in the dark to this truth have been listened to,
and believed to be the truth to her…
 She has learned that she is to expect to be un-loved,
and yet her heart rebels against this corruption of the Truth!
And the battle between the enemy of her soul that speaks into her mind,
and the voice of truth that speaks and acts through the heart, manifests in anger.
Anger is the response of a small child when they are frustrated.
Anger is the manifestation of a child who does not know or understand why they are hurt.

She knows she hurts.
 But, because the enemy has blocked her ability to discern the truth that she is loved,
worthy of being loved, 
that she always has been loved, and no man ever gave more to save His Bride, than her Lord did to save her…She is in a constant battle. 

Her spirit knows the truth and rebels against the voice of the enemy that has told her to accept the crumbs carelessly thrown to her from the very table, where she is in reality, the guest of honor!
The crumbs that she has received are only a small portion of the good things that I have for her.
I have more blessing for her than she could ever conceive of, and she has settled for the crumbs, because she has believed the lie of the enemy! 

The things she has asked and begged of Me, they have been given to her account.
Yet, the enemy has blocked her withdrawal of them.
I would that she have life, and that, in abundance.
 In Me there is no lack!  I CARE for her as it is My responsibility to care for her!
Just as she sees that all of her children’s needs are addressed, according her ability,
so also I attend to the needs of My Bride, according to My abilities,
according to My Goodness and My Love for her.

Consider how much more I know her needs than she is able to know the needs of her own children, or even her own self.
For she has not been able to look at her own self and her own needs!
This has been a tactic of the enemy to reinforce the lie that “she is not worthy”.
Again, I say “That is a lie!” 

The snake has stolen from her!
The snake has then stood before her and proclaimed that I am the one that has deprived My child of what is good, and has stirred up anger and bitterness
and great pain in her heart.
For she looks around and sees that she is alone.
— Just as the enemy whispers to her mind that is enmity towards Me. 

Her mind is the play-ground of the enemy.
Indeed, the mind of the un-taught and weary child is always in opposition to Me
and My Words, and My reality.
If My Children only grasped a tiny fraction of the truth of My Love,
they would never doubt Me!
—They would walk as kings and princes of the earth.
They would never be without any good thing.

Yet, it is because of the very real pain of lack, that they will turn to Me.
And for that reason, the enemy is allowed a degree of freedom to operate
according to the Eternal laws of My kingdom.
He may enter where invited, by bloodline or invitation or even ignorance.   

Without his working, and with all blessing, My children would never look up to Me,
for they would not realize that it is I that have made them, and that they are but sheep.
The pain of sin and it’s consequences serve to remind My children that they have a Rescuer!
They have a Father who waits to council and sooth the broken-hearted.
Indeed, I am always near the broken-hearted,
for they are then humble and meek and open to seek Me.
And I have promised to make Myself found by all who will seek Me and turn from the ways of the Prince of darkness.

The name, “Prince of darkness” is not because there is no sunshine or physical light,
It is because he shrouds the truth so that it cannot be seen.
Yet even the stars are a witness that I am there, even in the darkness.
I will always set a light out, as a path to Me.

The light cannot be seen and sought for unless it is dark.
Then, it stands as a beacon showing the way home to Me.
The darkness speaks of lies that deceive and blind from the truth…
But enter the truth, and it will stand out!
 –And even in the thickest darkness, if you follow even the dimmest of lights,
it will lead to greater and more powerful truths, until the eye beholds the Light,
 and darkness has been swallowed up by the Truth!
Death by Life!
For the Darkness cannot comprehend the Light and flees from it.

It is in times of pain and sorrow that the soul reflects, and turns within to seek answers.
It is in these times when the voices of the world offer their advice,
and it is now distasteful to the hearer, f
or now she knows it is not the truth.
Now she is willing to turn and look for the Source of the Light.
Now she is willing to consider a truth that has been hidden from her perception,
and she desires to be free of a bondage that she did not know existed before.  

I came to set the captives free!  These captives are prisoners of war!
 -For there is indeed a raging battle between the forces of darkness
and the Kingdom of Light.
And My beloved children are the prize!

I have paid the ransom!
There is no power in all creation that can stop the child from running
to My waiting arms!

But first the child must realize where she is!
 If she does not realize that she never left the enslaver’s camp,
but that she was in fact, still in a cage designed to appeal to her senses,
and the drug of lies constantly recited by the fellow captives who say “they are free”,
then she will only try more earnestly to force herself to believe the lie of the enemy,
who calls darkness light, and truth, a lie.

The pain is the beginning of waking up.
It is the start of the process of receiving her sight. 
To the degree that she can see, to that degree she will be released from her bondage.
For He who the Son sets free, is free in deed. 
Once they see the open door to Freedom, and they, by their own choice walk out of it,
then they are free in deed!  

Many sit in the darkness of their imprisonment, and proclaim My Son as their Savior,
and say they are redeemed, yet they never leave their prison!

They sit in chains, only proclaiming their freedom and are not free in deed! 

They are only free in deed ,when they walk out of the the prison and into the light! 
Then they are free in deed.
Understand that My Son has set them all free.
 All are free to come to Me.
All are ransomed.
Only those who come, who answer My call and come to Me
are free in deed!
This is a deed they must do!    

My Apostle said, “Show me your faith, and I will show you my faith by my works!” 
It is the first deed in the walk with your Redeemer. 
Many will say they have faith, and yet they have not accomplished the first act of faith:
The deed, the work of standing and walking away from their old master towards their Father!
They sit and say, they are free;
And submit to the delusion of the enemy, that that is all they have to do.

Run towards the goal of the High calling which is Christ Jesus!
If you are set free, why would you not run from your tormentor:
Your slave master?
Why would you sit and proclaim your freedom, and not take it?
 What slave ever given his freedom from a cruel and evil master,
due to the payment for his freedom,
would sit in the dungeons of his former owner and say he belongs to the palace of the King who bought him…
yet the King is there to receive him, and still the slave believes it is “enough” that he belongs to the King now?  

Yes! The slave now belongs to Me!
This is My redeemed child on whom I have put My Love.
Yet, though I have broken the iron bars of the prison,
though I have given My life and all that I had in exchange for this child,
if My Child will not rise and come to Me, he is a slave in deed, still.  

When he rises to come to Me, I will cloth him as is fitting for his position in My house:
I will put My ring on his finger identifying him as mine, I will put My shoes on his feet,
for he is no longer a slave!
And he will sit at My table and eat of the finest food upon My table.
I give him My authority by that ring, identifying him as Mine to act in My Name;
For I have said that if you ask anything of Me in the Name of My Son, I will do it for you.

Yet they do not understand this, for their minds have been darkened by the Prince of lies.
This I say: “Leave the house of the slave-master and enter into the halls of My home!
I have called you as My own child!”
I have called all to come back to Me… All who had a heart to find Me, have.
All have that opportunity.

I Am just.  I Am good.  I Am kind!  I will not force anyone to come.
But you must rise from your mat and walk!
You must open your eyes and see.
You must hear with your ears what I speak to you.
And you must speak with your mouth that which is true:
You are My very own. Renounce all un-belief therefore and come boldly to the throne-room of Grace!
For that is what awaits you!
Not judgement!—
Dor your ransom was paid when My judgment was borne by My Own Blood…
The Holy incorruptible blood of Life: The Blood of My Son.
I have said, “the life, is in the Blood!”
His Blood ransomed Eternal Life for all mankind  forever.

There is nothing so precious.  There is nothing so powerful.   

This Blood speaks a better word…
For it calls all to come!
It calls out the voice of Truth, to all who would have ears to hear
what the Spirit is saying.
—For the Life is in the Blood.
It speaks forgiveness and Love and Grace.

I do not ask for great deeds to be done to show your faith.
I only ask for one: Believe, and you shall be saved!
In order for the lame to walk, he had to believe the voice of My Son had set him free to walk…And he had to walk.
To see, the blind had to answer the command “to see!”
The man was commanded, instructed to DO something!
He was told,” See!”  If he did not believe the command, he would not see!

That is why it says, “He saw that they had Faith to be healed.”
And without Faith, He could do little in the village where He was known:
For they refused to receive what He came to give them.
They would not  believe.
It was an action of their will: A refusal to obey the commands of healing.

James again says, “Ask, believing that you have what you asked for…
for a man who wavers and is double-minded shall not receive what he asked for.”

 Belief is not simply a mental acknowledge of a statement.
Belief is the walking out of what you say is “true,”
and all your actions confess that this is indeed true.

You would not bother to turn on a light switch if you knew the electricity was out,
even if it was dark, for you know there is no power for the light.
The switch is simply that which activates the flow of power into the light bulb.
The switch does not provide the power, it controls the flow of power.
The light bulb does not produce light; for without the energy, the power, there is no light.
So neither the switch or the lamp-stand or the light-bulb can produce any light.
And even if the switch is on, the bulb is screwed in and the power is flowing, if the lamp is not connected to the SOURCE of the power, there is still no light.

Switch ON your belief.  I AM the Light of the World!  
You are not!  There is none who are.
Yet, I shine forth through the many lights that I have placed upon the earth.
When they believe in Me and find their being in Me,
then they shall shine like great lights in the darkness;

 drawing all men unto Me, and to My Glory!
 For it is My Glory that shall shine forth from their inmost being.
Just as the light shines forth from the lightbulb…
The power is in the light and it cannot be separated from the Source.” 

–Heavenly Father 

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  1. Thank you so much Emma! I am so blessed that you stopped by and were refreshed by the Words the Lord has given for us all to partake of freely! Please share this site with those you know who may be refreshed and enlightened by what is shared here. I pray your walk with the Lord grows in depth and intimacy and joy!
    Blessings to you!
    Victoria Ann

  2. Dear Emma,
    I am so happy you found your way to this website. I hope and pray that you come back regularly for spiritual food and refreshment and are growing in your relationship with the Lord!
    With love in Christ,
    Victoria Ann

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