The POWER of Praise and Worship From the Heart

The POWER of Praise and Worship From the Heart


I’m forgiven, because You were rejected. I’m accepted, You were condemned! 
I’m alive and well, Your Spirit lives within me; Because You died and rose again!
Amazing Love!  How can it be?
That You, my King should die for me?
Amazing Love, I know it’s true, 
And it’s my joy to honor You,
IN all I do, Let me honor You!

(Song by Chris Tomlin)

This powerful song of praise, worship and adoration rang through my spirit all through the night.  Again, it formed the back drop of a night of wonderful instruction from my Lord and King! Throughout the night I had a recurring vision of Darkness being violently dismantled when Worship was brought into the strongholds of the enemy!  It was literally warfare in the most amazing way!  Strongholds disintegrated.  Chaos broke out in the enemy camp.  The enemy fled. 

So the lesson is, Praise and Worship in Music is warfare!  True Worship in music IS Warfare. There was and is a powerful purpose of the musicians that GOD ordained to come before Him with instruments and cymbals and trumpets and stringed instruments and singing!  There is a reason all creation sings!  Psalm 148 speaks of kings, rulers, angels sun, moon, stars, mountains, men, women and children, and all creation to sing and lift up a song of praise unto Him.  There is a reason why the trees clap their hands!  There is reason and there is truth to what Jesus said when He said that if the people did not worship Him, the very rocks would cry out!  (Luke 19:40) God ordained music!  He ordained praise and worship unto His throne! And we are instructed to sing and enter His courts with praise and thanksgiving and singing! 

The purpose was not entertain those who came to the temple to worship their God!  The purpose was not even to proclaim the Lord God Jehovah to the enemies and to remind the warriors of their God.  NO! The purpose of  Worship and music before the Lord God is to literally bring God into the atmosphere, to enthrone the Mighty King of the Universe, to show forth His mighty hand and power; to scatter the enemy and give honor and Glory to His Majesty.  It was the Lord God who fought the battles for His children.  He is lifted up and seated upon and among the praises and worship of His children.  It is His glory!   In the worship is the warfare! 

Now, the Lord instructed me by His Spirit

“When praise and worship and honor to the Lord God your King is the first resort…
When you approach the throne of God with Praise and worship from your heart,
Know that darkness cannot stand!
It is a battering ram against the strong walls that contain the darkness and the hiding place of the workers of darkness.
Take down the walls with praise and worship!
Release your hearts to worship and adore Me, and do not stop until the path is made clear!
 I will enter before you, and I will destroy the works of darkness by My Spirit!
Nothing may stand before Me!  

The Worship of My children serves notice to the powers of darkness that I Am amongst them!
They will scatter!
NO strongman, no demon, no entity may stand before Me!
I strike fear and chaos into the enemy camp!
Praise and worship are powerful tools I have given to My children in order to push back the gates of darkness!  

The spirit of this world has tried to dilute My Praise and Worship; to transform true worship of Me into a worship of the musician, the music or the group.
The focus must be on Me!

The arm of the Lord is mighty to save!
The arm of the Lord your God, your King, is for you,
to defeat all those who plot against you to destroy you,
because you have set your heart to loving Me!
I watch over all those who set their hearts, to love Me, and to bring My sons and daughters back into My courts, where they will sing and rejoice in My Goodness!
My help is always with those who seek to bring forth truth about My ways to those who have not yet been taught how to approach Me in  praise and prayer and supplication.

They have not been taught.
They have been schooled in the ways of the spirit of the world that hates Me and seeks to hide My face from My children; For they do not know I Am right there!
They feel alone. Yet I Am there!
But they are covered in lies and deceits of the world.
 Their dedications do not come from their hearts.
 They are doctrines of men who built walls around the gardens of My children,
 that they may not enter to rest and abide with Me.  

Did I not set an angel with a mighty sword, to keep the way into My Garden?
The way is indeed narrow and the walls are dripping with the blood of My Son: My sacrifice!
This is a Holy Garden of intimacy!
Come! And reach out to Me in the purity of your need!
Come! In the purity of your desire for Me!
And cast behind you, all the doctrines of men, the formulas and hurdles
that have kept the children I have borne from trusting Me.
They are judged to not be righteous enough to come,
and they falter when they recognize their need for Me.

I came for those such as they!
You need nothing to come to Me, except the repentance of your heart!
Nothing. Except the desire to be wrapped in the loving arms of a Father,
 Who has called you to His side: Who calls you, “His Child!”
That is all you need!
 For when you run to My waiting arms, you enter through the Way opened by My precious Son!
He is the Way.  He is the only Way to Me.
 And when in your need, your distress, your brokenness and despair,
you call upon the Name of My Son, know with a surety, I hear you!

Come to Me! 
There are no requirements to come to Me except the One!
Call upon the Name of Jesus and be saved!
Be set free!  Be redeemed!  Be safe with Me forever!
I will deliver you from all your fears!
I will take you in My arms, and I will fight your enemies, while you rest your head upon My breast.
I ask nothing of you, My children, except to call to Me, and I will bring you home!

You need nothing for your journey.
You need no money.
You need no works of your righteousness, no doctrine, no wisdom of man: Nothing! 
You come to Me as a baby is born into this world:
Naked and covered in birth waters of water and blood!
As you come to Me by the Name of Jesus, you are covered in the birth waters of the Kingdom;
The Blood of the Lamb and the Word of your testimony!  

What is your testimony? 
That I Am faithful! 
I have done all for you to come!
That I have overcome the world, and death and sin that you may enter into My habitation forever!  That is the word of your testimony!
It is, “You are saved by the confession that ‘Jesus Christ is Lord!’
He is Lord, and Savior, and King!”
That is the Word of your testimony: Jesus!  

Yes, enter with praise and thanksgiving: But from the heart! 
It is a sacrifice of Praise!
Do I delight in sacrifices that are given with a grudging heart?  No!
 Do I delight in praise that is by rote, and without the understanding and the heart turned to Me, desiring My presence?  No!
Turn your hearts and eyes to Me when you sing, and surely you shall know My Presence
 and My pleasure in your offering.  

It is not a performance I am after!
I care not how you sing:
Only that your heart is engaged and directed to Me and to Me alone!
That is an acceptable offering!”

-Father God



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