For Such A Time As This

For Such A Time As This

During the night of June 4th 2017, I had a powerful night vision.  In the background of the vision, the words to the song, “Days of Elijah” were running through my head.  They were,“Lift your voice, it’s the year of Jubilee and out of Zions’ hill Salvation comes!”  

In the vision, I saw a protective and powerful Father looking upon all His children. I watched as He began to  deliver gifts to His children that would cover them and protect them from those that were persecuting them.  The gifts were like blankets, that were spread out over and around the children.  They (the children) were not removed from their fiery trials; They were given powerful protective gifts that would enable them to go through the trials, and at the same time rescue those who were persecuting them, and bring them to safety.  

I am reminded of fire-fighters; They go through the fire to rescue those still trapped in the fire!  What if they gave up on the people still trapped in the burning buildings, or burning cars or let the forests burn to the ground, with no attempt to rescue and save those in the path of destruction?  But they have special equipment that enables them to enter into the buildings, the burning forests, and dangerous zones, where no one else dared to enter, in order to rescue as many as possible from the flames.

That is the picture of the Lord’s children still on the earth.  Many do not realize why they are there.  “Why doesn’t the Lord just come and take them away, and begin to judge the world for the atrocities that are being done to His children?”  Because those who truly love Him, love those who are still trapped in the world, and understand they are not here for their pleasure and enjoyment, but for the purpose of bringing in those who are still perishing! —Whether or not they see the flames coming, they are coming!

The true lovers of God do not want to leave while there are so many perishing!  They know and understand what is coming, and that it is the Father’s heart to rescue them and bring them home!  The Father will search the world and stay (hold back) the destruction for that one last lost child of His!  So also does the child of God, filled with love in her heart choose to stay in danger in order to rescue her brother!  It is her desire to perish at the hands of those who would kill her body, but cannot touch her soul, rather than to abandon them.  The price is worth it to her, for she shares her Father’s heart for His children.  She knows that to be absent from the body is to be immediately in the presence of her beloved Lord and Savior.

Heavenly Father is now pouring out upon His children a heart of love for the lost: Those still to be brought into safety.  He will not leave them behind!  She, His Church, and Bride, desires to stay in His fields; But in this time like no others, there must be protection like no other time!  Therefore  these special gifts are laid up for this time and this season, in order to protect and cover those who are willing to stay and seek and save their brothers and sisters.  These are the special gifts and coverings that He is pouring out and delivering to His servants.–For such a time as this!


(The Lord brought me back to this journal entry yesterday. It was time to release it.)


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    1. Thank You Tamera for leaving that message of encouragement behind! You have no idea how much even the smallest word encourages me! It is wonderful that you are being encouraged and spending this time with the Lord and partaking of His encouragement!
      In Christ
      Victoria Ann

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