Make Much of Me!

Make Much of Me!


Good morning Holy Father!
I spent most of the day yesterday having lunch with a wonderful friend.  We always have so much fun in fellowship and sharing You!!   I love how the talk focuses mostly on how wonderful You are and what You are doing and showing us!  My friend told me that You are saving 30 THOUSAND muslims in Iran a Day!  They are coming to Jesus as He appears to them in dreams and visions, and You send them to the People of the Book to ask “Who is the man in white?”  And the answer is, “He is Jesus!”  How amazing You are!  There is nothing You cannot do!  Certainly, as Your word says, You are able to save all those who have a heart to come and allow themselves to be loved and cherished by You! Oh thank You!

I did not sleep well last night.  There was a a LOT of pondering and seeing” the manifestation of the numbers “10″ and “9” and in combination to make 19.  Ten is to overcome… the perfect completion of something.  To make a complete end of something.  And the number “9” is fruition.  It is the fruit of the Spirit, the Gifts of the Spirit, it is the birth of a child, it is the season of the harvest… Together as 19 it is both!  

So I spent the night seeing spiritual fruit manifested from the “9” and the strength to complete and overcome in the “10”… Holy Spirit please enlighten me as to the words I should write to portray accurately what it was that kept coursing through my understanding. I can’t even say “dreams” because I do not think it was dreams…It was like something saturating into my understanding; Like oil on the skin, it sinks in slowly as it is absorbed. I guess this is an understanding of something by being in Your Presence as You press truths and wisdom and understanding into my spirit… It is like making a dry towel wet because it is in contact with a wet one; The dry one absorbs the moisture from the wet towel that is placed over it.. Only You never decrease no matter what You give away!

But, what I wanted to record first was this:  As I opened my eyes this morning I heard the command,  MAKE MUCH OF ME!”  I settled back and realized that it was a command from You… and I wondered if there was more, and yet I knew I should get out of bed and go downstairs and listen… but I stayed in bed and that command repeated again, “Make Much of Me!”   I got up and came down here, and now I am finally getting around to recording the first thing I heard as I opened my eyes!  Make Much of Me!”

Holy Father, please speak!  I am listening!  Forgive me again for allowing anything come before that one important command that makes for life itself!  How much all those who Make Much of You are blessed!  How protected… knowing how treasured we are to even be allowed, honored and set apart to hear You speak those words to our hearts!  

Holy Father!  You deserve to have Much made of You!  It is impossible for us to elevate You too Highly! —To make too much of worshipping You!  To go overboard in our love and adoration!  We cannot Make too much of You, but we must always automatically “Make much of You!” Now Holy Father, please speak into my spirit and teach me what You mean by the words of this command, and how does that fit with an entire night of “seeing” the manifestation of the numbers 9, 10 and 19? What is the connection?

And Holy Spirt began to speak into my spirit…

“Make Much of Him! 
Enter into My presence with much praise and thanksgiving, recounting all that I have done for you!
Realize the freedom that is available to you because of the sacrifice of My Son, because WE sacrificed ourself to free you from the reality of sin and death.
The death on the Cross, the torture and separation from the Fatherhood of God was the penalty that was due to each man…
 But I gave up My Son, and He gave up His life to win and redeem all lives,
 and all creation  to Himself. 

Last night (
at bible study) you were given the account in Matthew 26:36-46 of the Battle in the garden… That battle is indeed the most epic battle fought!
It was won in prayer.  It was won by faith that He would not fail!
There would be a time of separation!
—Because sin and shame separate!
But He would win the desire of His soul! 
He would win His Bride, defeat all her enemies, gain back the authority over the dominion of the earth that was lost by Adam,
and He would be exulted above every Name that is named!
—Every throne that is set, every enemy would be beneath His feet!
He won His Bride and paid the price in the garden.
 Man lost his inheritance and dominion in the garden:
 And the Son of Man won it back!
 He entered into His trial and passion with the assurance that He would indeed finish the trial…
(Matthew 26:36-56, Luke 22:39-54, Mark 14:32-42)
He would indeed prevail, even to the last drop of blood from His body.
The account given in Luke recounts that after the second prayer, He was strengthened and ministered to by an angel, and then He sweat the great drops of blood…
He is the Ark of the covenant, and every part of this holy divine Ark was sealed and sanctified by His own blood!

Make much of this sacrifice. 
Make much of His suffering.
 Make much of His joy that was set before Him, that He counted of far more value than His life, or any suffering;

That He might gain for Himself His Bride for all eternity! 
Make much of Him! 

He makes much of the value of the Pearl of great price that He paid it all to purchase for Himself.  (Matthew 13:46)
And yet He could not force her to love Him…
Many that He purchased have not returned His Love: they walk away: 
This He knew, but it is for those who are drawn to Him by cords of His kindness and mercy and grace, and desire an ever increasing intimacy to know Him and to be where He is, that He exults! 
Yes! He exults that You Love Him! 
The God-Man Exults that You love Him and desire to be with Him where He is! 

Let that sink in!
Like the sinking in, and saturation of the overcoming and the fullness that are represented by the two numbers you were pondering in the night…
 Let this understanding sink into your spirit….
He exults in your freely given love for Him!
 Each sacrifice and difficulty you have in taking the next step towards Him, is an exquisite treasure you have given to Him!

—Every step a token of your own love for Him! 

It is not easy to come to Him.
The gift of Eternal Life is indeed free for the asking;
You exchange your sins and condemnation and eternal death for His eternal life. (1John 1:9)
But to desire to become His own, His Bride formed and shaped into the image of perfection that He is, shaped by Divine and tender loving hands:
That is a priceless gift to Him!
And yes, He exults in the one thing His sacrifice cannot buy: Your love! 
Your love is given freely, and love is costly! 
This He knows better than anyone ever has known…

 Oh, make much of Him and His love for His Bride!
 His tender and joyously given love for you is beyond compare! 
Do you realize that He despised the cross and all the torture in comparison to the joy set before Him?  You!  (Hebrews 12:2)
He knew His Bride. 

He knew you! He knew your name! 
(Jeremiah 1:5, Psalms 139)
He went for you because you would love Him in return!
Because He treasured you and saw you and exulted  in your love for Him.

As Jacob labored for 14 years for the woman he loved at first sight, and it seemed as nothing to him, for the love he bore for Rachel, so also your own Beloved considered the cross as small in comparison to the love He has for His Bride! 
For He is LOVE. 

His love for you carried Him through.
 He kept his eyes focused on you as He bore the torture and abuse, assured He would endure to the cross and win His prize. 

Oh, make much of Him!  Make much of His love!
 Has He not shown you His compassionate love and care for you?
 In His words, dreams visions, demonstrations of His protection over you and your house! 

He makes much of you, for you are much to Him. 

You were saying that you love to spend the day speaking of His marvelous wonder.
You love to make much of Hm…
Oh, make much of Him! 
Freely, make much of Him and His love for you, for His Bride!

Never did a man love a woman more than this! 
For you are created in His Image and His likeness,
with bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh.
For it is unique to all creation. 
His flesh is unlike any other, for it has been refined and purified and through the fire of testing, and He has come forth as bright as burnished brass!

That is the image of the Son of Man given to His prophets.

(Isaiah 6:1, Revelation 19:12, Revelation 2:18, Daniel 3:25, Ezekiel 8:1-3, Revelation 5:6, Isaiah 53, 42, 50:4-9, Psalm 22, Colossians 2:9-17, Hebrews 2:6-18, 5:5-9)
He has Himself been through the fires of testing and trial, and He has ushered His lovers through the fires of purification.
He, being the first now takes you by the hand and protectively does the work of perfection Himself.

 Oh how He loves you!  Make much of Him for He makes much of you! 
She is never alone! 
Always, He is watching over her, to cover and protect and encourage and strengthen.  Oh precious one!  You are never alone, and never have you been alone.

You were known before you were born, and you were loved! 
You are waited upon. 

(2 Peter 3:8-10,15, Isaiah 30:18, 55:6-9, Numbers 14:8, Psalms 86:15, 103:14, Exodus34:6, Luke 13:8, Joel 2:13, Romans 2:4, 3:25, 9:22, Matthew 11:28-30, Ezekiel 20:17)

Oh, make much of this love that waits upon His Bride to be assembled and prepared… While He holds back the enemy from stealing her away,
 He waits for all who will come to Him to love Him in return… He waits.
 He strengthens, He is compassionate and He understands!
You are His joy, you are His delight! 
It is for your sake He left His place in heaven to come and rescue you!
He disrobed so that He may cover you with His robe! 

( Isaiah 61:10, 56:7, 12, 1-2, 17:10, 25:1-9, Revelation 21:2, Job 29:14, Habakkuk 3:18, John 14:2)
 Again I say, freely and with abandon, make much of Him!”  

Holy Father!! You leave me in a puddle on the floor! That was like a song You sang! I am at a loss for words…You are so kind! We do not deserve this kind of love! There is no love that is known to man that is even close to this! It is not of this world! It is of Your Kingdom and it has the power to melt the stoniest of hearts…and yet so many refuse to receive it. I cannot believe that anyone could ever feel this love and not be changed forever. –But it took me so long to be able to receive it! I was not accustomed to hearing words like that! Never did I imagine that my God could speak so gently, and yet so powerfully; It breaks my heart that any could refuse You!

Thank You Holy Father for this glimpse of the vastness of Your love! I shall forever make much of YOU! As long as I have breath, and then into eternity with You, I shall glory in making much of You! For You alone are worthy!

***Dear reader, at this point it is very helpful to understand the Hebrew / Biblical meaning and symbology of the numbers. I highly recommend that you search out the meanings to numbers that you see used in the scriptures!  When you do this you will open up an entirely new dimension of meaning to everything the Word of God speaks! Everything bears His stamp.  He never deviates from what He initially establishes a number, place, name, color, material: Anything to mean. There is an order to all things He does!  The first time a number or name or place is mentioned in the scriptures, pay attention because that is what establishes it’s meaning from there onward, and there is great richness in discovering the treasures of His word and meanings when you learn these hidden nuggets of truth!  

There are multiple sources you can go to for understanding the importance and meaning of numbers in Scripture.  You can search online by simply typing in the question, “What is the Hebrew / Biblical meaning of…” and search from there.  Another good place to start is a book by E.W. Bullinger called “Number in Scripture”.  You can even access it on-line for usage.  But beware of getting pulled into numerology.  Don’t.  Stick to the Bible and the Word of God!  

I will leave just a very general and basic biblical meaning of numbers 1-10 here, with the understanding this is very basic and there is a great, great deal more to be learned as you press into Him for Wisdom and understanding.   I used many excerpts from E.W. Bullinger’s Work: 

ONE: “In all languages it is the symbol of unity. As a cardinal number it denotes unity; It denotes primacy. Unity being indivisible, and not made up of other numbers, is therefore independent of all others, and is the source of all others. So with the Deity. The great First Cause is independent of all. All stand in need of Him, and He needs no assistance from any.  “One” excludes all difference, for there is no second with which it can either harmonise or conflict…It marks the beginning. We must begin with God.

TWO “ Two affirms that there is a difference—there is another; This difference may be for good or for evil.  It is the first number by which we can divide another, and therefore in all its uses we may trace this fundamental idea of division or difference.  The number 2 conveys the meaning of a union, division or the verification of facts by witnesses. A man and woman, though two in number, are made one in marriage (Genesis 2:23 – 24). There is also the union between Christ and the church (see 1Corinthians 12).” Two is the number of testimony or witness and division. Division between light and dark, good and evil, the waters above from the waters beneath…

THREE:  “All things that are specially complete are stamped with this number three. God’s attributes are three: omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence.There are three great divisions completing time–past, present, and future… Three is Divine Perfection.” The number 3 pictures completeness, but to a lesser degree than 7. It is the first of four spiritually perfect numerals (the others being 7, 10 and 12).

FOUR:  God’s creative works. The number four always has reference to all that is created. It is emphatically the number of Creation; …It is the number of material completeness. It is the world number.  There are Four great elements—earth, air, fire, and water. Four regions of the earth—north, south, east, and west. Four divisions of the day—morning, noon, evening, and midnight. Four seasons of the year—spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Four great variations of the lunar phases…”

FIVE: “..Redemption follows creation. Five is the Number of God’s Grace towards man.

SIX:  Is the number of Man and human weakness. Man was created on the sixth day. A Hebrew slave served six years and was to be released in the 7th. Six years were appointed for their land and harvested. Six, therefore, is the number of labour also, of man’s labour as apart and distinct from God’s rest. True, it marks the completion of Creation as God’s work, and therefore the number is significant of secular completeness.

SEVEN:  The great number of spiritual perfection.  Seven is the number of completeness and perfection, both physical and spiritual. It derives much of its meaning from being tied directly to God’s creation of all things. Spirit…As a number the actual word and number “SEVEN” is used as no other number is. Seven and its compounds occur in multiples of seven in the Old Testament.

EIGHT:  The number 8 in the Bible represents a new beginning, meaning a new order or new creation, and man’s true ‘born again’ event when he is resurrected from the dead into eternal life.

NINE:  The number nine, is divine completeness or conveys the meaning of finality. Christ died at the 9th hour of the day, or 3 p.m., the Day of Atonement, is considered by many Jews to be the holiest of the year, begins at sunset on day 9 of the7th Hebrew month. It is the number of fruit.  There are nine fruits of the Holy Spirit.  There are nine months of pregnancy, the fruit of the human womb.

TEN: Ten is one of the perfect numbers, and signifies the perfection of Divine order, commencing, as it does, an altogether new series of numbers… It is the completeness of order, marking the entire round of anything, it is, therefore, the ever-present signification of the number ten. It implies that nothing is wanting; that the number and order are perfect; that the whole cycle is complete.

From the website:
Nineteen tsha esre (f) tish’a asar (m) 10+9=19, meanings of ten and nine will inform the number nineteen. Divine order, judgment, truth revealed or concealed. Nineteen is the 8th prime number, which also indicates links to the number eight.

  • Nineteenth Hebrew Letter: Koof Numerical value of one hundred. Pictographic meaning sun on the horizon, time, imitation (of God or enemy), circle.
  • Chavah or Eve has a Gematria value of 19. (See how the woman is associated with the number nine here.)
  • The Jewish calendar follows a 19 year (Metonic) Cycle. 19 solar years are equivalent to 235 lunar months.

From the website:

Nineteen tsha esre (f) tish’a asar (m) 10+9=19, meanings of ten and nine will inform the number nineteen. Divine order, judgment, truth revealed or concealed. Nineteen is the 8th prime number, which also indicates links to the number eight.

  • Nineteenth Hebrew Letter: Koof Numerical value of one hundred. Pictographic meaning sun on the horizon, time, imitation (of God or enemy), circle.
  • Chavah or Eve has a Gematria value of 19. (See how the woman is associated with the number nine here.)
  • The Jewish calendar follows a 19 year (Metonic) Cycle. 19 solar years are equivalent to 235 lunar months.

From the
The Number 19 relates to the ideas of Physical Manifestation and the Flesh

So just a quick summery of the most basic and common meaning of numbers in Scripture:
1- Unity, New Beginnings
2- Union, Division, Testimony or Witness, balance
3- Divine Completeness and perfection,
4- All Creation; The World
5- Gods Grace, The goodness of God
6- Man, Sin, The Flesh (weakness of man) 
7- Divine Perfection, Resurrection, Divine Rest, Spiritual Completeness
8- New Creation, New Beginnings, 
9- Judgement, Fruit, (of Spirit, sin, womb, earth)
10- Testimony, Law, Overcome, Manifestation
11- Disorder, and Judgement
12- Divine Government, Perfection
13- Rebellion, Depravity, Chaos
14- Salvation, Passover, Deliverance, 
15- Rest, Grace upon Grace! 
16- Love
17- Victory
18- Bondage, Bondage to sin, 
19- Faith manifested
20- Redemption, Age of accountability 
21- Exceeding sinfulness of sin
30- Dedication, Blood of Christ, Age of Maturity
40- Probation, Testing
50- Jubilee, Pentecost, Freedom, Holy Spirit
60- Manifestation of Pride, fleshly
70- Punishment and restoration of Israel, Generation
80- Righteous Age
90- Manifestation of Fruit, judgement
100- Full Manifestation and Overcome! Victory, Children of the Promise, Great Divine Blessing
1000- Fullness of Father’s Glory and Completeness

There is so much more to learn about the numbers that I have included, and much about the numbers I did not include that I think will delight and amaze you, but I will leave that to you to find for yourself!

Be blessed in the Lord!
Victoria Ann

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