Seeing is Not Believing

Seeing is Not Believing

Fourteen years ago, I woke up after a very strange and intense dream. To even try to write it out seemed so strange and mixed up I doubted and second guessed everything I wrote. I had no doubt about what was so clear in my mind, but even in the dream, I doubted I could be seeing what I was seeing. For this post, the dream is not important. What is important is the teaching the Lord gave me December 23, 2006, and out of the blue brought me back to in these last few days. I have been studying it much deeper than I know I did then. As I woke up from this strange multi-layered vision, I asked Holy Father for understanding into the mysteries in the dream, and this is where I transition to what I wrote in my journal…

“Father, can You please give me some understanding into these mysteries… what is the understanding behind them?  I know that I lack much in understanding and appearances are deceptive.  I am still learning that what I see is not what the truth is!”  

“People are always asking for a sign, but they don’t understand that they cannot judge correctly by what they see.
Even Jesus did not judge by what He saw, but by what was revealed to Him by the Holy Spirit. 
He said, ‘I do not judge, but if I did, My judgments would be correct, for I always listen to what My Father says.
I only do and say what is shown to Me by My Father.’”

On earth, even Jesus had the same physical sight that we all have.  We think that just because we see something, it must be true.  We do not realize that we do not see all of it, and by only seeing something we allow our minds, which are enmity towards the Father, to explain in OUR terms, what happened.  We do not see something and ask the Father what we saw… we think we “know” what we saw and we do not ask for understanding or guidance.  That is why Jesus did not judge by what He saw.

“…Neither should you!
 Even dreams are misleading. 
They do not always mean what you think they mean.
You see something and judge it ‘good or evil’.
I created all things and I call all things according to My Purposes,
All things work for Me and are created by Me for My Glory.
All things will be redeemed back to Me, and I call all things “good”.
Even the evil that you are certain of,

is only a servant to bring forth a greater Glory and good!
—Evil is a servant.
The enemy uses it as a weapon against My Children but….”

Father… I don’t know if I can continue this… I am not sure that I am hearing You rightly!   I will write what You say; I do not want to pollute this with what my mind says or thinks of.  This has to be You, and if I am not sure, then I have to stop.  …Yes, I am editing what You are saying to me. Father, should I do that?  If I run it though my own mind then I am allowing my mind to decide what is true or not.

“Remember, the mind is enmity towards God!
In all you have learned, have you ever been told to believe with your mind?
—To try to figure things out?
No! You are told to have faith in Me.
To try to decipher with your mind is contrary to what the Spirit does.
It is the Spirit that brings Truth.  The mind distorts.
That is why it is not enough to see something.

Your mind will try to tell you something that IT wants you to believe.

There is a battle between the mind and the Spirit.
You have to flow in the Spirit to hear Me.
You cannot hear and understand Truth with your mind.
Your mind will reject it until all belongs to Me.
When it is mixed, it is still dangerous.

What I speak is Spirit, and it is Truth.
Your mind cannot accept the things of the Spirit.
That is why there is so much persecution of My children,

and even My own Son.
He was of the Spirit.  This is a world of the mind: The flesh.
It cannot dwell in My Presence.
The conflict between the Spirit, My Spirit and the mind is the flesh,

and it is what the “evil” of this world is.

The flesh is not able to dwell in My presence.

Therefore it rebels against that which is Holy.
 The flesh will try to put out all that makes if feel un-comfortable;

And My Spirit of Holiness is painful to the flesh. It burns the flesh.
The flesh will then try to destroy that which makes it hurt.

That is the function of the flesh...

When Adam and Eve first sinned, they hid from Me.
My Presence made them feel naked.

They felt ashamed and they hid their SELVES from My Presence.
No longer could they walk with Me in the cool of the evening.
My Presence was painful to them. 
I gave them skin to cover their selves and from then on,
My Presence has been felt in the flesh that I provided.
I provided the flesh that they may KNOW My Presence is a burning fire.
I would refine the flesh, if it would stand before Me to be purified.
But the flesh provided a cover for more sin,

and the defilement of man became such that to behold My Face,
My Glory and My Holiness would cause the flesh to die.

Yet there are some who know that it is the flesh that must die

to come into My Presence,
and seek to put aside the flesh.
They are given understanding to come to Me.
They come that they may be made pure and Holy.
~That they may behold My Glory and become a reflection of My Holiness.

Moses was one such as this.
When He beheld My glory, he himself became glorified.
My glory reflected upon his face,

and the veil that he wore was to protect the people
from seeing that Glory.
For even the reflected Glory was too much for a people

who were seeped in sin...”

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