The Sword of the Spirit, The Good Shepherd and The Story of Two Kings

The Sword of the Spirit, The Good Shepherd and The Story of Two Kings

This teaching was given to me May 5th 2012
I feel I am able to release it now… May it bless you!

I woke up after a night of visions and teaching that when I awaken, flee so quickly from me. I have no way to recapture what I know I saw and understood in the night… but now in my awakened state, it is like trying to capture a fine mist… Without the Helper, the Holy Spirit, those things are gone… So I pray, Now Father, I release myself to You!  I pray that in this awakened state that I will not resist Your Holy Spirit as You teach me what is on Your Heart!  Please remind me of the mysteries You unfolded before my closed eyes!  Thank You for waiting for me, thank You for Your grace and patience!  Thank You for trusting me with such treasure from Your Throne!  Thank You for loving me and appointing me to know You! 
But, I know it is not the attribute of Your power alone that makes You so great!… It is Your Love and Grace!  That You, hold my breath in Your hand, and by Your Will, maintain the breath and life in all Creation, and yet You would bow down to whisper to me!  I am less than a slave!  I am dirt!  Yet, You have endowed me with Your very Spirit!  

In this world that I live in, I could never hope to even see the President of the United States! To meet him would be a rare thing for anyone who does not possess great wealth, power, influence or standing or celebrity. The “Rulers of this world” have armies and guards to isolate and insulate themselves and keep them from “the people.”  They are un-approachable unless they enter into where we are…

But YOU!  You are different!  You allow anyone to come to You, as long as they have come with a repentant heart!  All You have ever asked is that we would trust You, and love You.  And, You have shown us Your love first!  You have called us to Yourself as a Father calls His beloved children.  And as children serve their father in their father’s house, so we would joyfully and gladly serve You in the expression of the individual talents You placed in each of us.

You came to us by love made flesh in the form of a Man; Your only begotten Son, Who is the express likeness and image of You!  And He is love and grace personified!  To Him, and through Jesus, You beckon us to come to know You!   You turn no one away!  You have unlimited time for any and all who would come to sit at Your feet… to rest, to listen, to cry, to petition, to give thanks, just to be near You, breathing in Your Presence.   

Teach me what Your Spirit was teaching me earlier.  I am listening!
 I believe I saw two roads or paths in the night.  You were teaching me about them.  There are two ways… the broad highway that leads to death and the very narrow and difficult path that leads to Life!  As we make our pilgrimage in the world, we choose our path… Only the one narrow path leads to You!  We must run on that path!! 

Now, I believe Holy Spirit began to instruct…

“The Runners were given a white robe;
Around the waist was tied a belt that was also of the same white linen.
 Upon that white belt there could be hung the sword which is individually made for each of the Saints. ~For it is the belt of Faith, and to each is accorded their own measure of Faith.
The measure of Faith determines the sword that they shall carry.
There are some who have a very limited amount of Faith, yet they have a sword that is very effective in the areas in which it will be called upon for use.

The Sword is the visible or outward manifestation of the Faith that holds it.
~Some swords are big and clumsy and heavy, some are light and deft. 
Some are long reaching and some are short, like daggers.
Some swords are like fine surgical instruments.
—That is one of the kinds that you have seen before. 
It is for the very precise surgical separation of truth from the distortions that would corrupt it.
Sometimes the distortions or the errors in the Truth are so bound to the truth, and seem to be as one, that they are as close as tarnish on a vessel of silver.
The sword of this kind can remove even tarnish from a silver vessel! 
This sword can pierce through the most intricately bound lies and deceptions.
This sword is endowed with great strength and power!
~For it can indeed separate the soul from the spirit, freeing the spirit to know the Truth!
 It can separate the bone from the marrow! 

The bone is kept alive by the workings of the marrow within,
just as it is the spirit which gives life to the body.
When man choose to obey the call of their flesh,

the soul rose up against the spirit and enslaved it. 
The spirit belongs to Me!
 It has been suppressed and enslaved under the lies of the enemy and the massive weight of sin;

Its ordained position of supremacy usurped in the Garden.

 It is indeed the Sword of Truth that is able to set the captive spirit of man free!
 For we share the Spirit.  It is Mine!
The Truth shall indeed set you free!
The Sword of the Spirit is the only instrument that can sever the bonds that hold the spirit captive to the whims of the fleshly soul…
Just as the marrow is essential to the bone that surrounds it.” 

In the dream, /vision teaching, I understood so clearly what Yeshua was doing when He called the people to sit upon the green grass and partake of the Bread and the wine.  He called them to sit in companies of 50 and 100!  

The term, “Companies” is a military term!  The numbers 50 and 100 are indicative of their strength…They speak of Overcoming!  For none can overcome but by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of their Testimony! 
He offered them His Blood!  He offered them the blood that they may overcome!  He offered them His Body! 
His Body is the Word, made Flesh!  Without the Word of His Testimony, they are saved, and protected, but they do not have the Faith to overcome!  

Again Holy Spirit instructed my spirit…

“They do not have the powerful Sword of the Spirit!
Those that do partake of the Blood and the Bread,

wear a deep purple belt. 
The Belt signifies that they are great Intercessors.

Because they have partaken of the blood, in deep droughts, and because they have feasted eagerly upon the heavenly Bread, the Body of Christ, they have much testimony and faith to go forth into the battle on behalf of others.
They rest upon the green grass; and in peace and rest, know their King.
 In peace they go forth before the Throne of the King on behalf of families, tribes and nations. 
They have already overcome for themselves;
And like the Tribe of Manasseh who fought for the land for each of the other tribes of Israel before settling upon their own portion, so also these Intercessors fight on behalf of others, that they may take possession of their own land, granted to them by Me.

The Intercessors are well-seasoned in battle, and mighty.
Their testimony grows with each battle: They grow strong on the blood and the bread.
They are the ones that wear the Purple belts.
For they are Royal Priests, of the Royal Priesthood! 
A Priest is the Intercessor between the King and the people:
Therefore they are mighty Intercessors before the Lord.

When My Son called for the people to sit upon the green grass, He was also acting as the Shepherd of the Song of David… “The LORD is my Shepherd!” (Psalms 23)

The Lord brought them to green pastures, as a Shepherd would His sheep.  
He made them to lie down, reclining while He served them!
—Did He not set a table before the people?
He fed them on the third day because it was on the day that He was given the power and the authority to give Life, the Life that was in Him, to all man-kind!  (Gen 1:11-13)
 As He overcame Death, He has the power to grant Eternal Life to all that are called to Him.
Another reason it was on the 3rd day, is that it was not until the 3rd day that the people could no longer meet their needs for food on their own power. 
As the Disciples said, they were in a lonely place, and the people needed food. 

Yeshua stated that they would grow faint on their ways home, they had to be feed before they left.
 There was no one in the multitude that day, besides the child with the bread and fishes, that had anything left to themselves that they had not already used up.
It is at this stage that a man is made ready to receive the Bread of Life!
—It is when all the efforts of the flesh are used up.
 When there is nothing left, and the soul realizes that there is no ability to care for themselves; then they will submit to the truth that they are like sheep…
Each one has gone astray! 
Yahuwshua is the Good Shepherd. 
He feeds His Sheep, having lain down His Life, to give them Life! 

The green grass is also symbolic of the Life; 
For there is life in each blade of grass, and it feeds and gives life to the Sheep. 
The Shepherd leads His Sheep to the Life;
So also the Good Shepherd, Christ leads His Sheep, His chosen ones into Life! 
He feeds them with the life of His Own Flesh and blood!
How much more can they who come, KNOW that they are of his Family?
 They are now of His very Flesh and Blood! ” 

**John 6:53Then Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you.

I never realized or saw that before!  The 23rd Psalm is what was being played out in the feeding of the multitudes!
 Again, I see that there is not one single word in all of scripture that is without purpose!  Every WORD is Tried and Tested!  

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want!
He maketh me to lie down in Green pastures! He  leadeth me beside the sill waters;
He restoreth my soul! And guides my path in righteousness for His Names’ Sake! 
Surely Goodness and Loving Kindness shall follow me all the days of my Life!
And I shall dwell in the House of the Lord! For ever and ever and ever!
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the Shadow of Death I shall not fear! 
Thou art’ with me! 
Thy Rod and Thy Staff; They Comfort me!
Thou preparest a table!  In the presence of mine enemies! 
Thou anointest my head with oil: My cup runneth over!
Surely Goodness and Loving Kindness shall follow me all the days of my Life!
 And I shall dwell in the House of the LORD,
Forever, and ever and ever!
~Psalms 23

This Psalm is played out, and fully illustrated in Mark Chapter 6!
The Chapter begins with Jesus sending out His Disciples two by two and gave them authority over the unclean spirits.
The Disciples go forth proclaiming that all should repent, and cast out demons and healed the sick with the anointing of oil. 
King Herod hears of the works of the Disciples and believes that John the Baptist was raised to life again.  For Herod had beheaded John and had his head put on a platter to present to keep his oath to the daughter of his wife Herodias, who was the wife of Philip, his brother! 
When His Disciples heard about this, they came and took the body of John and put it in a tomb.
Then, they came to Jesus  and told Him all that they had done and preached.
Jesus, seeing their heavy hearts (over the murder of John) and weariness from their ministry, called them to come alone with Him to a deserted place to rest for a while.  But, before they could reach their place of rest, the crowds saw them and beat them there; so that by the time they arrived, there was a great multitude!
Jesus, the Good Shepherd is moved with compassion for this great crowd of Sheep, without a Shepherd and He began to teach them.

 ~The LORD is my Shepherd: He guides my Path in Righteousness for His Names sake.
The hour had become late and the disciples came to Him and requested that He dismiss the people so that they could go to the villages and buy for themselves, something to eat!  But Jesus  said, “You give them something to eat!” To which the Disciples confessed that there was no means by which they could buy enough food to satisfy all the people that were there.  ~They had no earthly means of providing for the multitude! Yeshua told them to find out what food was present for the multitude and the Disciples brought to Him 5 loaves of bread and two small fish.  

~Five is the number of GRACE and Two is the Number of Testimony or Witness!  So there were Five loaves of Bread: He is Grace Personified, and the Bread of Life, and Two Fish are the Witnesses; the Fish also personifying the people from the Sea… the World!  

Yeshua (Jesus)  ordered (a military term) them to have all recline in companies (another military term) on the green grass. 

~He maketh me to lie down in green pastures!

So, the people all sat down in ranks of hundreds and fifties.  Yeshua (Jesus)  took the bread and the fish and looking up to Heaven blessed the LOAVES and broke the loaves and divided the fish among them all.  The disciples distributed all the food and all the people ate and were satisfied.  And when they were done, the disciples took up twelve full baskets of the broken bread and the fish.  And there were five thousand men who ate the loaves!

~He preparest a table, in the Presence of mine enemies!  Many of those who ate His bread turned away from Him and demanded His death…Thus allowing His earthly body to indeed be broken for them!

One again, there is the number of Grace, in the number of MEN fed.  The number, five is multiplied by the number of Overcoming, 10x10x10 which is the ultimate of Holiness!  Or, the Author tells us to multiply 50 x 100 = 5000!  For they were commanded to recline in groups of FIFTY and one Hundred.  The Fifty is 5 (Grace of Christ) x 10 (Behold, I have over come the World!), and 100 is 50 x 2  (the Two fish),  and is the Witnessof the Father to Whom He lifted the Bread to be blessed: The Holy Spirit! 

There were Twelve Baskets of Broken Bread. His Body was broken to feed all who come and will eat!  It says “All the men who ate the loaves”
You must eat His Body to be be fed! 
The number “12” is the number of Government…
It is the number of the twelve Tribes of Jacob/Israel by which the Kingdom of our Lord shall be Governed!  For Isaiah says, “And the government shall be upon His shoulders!”

The Bread
had to be picked up and none left of the ground for the birds to eat; For the Scriptures say that His body shall not see corruption; His Body was not left on the Cross to be picked at by the birds as is the fate of those who are crucified, And as none of the Passover Lamb was to be thrown out, and must be burned after the 3rd day, His Body was Holy and not to be left on the ground!  

 There is also a parallel between Herod and Yeshua:
Two Kings, one earthly, the other Heavenly. 
Yeshua went to His own country, Galilee and began to teach in the synagogue.  The people were astounded at His teaching because of the authority in which He taught, they were astounded at the works of healing and His Wisdom, and the end result of their astonishment at Him resulted in their being offended by Him!  Because, they knew Him as He grew up, because they were familiar with Him, they could not accept Him for who He showed Himself to be.  And Yeshua marveled at their unbelief; they would not believe who he was.  

The King of Heaven came to His own, but His Own received HIm not! 
He went around healing the sick, teaching with astounding wisdom that was not learned of man, and performed works of power; setting Free those that were in-prisoned in their sins and diseases: And the people were offended by HIm. 

The Earthly King Herod seized, bound and in-prisoned John the Baptist, a man he knew to be a holy and righteous man of God. 
Herod, the earthly King threw a banquet for his Birthday and invited the leading men of Galilee, his courtiers and commandeers.  As he reclined at the table, he was entertained by the daughter of his adulterous wife, and the cost of the dance was the head of the righteous John the Baptist on a platter.
The King had been so pleased with the dance that he swore that she may ask of him anything up to half his kingdom.  After consulting with her mother, she requested the head of the Baptist to be brought to her on a platter, and he was too cowardly to refuse her request because of his guests. 

This weak  and fearful King feared John, the opinions of man, and thus he gave into the craven request of murdering an innocent and godly man for fear of not keeping his word to the girl and her audience! He committed murder rather than commit the “greater sin” of offending his guests!  

The Son of God and the King of Heaven offended those of His own country by doing the Works of God, setting the captives free and healing them. 
The son of sin, the earthy King, murdered a man he had in-prisoned because of his righteousness, in order to not offend his guests.
Righteousness, goodness and godliness was offensive in the eyes of the people. 

The fleshly King reclined at that table and entertained his guests with rich food and the seductions of the world, ending his banquet with death on a platter. 
In contrast, the King of Heaven prepared a table for the multitude in the middle of the wilderness.
 He taught righteousness and the Kingdom of Heaven.
 He fed them with the Blessed Bread of Life.  

In both stories, the words indicate a kind of military authority.
 Among the guests at King Herod’s banquet were the commanders of his military.
The Heavenly King commanded that His subjects rest in companies and ranks of 50’s and 100’s: Grace abounded!
The Earthly King brought forth corruption and wickedness for his guests! 
The Heavenly King offered His own Broken body for the Life of His subjects. 
The earthly King offered the head of the Righteous for the depravity of this subjects. — He murdered the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven up to that time, for the entertainment of his guests; The very herald and cousin of the Heavenly King! 
The earthly king sinned against his brother and killed the relative of the Heavenly King for the entertainment of his corrupted guests.

In both stories a child was central…
The young daughter of the earthly kings’ wife requested the head of the righteous prophet on a platter. 
A young boy offered the Heavenly King bread and fishes to feed the multitude. Jesus said, you must become as a child to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven and Let the little children come unto Me, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven!
One child was offered any request and asked for death.  The other child offered what he had, and the offering was blessed by the hands of the Heavenly King for the nourishment of a multitude.  

There is so much to be gleaned from the study of these two stories!  It is so amazing to see how the Holy Father weaves these events together for our learning!  We see Grace and Mercy contrasted so sharply against the spirit of the world!  For those who will have eyes to see, ears to hear and desire a heart to understand what the Spirit is speaking, there is abundant food for life!!  

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