The Way, The Truth and The Life

The Way, The Truth and The Life

Holy Father, there is a repetition of vision-dreams that kept going through my mind all night. There was a graduated insight into what I was seeing over and over. I came to this understanding of the repetitive and deepening vision…

“There was a place that I had been lied to about.  I had been told and taught and led to believe that there was emptiness there… that things would not grow there, and that place was located on my right.  The place seemed to be high towards the mountains and sparsely traveled.  I kept going there and I was constantly amazed that there was so much goodness there and I would eagerly go back and testify again and again, to all who would listen, that it was not as they had said! “This was a good place, and there was nothing to be afraid of!  It was wonderful and everything that was said about it was exactly the opposite!” People shut they ears against what I tried to tell them, what I tried to get them to understand. They rejected not just the truth of what I was trying to bring to them, but they also rejected me. Again and again I would try… Desperately trying to convey this reality that I was so convinced that, if they could just be TOLD... they would understand and want it for themselves!   I eventually went there, and just did not go back anymore to try to convince people of the truth; Because they would not listen, and did not want to hear! I simply stayed in this wonderful place without leaving again.

Father, I know what You are showing me in this!  There are so many things that have been covered up in lies that the Truth has been lost for so long!  The lie that the “truth” is a scary place that we should not go to… 

Now, Holy Spirit broke in and began to speak to my spirit…

… It is “dark” with unknowns;
For it has been lost to the common knowledge and
understanding of men for generations. 
That which is false has been installed by the traditions of man as the “truth” and it has made the uncovering of the Truth to be a rarity that is rewarded with the cries of “heresy!”
truth is surrounded by guards that allow none to enter
under threat of blasphemy.

It is The spirit of the world that keeps men closely watched
and guarded from the path and the ways of the Truth. 
The fragments of Truth that are allowed to placate the masses are indeed so fragmented and distorted from their original form,

that they are almost unrecognizable in the Light. 
Yet, there is enough to lead some into the dark overgrown paths

to the hidden Truths. 
Those who find that real Truth,

will see that there is nothing that is proclaimed about it
that rings true.

It is Truth to itself, and brings discomfort to those who clap their hands over their ears that they may not be offended by it.
Many of My children have come to this Truth,

and the kingdom of the spirit of the world will not tolerate it. 
My servants have been hunted down and silenced

by those who dress themselves in the garments of pride
and proclaim they alone are the heralds of what is My Truth!
 Yet, they are purveyors of the lies of the enemy,
 and the enemy themselves, of the Truth they claim to defend. 

They are defending the same lies of the enemy that have led astray,
 and into war since the beginning.

My Son brought forth Truth.
Many are those who still proclaim their allegiance to My Son,
 and yet cling to the ways of the world. 
They still desire My Son to be a conqueror

in the ways of this fallen kingdom ,
and not the King of His own Realm!
 He is far greater and more powerful

than any weapon of warfare they could imagine,
and His Power comes from His Love!

The way of the world is war and violence and force. 
The Way of Life is Peace and Love. 
The kingdoms of this realm will not accept this;
 Indeed, the truth of it is guarded by the enemies of the Truth!

Only those that carry the “weapon” of Love
in their hearts can follow the path that leads to the Truth. 

To bring this wondrous discovery back to the world of violence and force
 is to uncover the rulers of men,

who keep their place by the laws of the fallen;
And it will not be tolerated. 
 But still, I will show the Way to My Devoted ones.
The Truth is not about setting dates:
 It is about the Kingdom of the LORD God to which all of this world,
both of the spirit and of the flesh shall be judged.
 All will be judged according to the Truth that they had.
Those who had no Truth or access to it will be judged accordingly.
Those who blocked the Truth will be judged according to the fruits of their actions and deeds.
Those that found the Truth and then turned away

shall be judged the harshest. 
They desired the false and not the Truth;

 And many who would have accepted the Truth
were left in darkness on their account.

Jesus, Yeshua, is the Way, the Truth and the Light! 
No man may come unto the Father, but by Him.
Who can come, but by a “Way?”
 And who can see that Way but for the Light?
 And what they would enter into is indeed the Truth!  

The Truth is the WORD of GOD!
…For I Am not a Man that I should lie.
Every Word that falls from My lips is Truth and it shall manifest:
… Thus My Son was the ultimate manifestation of My Words!
My Word is Council, and Peace, and healing,

and Love and Faithfulness!
 All that I AM is in My Word!
Jesus is My Word, made Flesh!!
 Listen to Him!
Listen to My Word!

Journaled on August 3, 2010 The Year of our Lord.

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