The Kingdom of God is Advancing!

The Kingdom of God is Advancing!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Kingdom of God is Advancing… 

Father there are earthquakes in diverse places…drought and famine, flooding and strange heat waves… devastating fires that destroy thousands of acres of forest… Father, I know that it is the greed and the corruption of men ON THIS EARTH THAT ARE BEHIND MUCH OF THE EVIL WE SEE OCCURRING… They are aided by “The Powers that Be” in the Heavens, the Dark Powers and Spiritual forces in high places!  I know these men are just pawns to be used and thrown away.  The destruction they are bringing forth is astounding!

YOU showed John Your Beloved Apostle on the island of Patmos, two centuries ago, what would indeed happen. 

It is the quest of men to make themselves gods!  They do not need the money.  For at that point it is worthless!  What is gold but a metal for making objects?  What is a dollar but a representation of a debt?  It is worthless.  After you have all the food, all the material things you would want… there is nothing left but control and the lust for more and more.  They have perverted their identity as a man in the Image of God, into a god after their own image!  They now seek to control all the elements of the Earth and its people; saying to this one, “You shall live, and be indebted to me for your life!”  And to others, “You are not worth living, be gone from the earth!” 

This is an evil that the Earth has never known.  There is no restraint of the evil in these people!  They make their own laws and covenants with evil, while attempting to stamp out true Faith in the One and Only God from the memory of man from the earth!  They insist that THEY are the only gods of the earth… They, as the hosts and pawns of the Powerful Evil Dark forces, are ferocious in their hatred for all manner of Worship to You and Faith and reliance towards You.  They want to punish men and women of Faith and annihilate them from the face of the planet.

 For it is Your Spirit, the Spirit of Love that is their only enemy! 
Love is far more powerful than Fear and their terror! 
Thus, they desire to wipe out Love from the population of man on the earth, so that they would have total control…Total power! 
Your Servants will be hunted as animals. 
It is astounding how this all happened…
The play of the forces of evil thru history…
You foreknew and spoke and warned of it. 

There is no cure except to escape into Your Kingdom of Love and be surrounded by You!  To come into the Holy Mountain to Hide in the Rock!  Oh my Lord… that is where I am running to!  You take hold of each of Your Children to usher them into the safety of Your Presence. 
Then, the Earth shall be left to those that are deranged and deceived enough to believe that they are reigning… but they are only settling their own doom!

The Victorious ones are the ones that are leaving! 
We shall return Victorious with the Captain of the Hosts of Heaven before us! 
We shall return behind our King; The King above all Kings of all Ages and Worlds! 
Just as David was forced from Jerusalem for a time by his wicked son, but returned victoriously, so again shall the Heirs of the Kingdom on Earth return with our King before us! 
Oh, Wondrous Lord, King and Master!  
We shall again pass over the Jordan into Victory! 
As we left in sorrow, leaving behind the Kingdom in the hands of the polluters… again we shall soon return and take back the City and the Kingdom, rid entirely of its evil! 

The Kingdom of God is advancing and the Violent take it with force! —Matthew 11:12

Absalom was a murderer, a smooth talker, very beautiful and deceitful; Filled with hate in his heart, caused by the rejection he felt from his Father David. Absalom never repented of the murder of his brother, and therefore could not enter into the Courts of David: the King of Israel!  David could not look upon the unabashed sin in his son, unrepentant and prideful!  Yet, his heart always loved him.  He never stopped loving him! 

He so much like Satan… for we know he was the most beautiful of the angels… perfect in beauty and wisdom, and when iniquity was founding him, he was cast down and then sought only to supplant the throne of God and destroy His creations; But his most intense hatred is for Man… created in the image and likeness of God! He has been seeking to steal the worship that belongs only to God, from the beginning, and he even boldly requested worship from the Son of God! We know that Satan comes but to steal, kill and destroy! He is a killer and a lier and thief! — And so we see this beautiful son of David, Absalom, is more like Satan; And in all ways unlike the Promised Son of David; Jesus, who is the Prince of Peace!

They call David a “Terrible Father to Absalom”… yet that is not surprising since they also say that “You are not a good Father since You allow all this evil to occur on the Earth!”  You have given us Your laws; You have declared Your love and pleaded with Your children to repent and return to You!  You have promised us Peace, if we would do what You told us would give us Peace!  And for those who have listened and obeyed, they have known Your blessing. 

Those who obeyed have been singled out as “Strange on the Earth.”  For people want the easy way!  The way of lax laws, and no judgments offered by Absalom!  They reject the laws of the Universe; Immovable, and yet totally filled by the Righteous blood of Your own Son… fulfilling every Righteous requirement that we could not, by our own merits.
 And this Righteousness, You offer freely to all who will but believe that You are Good, and take it from Your outstretched hand. 

Yet we slap it away… spilling the Live Giving Blood and Covering onto the suffering Earth!  We turn away and determine to win by force that which has been offered by Grace!  We seek to scale the walls and conquer Your Holy City to inhabit it!  Yet, the Gates are open to all who will simply walk in Peace, covered in robes more beautiful and Holy than human eyes can even comprehend: For we have not seen them. 

Just as when the Holy City was taken by Absalom and the wicked came with him, the Righteous and the followers of King David waited outside the city until the elders and the Priests ushered David back in with great Victory and dancing and singing and joy; So It shall be again! ( 2 Samuel 13-18)

Oh Father, You are so wonderful!  Your Wisdom and Understanding are incomprehensible!  History repeats over and over!  Solomon said “There is nothing new under the Sun! Everything that has been, will be again; and all that is, has already been!” 

Eden and the Kingdom of Your Beloved Son shall again reign on Earth!  You shall enter the City triumphantly!  There shall be singing and feasting, and gnashing of teeth when the wicked and deceived find that they are not fit for the City!  When their hearts are judged, and they are found to be traitors to the true King, they shall be sent to the Kingdom that they chose to abide in their hearts!  You are Just, and You are Righteous.  To each according to his works and his heart’s desire!  None who desire Peace and Righteousness, can find it in rebellion against the Prince of Peace and the Son of Righteousness! 

The heart is the Judge of the man!  The heart leads a man on the paths of righteousness or the paths of destruction.  The man allows his heart to be open to Truth, or closes it to his destruction by pride! 

Pride comes before the fall of man from the Earth!  For man shall not forever inhabit the Earth; for the Righteous shall be transformed into the likeness of Christ, their King and they shall be a New Creation!  They shall no longer be of Dust, but of incorruptible Nature as the First Born, Christ, Who has brought forth many brothers, and His Holy Bride! 
Those that remain upon the earth shall no longer be of the Earth that was cursed, but of Heaven; Born of the Seed of God Himself as a Child in the Family of Elohim! 

That is why we are called a New Creation!
 For it is only by the Seed of Heaven into the heart of man, that this Creation can become.  The “Sons and Daughters of God” can be born in no other manner than by the Righteous Seed into the hearts of men of clay! 
 The Old Creation must pass away, for it is corruptible. 
The New, and Un-corruptible shall take its place!
 And those that are not of this new Creation shall go back to the cursed ground from which they were raised to life.  They shall have no part in Eternal Life! For Eternal Life is only for those that are of the New Creation, born of the Spirit of the Living and Eternal I Am! 

Man is given his life-time to decide which nature he shall have, and what he shall become! Will he receive the Faith of his Holy God into his heart and believe on His Promises, or will he listen to the enemy that echoes only the evil that was born in him to rule and reign by his own deceit and brute force? 

The Kingdom of God is advancing and the violent take it by force! 
That is not the way! 
That is what the evil ones attempt to do…
To take the City of Holiness by brute force!
 Yet the way is by Peace and Love! 
The Violent shall have no part in this Holy City!  

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