Meat Market Religion

Meat Market Religion

Again today I am brought back to a vision and a Word the Lord gave me years ago. Things shown and spoken then, are now coming into focus today

On Thursday, September 11th, 2011, I awakened from a vivid dream.
I am with someone in a small, very crowded meat shop.  The shop is crammed with people jostling to get to the front of the line, eager to buy the fare that is being offered by the proprietor behind the meat counter.  Many of the people are holding advertisements from the Costco Warehouse store that promoted the same items, and that is the price they would get if they brought the add in.  Shrimp seemed to be a big ticket item.  I could barely see the shrimp they were so small… Even though I was no where near the front of the line, I could “see” the shrimp; still alive, and the smallest I have ever seen.  I already knew I did not want any of them.  
The people around me were animated and excited, talking among themselves about what they were going to get… I added a comment once or twice, and I was met with only blank expressions in return.  I was standing beside a couple of women older than I was, who were excited to fill up on the chicken wings; they loved them.  Before I got to the counter, I learned that many of the items were already pre-packaged and among the pre-packaged items were the chicken wings and the shrimp.  
Suddenly it seemed to me all the crowds had died down, and I was at the front of the line with no particular interest in purchasing anything, but a person had handed me their raincheck for a discounted price for the chicken wings, and so I asked about them.  It is strange how, the people in the shop and behind the counter responded to me.  It was so quiet now and there was no real animation or even, it seemed a care to acknowledge my presence. In fact, when I was standing there, the person minding the meat walked away; but that gave me the opportunity to look over the meat to see what I would like. 
There were no posted prices, so I had no idea what anything would even cost.  I could find nothing that looked appealing to me.  Nothing!  Everything was very small… the shrimp for instance were ridiculously tiny, but I had not seen the chicken wings.  I now asked about the wings because the advertisement I was holding promised me chicken wings for $5, and my assumption was that was a good deal.  I thought that with all the excitement about the chicken wings, I could take a bunch home and cook them up for dinner for my husband and me.  I was informed that my “raincheck of chicken for $5,” would buy me 3 tiny, not very appealing little wings. I declined the wings and looked for something else that I could make for dinner.  It was not an issue of me not having the money.  That did not seem to be an issue or thought to me, it was What I was buying that was the issue.  I wanted good quality, and that did not seem to be something to be had here.  
After more looking on my part, and palatable irritation on the part of the salesperson, I finally saw a very nice looking thick red roast in the display counter.  It looked very nice with a thick band of fat surrounding and running through it.  I realized it would be expensive, but I would roast it up and it would be a treat.  I also acknowledged to myself, that I could make the elk roast I already had at home; It is a very clean meat..and this was beef, so not as clean as what I already had…but it looked good enough to give it a try.  No sooner had I opened my mouth to request some of the beef; than I was handed a very small package and $54.35 was demanded of me in return.  I was shocked at the price, even for that large roast, but what was THIS that I was given?  
I walked over to a place I could open it and look at it, and it was a small, sad, chunk of smelly meat… maybe it was roast… The meat was NOT what I had looked at.  It was NOT what I would ever buy!  This was about a 5 x 3 x 2 inch strip of meat that was slightly warm, and looked partially grey freezer-burned and a greenish tint??  I did NOT want this!  The thought that ran through my mind was that my husband would NOT be happy with me having paid over $54 for this!  It was not fit to eat!  Somehow, the meat had already been paid for by that time.  I did not have a choice.  

I awoke from my vision and prayed for understanding about what this was about! What did this mean?

My Lord revealed to me that this was a Famine! When there is “famine” in the land, the people will eat anything they can find and they will pay anything they have to get it! The jostling crowd of people fighting to pay shocking prices for rotten meat was very bewildering to me. I did not realize that this was all they had to choose from! I had clean good food at home and therefore I would not have touched this food. To them, this was all they had, and they were desperate to get it!
Now the Lord revealed the deeper meaning to this…

Famine.  The meat shop is the organized business of  “The Church.”  They only have spoiled food; no choice meats.  The good cut was only there for display…the way the Cross is displayed on the outside of the building, yet once inside, you are sold a bill of goods that you never signed up for.  Just as I never PAID for the meat that was not my choice, for it was simply deducted directly from me… so also the organized “Church” fleeces its own sheep in exchange for the drivel and old lukewarm, dangerous and corrupted “spiritual food” they serve up. 

 Matthew 5:13:You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men.
When the Salt (Church) loses its saltiness it is no longer good for anything but to be trampled underfoot.  The Church has lost its POWER.  That which made the church “the Church” has been tossed out!  We have lost our “power,” our “saltiness” because they have thrown confession, repentance, obedience, the Blood of forgiveness, the Cross and the Holy Spirit out of the Church!  Had the meat been salted, it would have been preserved; but instead it was rotten and spoiled for lack of salt! 
Now, Heavenly Father spoke by His Spirit…

“They think that they can “save” by Doctrines of Man—For they are no longer the Doctrines of God! 
It is no longer the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but the doctrines of demons.
For the work of the enemy is to disarm the Church.
The work of decay is to un-do the preservative influence of the salt.

The World flooded into the Church, and the Church believed that they were being accepted by the world.

They believed that they were influencing the world for Christ!
Indeed: They were the ones that were deceived!
Had they realized the deception, they would never have allowed the world in! 
When they saw the world embracing “The Church” they should have been alert to an attack by the Adversary. 

Indeed, the Adversary came into the Church,
And then from the inside, began to dismantle the Church to make it more appealing to the world. 

The deceived: the Church, the “body and Bride of Christ” over time, continued in the deception of thinking that they were “Breaking through” when their coffers were filling along with their pews. 
Again and again, they tried to acquiesce to the requests of the “New Christians” and to Make them feel at home! 

In doing so, they made the babies their rulers! 
They opened the doors wide to the flood of the world. 
—Did I not say that “The enemy comes in like a flood?” 
In the midst of a flood, you do not allow the doors to be opened wide! 
For how can the Church look like the world, unless the Church had bowed to the world?
They have only retained, “A form of godliness” but they have removed the “offense” of the Cross:

The Blood and the Power of the Holy Spirit. 
Soon, the world will have dismantled the Church of all her power; 
For they have been working from within her for a long time now.

She has lost her salt.  She has sold her power for popularity to the world. 

Indeed, Jesus said, “The world will hate you because of Me!” 
So what did they do?  They got rid of Me!  
They will not speak of My sacrifice, they will not wear My Robe!
They have blasphemed My Holy Spirit by replacing it with the spirit of the world,
the Whore of Babylon and her seductive arts:

Meditation and yoga, and all the philosophies of man have been invited into the Church!
Indeed there are now pulpits that used to proclaim My Name and My truth,

that have been turned over to the ministers of another “Gospel!” 
They have given over MY Flocks to the Enemy! They are now raising up herds of goats! 
The Sheep who know My voice, who follow after Me are persecuted by the Church!
 —For the enemy operates within the power of the Whore Church.
She has gained her “legitimacy” by coming into the church,
 taking My Name, and throwing off all that I would have clothed her with,
 and fed her with!
Indeed it is like the woman who approaches the one man and asks to take his name only;
yet they will provide for themselves! They only wanted the Name.
Eventually, after enough time, the man is cast out of his home,

and the illegitimate children of the women are in control of His estate.
His true heirs are cast out and persecuted by the children of the Whore. 
This is the state of the Church.
She has been stripped and gutted of her strength.

There are many lambs within the Church, and they are being fed a steady diet of the world.
Yet, they are Mine! 
(Yet), The Salt will indeed regain her saltiness!  —For My Bride has never left Me! 
She has left the Babylon system, and she will arise through the fires of tribulation,
when she realizes her nakedness, and her protection, her strength which is My Spirit, has left her

—For she had been coaxed into surrendering her Robe of Righteousness,
and the Power of My Holy Spirit.
And she will come to Me!
And I will clothe her in raiment of the finest of linens.
—And the Robe of the most scarlet Blood of Righteousness, interwoven with the jewels of Gifts;

Arrayed more beautifully than any false “Bishop” ever sought to clothe himself with!
Indeed, even Solomon in all his glory cannot compare with how I would adorn My Bride.  

I will salt her!   I will return her power with fire!
And she shall arise from her slumber and do mighty deeds in My Holy Name! 
She will never look back!  She will never falter in her resolve!
 Indeed she will cleave to Me in all purity as she arises to do My bidding.

The Whore system will be thrown out by the Beast when her usefulness is expired.
And he will have no use for her deception any longer.
 For he will be revealed for all that he is,
and it will be clear to all what has been hiding behind her skirts!”

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  1. Oh My God. This is what exactly happening in Africa. We should wake up church. Thank you Mom for this Blog post. Let’s repent and regain our Saltiness. His Grace is sufficient.

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