Wisdom Speaks: What is True Treasure

Wisdom Speaks: What is True Treasure

I found this Word today that the Lord gave me Wednesday, August 24, 2011.
I woke up from a dream that was far too powerful and beautiful for me to even match with words. I tried but failed in describing the dream and finally realizing that the dream was the call to come to Him and ask for Wisdom, Wisdom spoke to my heart as I was also able to recount a very small part of what I had been shown.

In the dream, I was the spectator as someone was trying to add to what they had already been given.  I cannot name what it was that was added, and I can no longer name what it was he had; but I remember looking at it and seeing that it was “Good.”  It  is not something that can be actually seen or touched or held in a hand.  Yet in the dream I could see it and understood it’s value.  He searched for it.  And I realized that in comparison to what had been offered all the things of this earth are worthless! What is offered by the Lord is beyond value, and the puny attempts to “add” to what He offers only highlighted their own worthlessness! They will not provide any of the real things that are found in Christ; they are cheap and deceptive substitutes for reliance upon the Lord.  The things of the earth are for those who desire to seek  after themselves; for those that do not want to bow the knee to the One true God of All who made them.  

And Holy Spirit spoke to mine…

Gold is for those who do not rely on the provisions given freely; To be fed and clothed.
Gold, the very symbol of My glory, is used to replace My provision.
They have corrupted My image, by using gold to buy armies to defend nations;
 When I Am the covering over the Nations that lift up and know My Name!
There is not enough gold in this world to thwart Me and My plans of judgement for a nation; Raising their fists in defiance to Me, and scarring the earth in search for more treasure that cannot and will not save them! 

They run, terrified to their war machines… Yet they do not fear Me!
I, and only I have the power to save or to destroy!
I have the power to preserve or take their next breath; Yet they seek after worthless things to prolong their lives!
What is more glorious?— The ancient forests with crystal waterfalls, overflowing with all the trees of the field for food and rest, or a house of wood or brick, or even stone; filled with the idols they slave all the day in their boxes for?
Where can you find rest if not in My presence?
Where can peace be found if not under My protective and loving wing?
Where on this earth can you go to hide from the enemy of your soul;
Who seeks only to murder you?
Where is a system of government that is not ruled by corrupted men who seek to enslave “their people,” who I made to love, and serve Me? 

Do they love them as I do?  Will they care for them as I do?
Will a single man lay down his blood on the altar to save the ones who do not know his name?

—Will a single one give them bread that will fill them with Life?
Will a single man give up all his fortune and all his glory and all his substance in order to set free those that are enslaved?
Is there a single man who can add one day, one moment or hour to the day?
Can anyone, anyone add a second to their own life that belongs to Me,
once I have called the life from the body? 
Can your medicine prolong the life of an infant that I have taken to be with Me,
to save from the horrors of the life that awaits her? Who is it that loves her? 
Is it the Doctors?  Is it those who make slaves of the populations with their drugs? 
Do the Bankers care about the poor and the fatherless when they loan money at interest,
in order for the poor to eat and to sleep in a shelter?

When they are collecting their fees,
do they remember the name of one person they cared for that day?
—Do they watch over the lost and the helpless that are wandering alone…
Looking for someone to care? Can they give a reason to live to the youth that seeks to end his enslavement to the tortures of the world that overwhelm his heart?
 Where will that poor soul go?
Is his heart crying out for salvation and rescue from Bankers and Drug companies?
Will the price of oil drop and make him reconsider the noose that is around his neck?  Will the rise in the stock market satisfy the longing to be loved, by the mother of three children, who is on the street, looking for a place to sleep in safety? 
Will she find rest in the drop of the price of gold? 
Will she find happiness if she won the lottery?  Will she finally be loved?

Will those who show up at the doors of her big home with their hands out, be there because they realized that they cared about her and loved her? 
Will they stay and help her, or will they take what they can wheedle out of her with empty words that she is longing to hear, then disappear without answering her calls?
Will her long lost Father appear in her life again after the money he gained is spent,
and all of hers is now wasted on that which is worthless,;
And showed her only the emptiness that money can bring?

The money only revealed the true condition of her empty and scarred soul…
At least when she was on the streets, people did not pretend to care about her.
Now she knows that they know her, and still do not love her any more than they did when they had forgotten all about her. She now has the added pain of being used—Playing the fool with her money in exchange for their love:

She, paying them, begging them to love her…
Yet, here I Am!  I already know her and love her!  My arms are empty just for her!
I shall feed and cloth and heal and love her as no other ever could.
I will lay down My Life to save her from the despair of her slavery to this world.
Who will tell her of My Love? Who will go to the gangs and tell them that I want them?
Who will tell them that I know all their feelings of abandonment?
I will be their Father, and Father them! 

I will take away all their fears…They do not need to carry weapons for their defense;
For I Am their Defender, I Am their protection, and I will watch over them as they leave the world of darkness and violence, into the light of My Love:

A world of peace in the midst of darkness and corruption.
But they do not need to fear… for their life is precious to Me and I shall guard it!
None may touch that which I have covered! I have given a purpose to everything under the heavens; A reason for being, for all under the sun! 

Behold, every star serves Me! Every galaxy is placed exactly where I have determined in My own Wisdom where it should be today!
It is where I determined in My Wisdom a thousand years ago, and a thousand years from now! 
I know every feather in every nest… I know where it came from.
I know every creature in the forest; even in the ground—
And Behold!  All serve Me and Me alone!
The ants are not subject to the greatest kings of the world, but they serve Me, just as the greatest creatures in the sea serve Me; And the greatest celestial beings, which I created are My servants!
I know all that belongs to Me: and all belong to Me! 
—The enemy of My Kingdom is also a servant; for what else could he, or anything else ever be?  I have a plan and purpose for every word I speak, every act of mercy…
Every living thing serves a purpose! 

It is great grievance that so many in the world do not understand that they have a value beyond what they can spend or is in their treasury! They do not realize that I created them for a purpose; And in  every case, I would call them “Child” if they would turn to Me as a Father!
I will be a Father to all who will humble themselves under My wing,
who will turn from their own ways, and leave the path of destruction: The path that not only destroys their own soul, but also destroys the beauty of the world they live in.
All hate destroys!  All Love rebuilds and restores!
And Behold! The power in Love is far greater than the power of hate!—
Even though it may seem to most that the opposite is true.
They can see the power of destruction and darkness, but little do they realize that it is the power of Love that is holding the world back from annihilation: Even at this very moment! 
As the darkness grows stronger, it feeds on and also produces more darkness and corruption. The corruption spreads like a disease on the flesh over the air, the waters, the hearts of man; And even nature is affected, groaning under the bondage of man’s sin.
 But notice how the darkness is creeping: like the creeping things of the earth:
It is a gradual decay and does not consume in a day.

 Love, however, delivers in an instant!  Forgiveness happens in an instant!
The chains which grew in weight and abundance are snapped at the instant of repentance! Light breaks through the darkness of the repentant heart, and love pours in!  Joy fills the heart of the Sinner-set-free, And in a moment, he is a Son!
In an instant, he is reborn into My Kingdom,
 and he is no longer of the kingdom of darkness!
My Light does not gradually dawn: It suddenly, as lightening in the dark sky,
breaks the hold of the enemy of his soul! I take back what is Mine! 
Now the Child of Light is never to be the same! 
Pity the poor creature that finds himself gradually made a slave again
by the deceptions of the enemy! 

Behold!!  I offer Wisdom whereby all My Children may learn the ways of Life, and thereby detect the deceptions and false words and signs of the enemy.
I seek to make free!  The enemy only wants slaves for destruction;
Slaves headed for doom: Slaves for torture! My heart truly grieves for every lost child
My heart knows the beating of every frightened heart…
Eyes seeking wildly, for a place of rest! I offer green pastures, cool air, warm sun, refreshing Living waters, A strong Tower, a Loving Father’s arms, robes of righteousness:
And Eternal Life!”

 I marvel at how the Lord will bring before me a Word He gave me long before, and until the day He brings me back to it, I do not fully appreciate it! I look around today, Mid March of 2021 and I see so many who are lost and confused. Truth is being censored and chased from the public forum. Churches are buckling under the pressure to conform to the dictates of those who are controlling the narrative of the spirit of the world. The pure Word of Gospel, the Truth of the Love and Sacrifice of our Heavenly Father for us is being lost under the heavy veneer of entertainment and doctrines of man rather than the precepts of God. The Truth is this, GOD loved you and me so much and so completely that HE gave the Life of His one and only Son to purchase us back from death, and to rescue and bring us into His House as His precious sons and daughters! (John 3:16) All, and anyone, no matter who you are and what you might have done, are invited to exchange the dust and ashes of your life… your failures, disappointments, fears… all your troubles and trust on His Son, Jesus. You are not being promised money and the treasures of this world in exchange. You are offered true everlasting LIFE and the priceless treasure that comes from His Kingdom. You will become a new creation. All that is in your past will pass away as you enter into the new…

Believe in Him. Believe on Him and enter into that which cannot be bought, added to, subtracted from… that is far beyond what we could imagine…. As 1 Corinthians 2:6-10 speaks, “ But we do speak wisdom among those who are full-grown, yet not of this age nor of the rulers of this age, who are being brought to nought; But, we speak God’s wisdom in a mystery, the wisdom which has been hidden, which God predestined before the ages for our glory, Which none of the rulers of this age have known; for if they had known, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory; But as it is written, “things which eye has not seen and ear has not heard and which have not come up in man’s heart; things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” but to us God has revealed them through the Spirit, for the spirit searches all things, even the depths of God.”

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