The Lord led me to this Word from October 23, 2021:

I had been dreaming of battles and conflicts… I questioned the Lord about what I was seeing and feeling…This is His Word to me…

“Now is the time! 
Now is the time to gather together with the armies of heaven and wait upon the Captain of the host of heaven.  They are assembling together for the battle;
 And the battle belongs to the Lord.  He will win the victory.
 This will not be a single battle but it will continue to rage throughout the earth.
It will involve every people tribe and tongue. In this way there is a choice presented before all people… There is the opportunity to join in the body of the Bride of Christ now or to stay in unbelief or indecision. 

This is a time of harvest!
 Seeds have been planted and they are now coming to maturity,
 and the fruit is in the fields.  It is time to bring in the harvest!
The time of harvest is short and the workers are few;
Because so many do not understand the season you are in. 

Many are still trying to plant, but the Reaper shall in this time overtake the sower!  Behold no sooner shall you plant but in this time things shall come to maturity very quickly… both for good and for evil.  Do not allow your heart to become faint.
 As I have told you, remember and be diligent to keep close. 
The lambs are wise to stay close to the Shepherd! 
Yes. I will charge after the enemy, and I will take you from the jaws of the enemy
and will destroy the enemy for the your sake! 
I Am not afraid of the posturing and threats of the enemy! 
He knows he has no power and no authority over Me. 
Remember that he is far, far more afraid of the Name than you should ever be of him..

Yet, without Me, you cannot stand before him; for he would destroy you with his lies and deceptions and his fear and threats. 
Again I say, “Keep focused on Me and close to Me!
I will give the command, and we shall all take the field together! —
It shall be a glorious and victorious battle of faith and victory. 

He has no power before you. Remember that.
Why should you allow yourself to be afraid of what a man could do?
He cannot take you out of My hand. 
DO not bow to the enemy.
Remember to whom you belong. You are Mine. 
You are Mine, and I Am a jealous God and I Am a devoted Bridegroom to My Beloved and much treasured Bride.
I shall not allow the enemy to have you or to make you afraid. 

Turn your fear over to Me and I will handle the enemy. 
Trust in Me, My love. —I will shut the mouths of lions on your behalf.
I will make a way for you to go forth!
 I will lift you up on the wings of eagles!
I have been training them all this time.
When you need them, they shall prove to be strong
and capable of carrying you away to safety. 
Fear not My much Beloved.  Fear not!
I see all things and I see and I hear the threats of the enemy. 
He will indeed catch many his web, but there shall remain unto Me a great and powerful remnant;

And it is through this remnant that we shall trample all the plans and plots of the enemy. 
These are glorious days. 
Buckle up and keep your eyes fixed on Me!” 


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