Like A Child

Like A Child

In a dream I was at my son-in-laws parents house in Phoenix. I stepped outside into the backyard, and my son-in-law, Marc, soon followed holding the hand of his young son, Noah.  In the back yard I saw their beautiful green oasis yard, but the retaining fence was gone, giving open access to the desert on the other side of the wall. Marc now led Noah beyond the safe, green manicured backyard, out into the untamed dessert, where I saw a small sandy knoll with much loose rock and cacti and scrub bush. Now, I saw that Marc had quickly climbed to the top of the knoll and encouraged Noah, his son, to come to him.   It was not much more than a very small hill, but to two year old Noah, it was an accomplishment to climb up and get back down.  I remember that Marc and I both saw it as a great accomplishment! Now after overcoming this challenge, Noah desired to go on a more challenging one.  

To the right I saw a covered entrance to and from the greater heights of the much higher hills.  People were coming down under the protection of a tall, strong and graceful multi-arched bridge that looked like it was of white cement, but I knew it was stone.  It was long and narrow and the people looked like shadows obscured by the bridge.  It was dusk.  This bridge/conduit was to my right.  I knew these people had a secret path to the top of a mountain that I could not see in my dream.  I acknowledged this to myself in the dream.  

Holy Father, please explain this dream; What is it about and  what is Marc teaching Noah? 

He is teaching his son to trust him.
—To follow after him; to go where he is leading his son to go. 
Noah, is two; and with the trust of a child, he does not see the things you see with the eyes and understanding of an adult. 
You see the cacti, you see the scrub brush, the slippery sandy footholds. 
Noah only sees his Daddy, and that his Daddy is waiting for him to come. 
What lies between them, under his feet, in Noah’s estimation is not anything he should be worried about: His Daddy is calling him. 
He will go to His Daddy. 

In the distance there are those who are moving in and out of the hidden place. 
They come and go as their Father directs their paths also. 

First, you must learn to walk as Noah does,
and then you will do the mighty works as you come and go
under the covering of the Secret place. 

Would Marc call his son to walk through a nest of snakes?  No! 
Would he ask him to climb a hill that is too much for him?  No.
He knows what is a challenge for a son his age, and what he can do. 
He encourages his son to conquer the knoll. 

I encourage you to conquer all that I have called you to overcome,
as you look only to Me, as Noah looks only to his Daddy, hearing only his name,
thinking only of coming into the waiting arms of his Daddy. 
He does not even consider the challenge.  He just tries, until he does. 
The next challenge is a little more, and then a little more. 
These are tests of faith in his trust for his Daddy,
more than it is a test of Noah’s ability to climb a knoll. 
It is about the faith in his Daddy who calls to him.”  

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  1. This is an interesting blog to teach us of focusing on the call no matter how many challenges we face. The caller is always waiting for us. Thank you Mom for this post.

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