In a vision, I “saw” a beautiful sunrise… only I realized it was a “SON-Rise” and as I “looked” at the horizon I “saw” first the brilliant white gold of the radiance of the sun /Son about to rise up into view.  I only saw the emergence of the glory or the rays that testified of the coming of the Source of the Light over the horizon.  

Then I “saw” the brilliant white light… So bright I should not have been able to look upon it, but in my mind’s eye I could gaze upon it as it rose over the land.  As the white brilliance arose higher, the white light appeared to spread and envelope all the land to the East in what looked like the same brilliant light-like “arms” encircling the land before it.  I pictured the SON from the waist up, arms outstretched and embracing the land… The glory of the “head” was now much higher in the sky, and the sight filled the eastern sky with its radiance, and I thought, “This is the rising of the Son!”  

I asked, Holy Father, my Lord and my King to please speak to me about what I “saw” twice… at the beginning of my falling asleep and upon awakening. He spoke to me by His Spirit about what I was shown… 

“I Am calling the children of God the Father to come!
Come unto Me all who are weary and heavy laden with the cares of the world! 
The anxiety of the lies of the world are distressing, and the distress of fear is causing many to lose their hope and their way.
When you lose hope, you lose your way and sink into the vortex of the lies.
 It is Faith that gives strength and courage; But the flesh cannot do this.
The flesh cannot accomplish the battles of the spirit.
It must be surrendered so that the spirit may arise to the rightful position,

as it is joined in right relationship with the Holy Spirit of the living God.
It is by the Spirit of the living God that they are able to rise up on eagles wings;
That they may arise from the bed of slumber to be led according to the Spirit,
 and they will arise by the power of the Spirit of the Lord and do great feats,
as their faith in Him is restored. 

They cannot have faith in their flesh. Like Peter, it will not withstand the trial.

It will falter and run. —For even though the spirit of the man is willing,
it is his flesh that will surrender to the fear and despair.
But when the Spirit of the Lord enters and empowers the spirit of the re-born child of God,

they will awaken from their deep slumber which leads to destruction.
 —For the flesh, and walking by the flesh only leads to destruction.
 So when they awaken and live by the Spirit of the Living Lord,

they will indeed be lifted up as on eagles wings.
They will not be subject to the low things of the earth and what troubles the earth,
 for they are no longer of the earth!
 —They no longer grovel in the dust as the food of the enemy,

but they are lifted up on the wings of the Holy Spirit of the Living God!  

So arise from your slumber and allow that which is of the old and decaying man fall away. 
Like a butterfly awakening from her sleep, she awakens and leaves behind the darkness that entombed her for a season and takes to the air! 
The caterpillar who will not submit to the call to transform will die.
They obey the internal voice that leads them to submit to the process of shedding its earthly body and taking upon itself the resurrected body that is ordained for it.  

IN the same way there must be a death to life metamorphosis,
where the body of fleshly desire is despised and left behind,
 that you may soar into the heavenlies guided by the Spirit of the Holy One
 who calls you to come unto Him!

It takes all this time to do the work of crucifying the flesh…
Do not come out before your appointed time,
 for you will then be compromised in your maturity. 

I have taken the lowly worms of the earth and have shown that which is despised and rejected is indeed the beauty of mans desiring! 
As He hung upon the cross was He not despised and rejected?
Did He not take upon Himself the position of the lowly tola worm as He exchanged His glory for shame,

for the sake of the joy and glory set before Him? 
For the joy of His Bride, His inheritance,

He despised the shame of the cross in order to arise from the shell of humanity in which He died,
and be clothed forever in the incorruptible flesh that lives forever;
And to be the first fruit of those who will follow after Him.
Meaning, they go where He has led, to become His very brothers and sisters,

His inheritance and His Bride: created to be like He is! 

No one can transform from one “kind” to another without the dying of the one kind into faith that they will emerge as the other!
It is by the leading of the Holy Spirit that you seek the solitude of intimacy with the Father through the Son.
I say, “Through the Son,” because were it not for the Son, none could possibly enter into My presence.—It is surly a passing from death into life.

 It is the passing through the Jordan to enter into the promised land. 
This promised land can only be entered into by the leading of the Holy Spirit…
 He is the Witness of Jesus Christ to the World! 
Like Joshua led the children into the Holy Land of promise, so also you follow the leading of the Captain of the Host of Heaven;
Who leads the armies of God to destroy and pull down the kingdom of the enemy poised at the entrance to destroy all those who would dare to enter.
Only those who follow their Shepherd, the Lord of Heaven can enter into this sacred place…

Hidden from the eyes of mortal men.
For the walls of Jericho were too tall for the eyes of the children of Israel to behold what lay beyond.
 As the scriptures say, “Eye has not seen nor ear has heard, nor has the heart of man comprehended what I have prepared for them.” 
—It is behind the walls. 

There is a faith required to take up the sword and put on the armor provided to you in order that you may enter into this place of promise. 
There is a set day for the entrance.

There is only One who can lead you there. There are no others!

 It was not Joshua who fought the battle of Jericho…
It was your King who went before you then, and now leads you to every victory. 
You must only trust and believe.
Not in yourself or your ability to fight the enemy, for indeed you cannot!
 You are, to the enemy but a grasshopper to be crushed.
Well, you should fear and respect them and the power they possess to defeat you
 in your flesh. 

But none can stand before the Lord of Creation! None dare resist Him!
— And you must stay behind Him in His shadow, in the shadow of His protection.

For the sword of the Spirit is the Word of God!
 He is the Word made flesh! 

He is made flesh in order that you may see and know and understand what it is that goodness and mercy and Light incarnate is, and that He is your hope!
He is the desire of Man!  For it was the desire of man be like God:
 —And behold; The Man IS as I Am! 
For He is the express image of the Living God, made flesh that you may see and feel and know. 

Behold what sin did to Him! 
Behold the effect of the sin of man-kind upon the Man that I created in My own image and likeness.
My Son was the second Adam as He was indeed Man, as the first man was;
 But as He became sin, who knew no sin, He changed in His appearance,

that man may see the effects of sin upon the Man!
He bore the sin of the world upon Himself so that He could remove it from the world.
Had He not taken it all upon Himself it would have again multiplied like leaven. 

All of it!
 For the sin of those who would come, and for those who would not, had to be placed upon Him.

The crown of thorns was the appropriate crown,

for the thoughts of men had become polluted and corrupted…
The beautiful thoughts of man were like the fragrant lilies or the most beautiful of flowers,

and in corruption they became like the thorns.
 And the body of the beautiful and perfect Lamb became twisted

and no longer resembled what He was before.
For the sin of the world had deformed the Man in the same way

the curse of man deformed the lilies into thorns. 
As the prophet said, He did not indeed resemble a man, the Son of Man any longer.
–For the infirmities and the filth of mind and body had all been placed upon Him,
that He might carry all away with His death.
When He died, their power and reign over Man was removed.”  

I asked, “So why does sin and disease still exist?” 

“Because He is the first and He is the last.
All the sin of all the world was already calculated, and known and placed upon Him…
But it cannot be removed until the end of the earth, when the last rebellion has been put down.

Until that time, sin will remain in the world.
But the power of sin to destroy the world was removed at the cross,
 for that is the beginning of the end of the rule of sin on the earth.

My children are born of the blood that was shed upon the cross: The Tree of Life,
and they were given the power by the blood, to become sons of the Living God.

They are a witness of the power of the blood,
 and the Cross is witness of My love for My children.
All who will come to the Cross and partake of the Bread and the Wine,

shall live forever with Me.

There had to be a distinction made again of the restoration power to those who come to the Tree of Life and eat of its fruit…
My Son is the Tree of Life for all mankind who will come! 

Those who will not, will continue to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of good an evil.
They will be as different from those who partake of Life, as light is from darkness. 
This witness is given to all on the earth;
 For the Son was given to give Light to the earth on the 4th day!”  

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