Our Brother’s Keeper

Our Brother’s Keeper

I woke up today with a burden on my heart.  The headlines are filled with stories and images of a world in distress.  Floods, fires, famines, natural disasters, increasing religious persecutions leading to massive numbers of refugees and orphans needing safe harbor, food, medicine, shelter…the list goes on and on! In our communities there are people on the streets, vulnerable children and animals in need of rescue and protection.  There is suffering all around and most of us feel the tug of our heart strings and wish there was something we could do to help.  The closer the tragedy hits to home, the stronger the plucking at the heart strings, and our own need to help!  

If the need is in our family or community it is easier to help directly but in cases where we are trying to help others across the nation or world, we must find ways to funnel our resources through a trusted third party or “steward.”  We are familiar with many international “Stewards” with names like the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Western Union, March of Dimes, PETA and so on.  We give them our “gifts” and trust them to be good stewards, in order for them to do what they have been organized to do.  We expect the Red Cross to provide medical care, PETA to rescue animals, Western Union to transfer money and so on. They are to be stewards of the resources given to them.  

How would you feel if you gave your money to an organization to distribute to the victims of a terrible disaster, to buy food, provide medical care and shelter, and then you find out that only a tiny fraction of the vast sum you gave, ever made to those in need?  Although you gave ample enough to provide for those you cared about, the stewards you entrusted it to, kept most of if for themselves, paying themselves huge salaries, investing and banking the bulk of your money, and becoming richer and richer while distributing only a fraction of what was intended to help the poor!  And what if they come to you again and again, asking for more, showing again the victims great need, vowing they are there to help, and boasting about how much they have done! Can you imagine the anger you would feel?  

They were the stewards of the gifts that were given for a specific purpose and entrusted into their hands.  But, they thought the best use of the gifts was to enrich themselves!  And they see nothing wrong with it.  Did they not raise the money themselves?  Aren’t they working for the good they say they are?  After all… they have given some to the poor, but they need the rest of the money to make sure they can stay in business.

Is it not the same when blessings from our Heavenly Father are given to His servants on earth?

We call Him our Father!  We say we are His!  We acknowledge all we have is because of Him.  Yet how much do we distribute back to the ones He blessed us to use His gifts for?  If we do not at least give back the tithe… we are stealing from Him!  We are living in His house, drinking His clean water, wearing clothes we bought with His money, while children are starving and have no clean water.  We buy yet more things to pad our comforts, while billions of people have none.  

(then Holy Spirit spoke through my heart)…

“Yet, if you would but trust Me to bless what you have given,
If you would trust Me to keep My word;
If you would trust Me to take care of You as you give what I blessed you (with),
 so that you may give, you will see that you have primed the very pump that comes from
the Fountain of Blessing!
The more you give, the more will be brought up from the well
in order that you may bless even more than you dreamed you could.

It is not you who are blessing!  It is I! 
I am a Father of millions of children who are hungry and thirsty and sick and naked. 
I am a grieving Father who sees the suffering of His children,
 and in order for them to be taken care of, I have blessed a few to be stewards
over the sick and hurting: Their brothers and sisters and My own children. 

Far too many do not realize that is why they have large salaries.
While their bank accounts are compounding interest for their retirement so that they do not have to
depend upon anyone to take care of them in their later years, millions are dying.

They perished without feeling the compassion of their heavenly Father
because His stewards were keeping the treasure for themselves!

I have said, “Do not store up treasure for yourself on this earth!”  Where is your treasure?
Should it be in a safety deposit box at the bank?
Will that gold or silver care for you when the time trial arises and you are still here?  

Release what you have to those that need it.
Give and it will be given back to you!—
Pressed down and shaken together and running over so that you cannot contain it!  

This only works when you obey My Word.  You have My Word on this!
My Word cannot and has not ever failed,
and this is one truth I have said you must test Me on.
See for yourself if I do not open up the vaults of Heaven to bless those who are a blessing
to those I Love!  

I have set you over a small amount, shall I set you as a steward of much?
What is your heart towards what does not belong to you?
When you worked for others, did you ever dream of taking one single penny for yourself?
  Why  then, do so many steal from Me? 

 Do they fear man more than the Judge of all the earth?
Should I not be offended when My servants steal from Me for themselves,
while there is such great need? 

Behold, I set up a system of grace in Israel.
This was to test the hearts of the people and to care for those that were widowed,
poor, orphaned, lame, sick and the outcast.
Had they all paid their tithes, allowed the land to rest, ceased from their labors as I commanded
and given as I have given to them, no one would have died of hunger or famine.  

They would have loved their neighbors as themselves…
They would have loved Me in obeying Me, and there would be no need in their land!
I would have blessed their fields, their vines, their livestock and all their endeavors!
But, they held onto what they were given, showing by their greed
that they did neither loved or trusted Me.  

The systems of this world are built on obtaining what you can, and then obtaining more…
Accumulating more and more… far more than could be ever used,
and then wondering why there is sickness and famine and want!  

If MY people who are called by My Name would humble themselves, confess their sin
and come back to Me, I would heal their land!  

But man is deaf, dumb and blind to the things that bless him.
He is seeped in traditions of man and fear for his life.. thus, he will lose it.  

I have told you what makes for life.
Do not fear for what you will eat and drink and how you will be clothed.
Have I not told you I know you need those things?
If you will give, I will repay you. 
Do not worry about how: I Am how.  

It is My Word against your fear!
 Do not fear for tomorrow for you do not know what the day may bring; 
But work and seek to do the things that I have told you to do while it is still light,
and your works may be recorded to your account in heaven. 

Give what you have here, so you will have treasure in Heaven.”  

–Holy God the Father

Holy Father, I thank You for Your mercy and grace and wisdom!  Help me to become a worthy steward of Your gifts, for the glory of Your Name and Kingdom.  I repent of my own fear of lack.  I repent of the times I could have released so much more!  I want to seek You and Your kingdom first and foremost above all!  I want to show You my love by my obedience to all Your words.  Help me I pray in Jesus’ Name to do all You placed in my heart to do!  Amen!  

Originally written July 7th 2015

Edited for Blog on Thursday April 12, 2018

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