I dreamed that I was given the chance to purchase something of tremendous value to me.  Around me there was great scoffing that it was not worth it, but immediately I handed over one $20 bill after another to purchase this valuable thing which I had not yet seen.  Then there was another meeting.  I did not see the one who I was dealing with and I did not see what I was hoping to purchase.  The whole thing was like a chase; Me in pursuit of the one who held what I wanted.  This time without a thought I surrendered even more treasure! I gave it no thought.  To me, mere money was not valuable.  In the back of my mind I had the conviction that it did not matter!  I acknowledged the resources were mine but did not come from me!  It seems to me that this time it was $1200.  And now, I finally saw what I had been pursuing!  I set out to rescue my child from the one who kidnapped her.  Earlier, I had counted the cost and now I did not. I gave everything I had, with gladness.  All I had, I left behind. 

Now I saw I was the daughter, I was the child and I was the one being rescued, as I surrendered all that I had. 
All I had was of the Father and by holding onto it I was the prisoner.  By trying to count the cost in monetary terms, even realizing that the cost I was paying did not come from me, but from my husband / Father (It seemed to be blended) I still wondered if it was “okay to pay this.”  But, I now gave all of it freely.  I did not care what it cost.  I did not worry about spending all that I could to get my daughter free!  It was worth it to me.   And in the end it was me who was the daughter, I was the captive without knowing it.  I was the one that was sought after.  When it no longer mattered what the cost was, it mattered not to me; for none of it belonged to me.  It was so far removed from me in the background that it was only a mist of thought so that I even had to stop several times and ask myself…”What are you purchasing?”  I could not be certain of anything except that I was after one very precious thing.  

But even the pursuit of that “thing” was not a labor!  In pursuing, there was no running.  There was no strain. There was no fear. There was no wondering about where I was going; I was just “there” and “the resource” was mine to surrender without worry of lack.  At the end I did not care anything for what might be left.  It did not matter.  I would give anything for my child; the comparison did not exist.  Because the value I ascribed to my child made any price small in comparison.  What would I give in exchange for my child?  Even my own life and all that I have. 

That is what I offer to You Father!  All that I have been given by Your grace and mercy.  For all things material, and all my own aspirations, for all of that, the price is still not too great!  If I know they are fulfilling Your purposes in Your kingdom and they will be with me forever in Your House I need nothing more.  I will come to You with nothing on this earth to leave behind, but all my riches will be in heaven!  And that is what You paid for us!  Everything that we may be with You in Your Father’s house.  Yes…there are many mansions as we surrender all here to gain all things there!  

And Holy Father spoke to me by His Spirit…

“Let go of what you hold on to here.
When you do, you are no longer the captive of the spirit of this present world.
When you release what you think you hold, you gain that which is eternal and priceless.  

It is the pearl of great price to give all you have to gain what cannot be measured.
It is a hidden treasure.  It is a mystery.   It is the source of great joy. 

There is no lamenting over any loss, for that which was surrendered was only the very chains
that kept you bound to this world-system and it’s illusions.

You cannot own anything here.
You cannot possess anything real here. 
All that is real is eternal and all of it is in heaven only.  

Attach no value to what you have in this system; It is only an illusion of limits.  

You began with a concept of amount and at the end there was no longer any accounting.
The price increased throughout, but there was never any anxiety about it:
For it all is Mine!

The test is, What will you surrender or give for that which is without price?
When you realize that the treasure of Eternal Life is beyond comparison,
and all you think you hold is not yours anyway… it is easy to surrender it.
When you do you are free!
You no longer can be held by the enemy;
For he holds you by lies and deceptions and imaginary  ideas of value.
They do not exist.  They do not exist!

All things are Mine.  Money limits what is without limits!

The very idea of scarcity is a lie.
When they began to put water in bottles to sell,
they created an illusion of purchasing that which covers the earth,
and is Mine: for all for free.
All the earth is Mine and I give it to whom I will. 

Let go of all things and be free of bondage to limits and fear and lack.
Enter into the goodness of Your Father who is in Heaven and where your treasure is,

That is where your heart is also!”

-Holy God the Father 

 —After this, I wanted to know what the significance of 1200 because it was a specific value I know I paid for what I was after.  I looked up “1200 in the Bible Wheel and got Strongs 4186-Three occurrences…. All referring to great value and price / very precious!  The Pearl of Great Price!  The costly spikenard of great price, and in Peter, our faith that is more precious than gold.

Strongs’ #1200 in Hebrew is “Burning, a burning fire” 

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