“Mother” of Pearl

“Mother” of Pearl


I have been pondering the Pearl of Great Price.
In my prayer closet the other day I envisioned this great pearl.  Pearls are created through adversity.  They are formed in an enclosed and dark  environment.  The clam cannot spit the grain of sand out and turns this irritant over and over in it’s body, covering it with a substance that becomes the luminous pearl.  Then, it takes the death of the host to extract the pearl.
The extraction of the pearl requires the death of the host. 

This was the revelation; The Pearl of Great Price cost the death of the Host: The Creator of the Pearl!
Like the Bride of Adam whose wife came from his side while Adam was put into a deep sleep, The Lord God the Father sacrificed His own Son in order to extract the Pearl of Great Price; His luminous Bride who cost Him His life.  She came forth from His side when He was slain on the cross.  As His side was opened, the life-giving waters were released into the earth for the forming of the Bride.

The sons and daughters of Adam are of the dust of the Earth. The Spirit of Christ is a Life-Giving Spirit.  His Life of Divinity mixed with the dust of the earth for the forming of the Bride of Christ.  She was formed through His suffering.  Though He was the Son of God, He suffered.  He bled.  He was despised and rejected of men.  He was a man of sorrows, and by His stripes we are healed and by His death we are born!  He indeed gave all that He had to purchase the Pearl of Great Price: His Bride.  It was the Bride-Price demanded of the the Father to procure a Bride and mate for His Son… For Elohim proclaimed in Genesis, “It is not good for Man to be alone!  We will make for Him a mate like unto Himself!” 

The making of the Bride cost the Lord God not just the death of His only begotten Son, for it was more than the death of His Son for three days!  This making of a Bride is the reason for, and at the epicenter of the on-going war between the Dragon, Lucifer and his fallen hordes, and all mankind, the beloved of God the Father!  For He created man in His own Image to rule on this earth!  And when man-kind fell, He promised redemption through the seed of the Woman.  The great Dragon, Satan has been at war against the plans of Elohim from the beginning.  This is the field of the Lord God Elohim!  He has watched over and cultivated and protected His creation, through all trials and tribulations, from the beginning!  His Great Pearl was being formed, all within the host: His Son, the Man of sorrows, well acquainted with grief, who has carried and borne all our sicknesses, diseases and sins throughout all the ages!  

At the end of the Age… At the end of time, the Pearl shall be revealed to all!  We ARE THAT PEARL!  We have been formed by the trials and sacrifice of GOD Himself!  Yes, we are of great great price!  For we cost ALL that the Father had to give, to form this Bride of Christ!

She is the daughter of Adam and the seed of the woman.  She is the Pearl, and she is formed by the trials and tribulations of the sea from which she is taken. Yet she is formed in the darkness, the secret chambers of Christ!  For we are hid IN Christ!  We are being formed into His likeness and image!  

But, like Eve is not the same as Adam, the pearl is not the same as the clam it comes from, but  it is a part of it until it is removed from the interior of the host by the splitting open of the side to remove it.  The interior of the clam is “Mother of Pearl” for it is all glorious and beautiful, and it is where the beautiful pearl was created.  And yet the exterior of the clam has no beauty that one should desire it!  (Isaiah 53) 


Rise up, my love, My beauty, and come away.
My dove, in the clefts of the rock, In the covert of the precipice,
Let me see your countenance, Let me hear your voice; For your voice is sweet,
And your countenance is lovely.
-Song of Songs 2:13,14

— A garden enclosed is my sister, my bride,  A spring shut up, a fountain sealed.
Song of Songs 4:12


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