I Encourage You to Break the Boundaries!

I Encourage You to Break the Boundaries!

The Lord brought this to me today, and as always He is right on time and has stored up provision for the days ahead. It is from Sunday, April 10, 2016 The Year of my Lord

I had an interesting dream before I got up today:
 What I remember, is that I was with my husband.  I do not know why, but I was standing on his hands, like the cheerleaders at games where the guy holds the cheerleader balanced on his hands: that is how it was.  Only instead of hoisting me over his head, his arms were bent at the elbows in front of his body and I stood one foot in each of His hands.  Then He would  throw me straight up in front of Him to the ceiling.  I would come down and He caught me as solidly and perfectly as though I was landing on the ground; and then He would spring me up again and again into the air, and each time I went higher and higher into the air until I knew it was time to reach the ceiling, that was very, very high.  Now, I was in synch with His hoisting me in the air, but also jumping at just the right instant as He thrust me higher and higher.  I reached a point where I understood that the next time I was air-born, He was not going to “catch” me before I landed; I would be coming down and landing on the ground on my feet myself.  I remember thinking of this as I was actually IN the air… and as I had an instant of panic, I immediately knew that no harm would come to me.  I was not sure how I would land, I just knew that I would be okay.  It seemed to take a long time for me to reach the ceiling, break through it, and then come back down again, and I saw that I seemed to stop just inches above the ground.  I did not fall to the ground.

Holy Father… There was more to this that happened after that.  What was it?  What is the meaning of this? 
I know it was my Lord Jesus who was with me; It is He, who is my heavenly husband, who was thrusting me higher and higher into the air to break through the ceilings; beyond the borders that keep me confined in the small space in which the (spirit of the) world expects us to conform to.

This is what the Holy Spirit spoke to mine…

 “The world does not want you to know and understand that there are no limits in the spirit. 
The realm of the spirit is without boundaries;
For all that is material has been made manifest out of the spiritual
and brought into the realm of the visible.
For all that is visible was birthed and came forth from that which is invisible.

Even the Son of God was brought forth, made flesh and visible from the invisible God! 
The invisible is always first. 
For He who shall reign for ever and ever,
was first One with the invisible God the Eternal Father!

I encourage you to break the boundaries!
I encourage and lead you into places that are beyond your sight:
—Places that are behind barriers of mind constructs;
 put in place by the spirit of the world;
That would have you believe that only that which can be handled is real;
therefore nullifying any perception of that which is good and evil,
 and temporal and eternal. 

If you are eternal, why would you worry about your temporal life in this short time frame?”    

There is so much in this brief Word from the Lord, I could spend so much more time with it, but right now today, Tuesday December 8, 2020, I just want to encourage you to break FREE!!  

Are you a prisoner of fear?  Afraid of a sickness you cannot see?  Afraid to go outside?  Afraid of paying the bills?  Afraid of not seeing your friends and family again?  Are you being persuaded that the only way to stay safe is it stay away from worship, the sunshine, moving among other people, away from your grand children… 

Jesus came as a Light to those sitting in darkness. “ Darkness” is often used to describe deception, or being kept in the dark from the Truth! He is the Way, the Truth and the LIGHT of the World.  Those who walk with Him, will leave behind their darkness and enter into the light of truth.  

Have you noticed that the more you listen to the secular music, watch their TV, play their games, listen to their “news” the more your world shrinks on you? Remember the greatest weapons of the enemy against you are FEAR and Deception.  The more afraid you are the more easily controlled you are!  

Faith and Fear cannot co-exist!  You Must throw off the fear!   Determine today that you are NOT going to continue to listen to the voice of the world.  Turn off the TV!  Turn off the social media!  Go outside!  Soak in the freedom of Sunshine!  Spend time with the Lord of Life and ask Him to lead you into ALL TRUTH!  With that comes freedom!  

HE is the One who holds you!  He is not going to let you fall to the ground!  He will catch you and He will always take you to higher and higher heights to break out of the artificial confines of this world.  Walk away!  Run into His arms!  Live life and live abundantly in such a way that the world has no more hold on you and you cannot be made afraid again… for your Life is with Him and in Him, and He is Eternal and Has no boundaries!  

With love in Christ 

Victoria A

4 thoughts on “I Encourage You to Break the Boundaries!

    1. Dear Joel, I am so happy the Lord ministered to you with this word!
      Blessings in the New Year as you allow Him to lead you into the places beyond the boundaries!

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