Now Is the Time! Enter In My Beloved!

Now Is the Time! Enter In My Beloved!

My Lord brought me back to this journal entry from Monday, February 28, 2011. It seems that this is meant for today more than ever. This is another wonderful example of how our Lord is so faithful to store up all the provision we shall ever need… Long before we need it! I am so amazed…

Holy Father!  I want t o enter into Your Rest!  Bring me all the way into the land that You Promised me and have led me through the wilderness to enter.  I do not want to stand on the outside, too afraid to enter.  I have been at war with the giants within for so many years.  Let me enter boldly into the Land, unafraid! For You go before me, and scatter the enemy.  You lead me into the battle, and You are my rear-guard.  You are my strong arm of victory!  You are my Protector and my Shield!

You are my very great Reward. And at the end of the Day, when the sun no longer sets, You are my Rewarder.  You are my loving Father, who calls me home, to be a Daughter of Zion!  You are my Father who has called me to Your side. 

Oh!  ~That I might be a blessing unto You my Precious and Holy Loving Father!  Oh! ~That I might in some way in obedience, bless You as You use me to bless Your own Beloved Children!  I must be in the Land of Freedom and Promise, before I can show others and help them to enter.  If I have not yet entered, I cannot speak of what is within; I cannot give what I do not have, and I cannot speak of what I do not know. 

You have told me to enter! Father… Your People entered on dry land, they walked straight ahead; Not one lagged behind, their eyes on the prize of the high calling which is in Christ Jesus.  Bring me in!  I submit all that I am; therefore there is nothing that I withhold from Your usage! Help me to hear Your voice.  Help me to recognize Your leading.  Banish this screaming call of “the World,” except to return to rescue from the World, and then run back to my hiding place in You, with the enemy’s plunder!  You have said that I shall boldly go forth into the enemy’s camp, and the enemy shall not find me. 

Now, my Loving Holy Father spoke by His Holy Spirit to mine…

“You have waited for the Timing and for the Hour. 
Now is the Time, and now is the final Hour for obedience. 

Go forth into all the world. 
I will lead you where you must go.
Do not delay your going forth.

Do not question your abilities, for you have none! 
It is by the virtue of your Faith in My Healing: In My Love, that you will lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.
 You are to be to Me an empty and refined and purified Vessel for My usage.
I shall fill you with many things.
 It is by My Will that you shall heal;
Or you shall bring forth deliverance from the agents of the enemy’s darkness. 

I shall give you authority over that which I call you to take authority over.
 ~According to My Will. 
This is not for your use, it is for Mine!

 It is the time to set My children free!
It is time to break the earthen clay from the Vessels of My Lights
 That I have distributed throughout the earth. 
They shall indeed shine forth as stars!
  They shall not be consumed by the darkness.

 When all the hope is ebbing from their hearts, they (the people) will cling to that which came to offer hope: Either false or the truth.
Those who are snatched from the false hope shall shine brightly and bring forth much healing and light to those that are still sitting in the darkness, “forgotten and abandoned.”
Those who believe that they have a light and anything of their own to give, will find that they are not able to stay above the darkness.
Their flesh shall fail. 
They will know then, that it was not by My Might or Power that they did their works…

 It was by the power of their flesh,
and to their own temporary glorification that they did the works of their flesh.
They did not go out in My Name.
 They went forth in their own:

And that shall become made manifest to their own eyes.
 They shall see great Lights on the Earth, and they shall not be as one of them!

 Then, as Simon the Sorcerer, they shall seek to buy the Light from those that are entrusted with My Light. The answer shall be to go and get their own!

The Times are closing in, and yet there is time for all that must be accomplished!
~For I have written the Book,
And I know the End from the Beginning, and the Beginning from the End!

All is in My keeping, and none shall be left out, that is written in the Book of Life!

Now is the time to bring into the Land of Promise, those who are to enter. 
Come into the Ark, for it is soon to be closed!
The doors to the Wedding Feast of the King,The Ark of My Covenant,
are even now closing! 

I Am the One that closes the doors!
 As I was the One that closed Noah and his family into the wooden Ark,

 I Am also the One that saved My People through the wilderness and wars when they kept their faith in Me and all My Testimonies.
As they carried My golden Ark on their shoulders,
I was there, going before them.
And then, I was at the center of the Holy Of Holies…
 No longer seen: the Unseen God of My people, My Beloved!
 And yet I was her Protector, I was her Defender and I was her Strong Tower
And I loved her! I was Faithful when she was faithless…
 And now I dwell within the Holy of Holies within My Bride!
All over the earth, My Light is within the earthen Vessels that I have created.
 The Lights of My Holiness shall be of great terror to the forces of Darkness!

Just as the small number of warriors who carried My Light and My swords and My trumpets, scattered the enemies of Israel, so it shall be again!
 I go forth in power in My people, in My slaves!
She is My Beloved, and she is My Bride!

 She has made herself clean, She has traded in her own clothing, made with her own hands, for the robes in which I would adorn her! 
My Bride is altogether lovely! 
(and) She looks to Me for all that she needs!
—For I care for her. I will feed her.
 I will clothe her in magnificent robes of humility and beauty. 
I will feed her with the hidden Manna,

 and I will give her to drink from the streams of Living Water
that flow forth from the foot of My Throne.

Trust Me.  Look to Me!  Do not look to the world! 
Fear is a great weapon of the enemy!
That is why I tell you, and tell you again,

 “Do not allow Fear to come into your heart!”
Be Bold!  Be of Courage!  Be of Faith!
  For without Faith it is impossible to please Me. 

I must have servants who trust in Me. 
Without Faith they cannot succeed.
 Without Faith, they will falter and be overcome. 
Without Faith they will become entrapped. 
Without Faith they cannot do the works that I have ordained
 and anointed for them to do. 
It is only by Faith that they can enter. 
It is only by Faith that there is victory.

 Do not look back as the wife of Lot did. 
She became a testament of those who loved the world rather than My Word and did not trust in My Love for her. 
I saved her because of the Love I had for My friend Abraham. 
I regarded whose he loved.
I have regard for My Beloved Son…
I will save all who will come under the covering of His Blood.
 There is indeed Power in the Blood of the Lamb to set free
and to deliver and save to the uttermost!

I do not say, “Enter as you are!” 
I say, “Come to Me as You are and I will cleanse,
I will heal and I will set free!
 I will cloth and I will provide and make safe.”
  But all who come, must give to Me all that they are,
so that I may give them all that I Am

(What?????????)  I don’t think I heard that right!!!!!  How can, and how is it right that You, the God, Creator of the Universe would say that “You are going to give all that I Am?!?”

I already did! My Son was the Word, “I AM” made flesh!
 I gave all that I Am to My Children.
I gave all the Life that I put into My Son: who is One with Me.
 I gave all the Life of My only begotten Son,
for My Bride, for My Children! 
I have given all that I AM.
And I have promised that they shall become as My Children and live in My House!
I give all that I AM!

 All My goodness, I have poured out for My Children, My Bride.
 I give it all, and I gave it all
before I asked My Bride to empty herself to receive all that I have poured out. 
For the Life is in the Blood, and all the Life was poured out,
that it may be poured into My Bride!
It is Life Eternal in My Son!

8 thoughts on “Now Is the Time! Enter In My Beloved!

    1. You are welcome! Our Father is so amazing in that He always knows what we need for the day! His storehouse is always overflowing with all we need for the day and more! I needed this today as well, so I’m doubly blessed it was a blessing to you too!

    2. Thank you Tamera for coming by and reading it! I am blessed that you not only came and read it but that you left me a note! It really encourages me to know that people are reading and blessed by these pages!
      Thank you!
      Victoria Ann

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